Microsoft Planner For Beginners | Office 365

Microsoft Planner For Beginners | Office 365

eTop Technology, Inc. Microsoft planner is a great little tool
for organizing a team or completing a smaller project we’re full project
management software isn’t really necessary most of us are familiar with
Outlooks old task list a simple to-do list that we can tick off when the job’s
done the second generation task list is a little more complex but planner is a
couple of generations ahead of that and it can be used to manage tasks shared
between different members of a team provided they’re all on the same office
365 account open up your office 365 portal and go to the apps list clicking on planner opens the app in
your browser and there’s a useful option to download the app you can manage your
planning tasks from your iPhone and it will sync with the browser application
you’ll probably find that there are already a few plans in your app when you
open it up these will be linked to other apps in office 365 and they’ll probably
be empty to create a new plan click here and give the plan a name preparing the
company report will need a few people to cooperate together so it’s a good
example to use public simply means that the plan will be visible to anyone on
your office 365 account not to the whole world
private Limits is visibility to those who invite as members of your team and
this plan is going to be private so I want to subscribe all new members to
notification emails I also want to give a brief description of the plan I click
create plan and the new plan opens up in bored view complete with my first task
card ready to be filled in there are two views the other is chart view we’ll see
more of this later so let’s start by adding a few tasks planner makes this
really quick and easy each of those cards on my to-do list represents a
particular action eTop Technology, Inc. next I need a few people on my team to
allocate those tasks to go to members and add either a name or an email
address and here’s the first weakness of the system you can only add people who
are on the same office 365 account as you that’s great if your company has one
large 365 account but not so good if you’re in a large organization and each
department or branch has a different 365 account each member of the team will
automatically receive an email telling them they’ve been added here’s mine
now having created the team let’s assign people to the tasks I’ve created eTop Technology, Inc. so far so good but all the tasks are in
a single to do list I can differentiate a little more producing the company
report falls neatly into two parts producing the document itself and then
checking for errors printing it and doing a quality control check planner
can help here you can create a number of different lists or buckets as planner
calls them differentiated by topic I’m going to add produce document and print
document reserving overall editorial control to myself by clicking and
holding each task card I can move it the appropriate list I very much dislike the
word bucket for this but maybe that’s because I’m English now let’s switch to
charts view for a moment here we can see that I created eleven tasks all have
been assigned but none of them have been started now let’s have a closer look at
the detail of a task card here’s mine the first thing I’m going to do is to
click on in progress and I’ll put in the start date just to rub it in now I want
to add the completion date as I’m managing the whole project this is the
date by which I want everything done including the printing and quality
control checks I can add a description of the task here closing the task card
you’ll see that there’s an icon showing the task is in progress along with the
completion date but none of my colleagues have started their tasks so
I’m going to send them a message to remind them the message appears in a
comments trailer at the bottom of the task card and there’s an icon that’s
appeared on the close card to show that there’s a conversation in progress on
this particular task now let’s have a look at labels open up the card and
there’s a set of labels for each you can name them whatever you want
they’re a bit like the sticky labels you can physically add to paper documents
they’re a fun addition and used sparingly and correctly they’ll help your
at-a-glance view of the project overuse them and they just become annoying a
quick check on charts view shows one task started yep it’s mine next let’s
modify the marketing tasks list once I’ve marked it in progress and added a
start and end date there’s another little useful feature to explore you can
add a checklist to each task and by checking the box on the top right
you can tell planners to show the checklist on the front of the card in
bored view so everyone can see where you’ve got to like this another feature
of planner is the ability to upload and attach documents to a task I want to
attach some guidelines for proofreading I open the task go to the appropriate
method I can add a file create a link or reference a SharePoint in this case I
simply want to add a PDF a few seconds later it’s uploaded and showing on the
task card all Jonathan has to do to open it is to click on it well that’s a very
quick introduction to planner you can explore it and Microsoft has produced
several training videos for its use our verdict it’s clearly a work in progress
it’s quite useful as it is now but it’s still a bit clunky deleting a project
isn’t easy and it still feels a bit fragmented but if you’re the kind of
person that thrives on making lists especially for other people you’ll love
it eTop Technology we’re here to help if
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