Migrant Workers Dying In Shocking Numbers In Qatar

Migrant Workers Dying In Shocking Numbers In Qatar

surprising thing happened no when cutter
got the writes the World Cup in 2022 they’re
gonna host now is surprising a couple ways cuz the
World Cups in the summer no Corona you know this is in a desert and
the summers get pretty hot like around 120
degrees but they said no no it’s okay we’re
gonna build these so basically massively air condition stadiums which sounded so prohibitively
expensive but you got caught her with all them you know energy money that they have
they’ll be able to afford it so they got the rights to it and by
right after they got the race to the city our temp of course we’re not going to do that no
and perhaps you should move into the weather is this really hot in the summer
here okay so I was from number one but it
turns out there was a lease for their problems there’s a new from report out by the
International Trade Union Confederation unfortunately confirms many other reports about though
Commission workers in color now a you have to understand
something the don’t have my people in Qatar to be
able to build the facilities for this World Cup lololol other facilities in the country
so they brought in a great number labor’s from different countries especially
South Asia India Nepal et cetera now just between June 4th in August 8th
that’s not a very long time in 2013 when the this was being tracked um forty four workers died mom was a
interesting about that is that it’s not like they had a a wide
range of changes in those workers in appearance how well
couple the 85-year-old stack no it was men that were in their
twenties thirties and forties and happen them died from heart attacks so people start to wonder what in the
world was going on in fact when they did more
investigations they found that I am in one year 1200 migrant workers from India Nepal had died alone and to be
fair that’s in although it contracts and constructions
that they were doing for the World Cup so it might even stretch a little longer
than E okay but that’s an of a lot of young workers to die will
get to why that might have happened a second in fact that same report concludes that if they
continue to construction for the World Cup for thousand migrant
workers will die by the time the first game is played in
2022 that isn’t of a lot of people do
sacrifice for the games and have any workers are there right now in kinder 1.4 million migrant
workers now if things happen under natural
conditions and people happen to die well of course that happens when 1.4
million people is a lot of people but it seems this report link
given how young and otherwise healthy they appear
to be well when you look into it a little bit
you need a sensor why this one about as helping impose explains regarding the
report impoverished migrant workers from abroad
are living in squalid conditions while beholden to employers who control the
identification cards an exit beasts so personal they’re not allowed to leave
the minute you come in you you have to give all rear exit be so
your ID cards oftentimes your passports right so if you’re not allowed to leave and you are forced to work what does
that make you generally you would call that person as slave and by the way if they don’t
work they are punished so this doesn’t look good now what are the conditions that they
work under grown men said they were treated like animals living like courses
in a stable again quoting the report here tragically
a small number of Qatari power brokers have chosen to build the trappings of a
modern economy off the backs have exploited enslaved
workers their normal urine salty water for
cooking in back bathing and that’s not really good for your
health site where you’re supposed to use there were forced to pay the deposit
insurance only five dollars if they ever wanted to go on vacation
because the guy having come back makeup force them to work they often
work under a hundred and twenty-two degree heat with no water all day long shocking that
it turns out some of them wound up having heart attacks and they don’t have a choice is one
thing you have a choice and that’s another thing when it’s now your passport and you
can’t leave so this is not the way to conduct
affairs unfortunately the for as their report
explains there some power brokers in Qatar some in the ruling class who
think well if you’re not one of us in your
South Asian migrant worker who cares about you your job is to build
are palatial stadiums and things for our
benefit and at a very low price by the way they
have all that energy money you can afford to pay your workers your
presumably gonna get a ton of tourists to make a lot of money from the World
Cup you can afford to pay your workers know
they choose not to pay their workers a decent wage they choose to take away
choice from them and those whom I’m opinion are
unbearable and unacceptable now one people was
asked about it their president said organization bears some responsibility for the squalor and
working conditions but came up short of saying that it
would intervene in other words yes that sucks but now when are you
doing about it now why in the world did they give this
contract in the first place like of course you was there any issue with a country
like are getting a World Cup no I mean if it wasn’t for the
temperature and they had decent morning ish is one of course in your
right but given their history a of in the Gulf Cove how they have done
this over and over again this is not a new a phenomenon on porcelain many on the
Gulf states use migrant workers take away their
passports and then sometimes literally work them to death
okay so why did they get it well this is a
possible a hand as to why that might have
happened and this comes from the Business Insider there’s a new report from the Telegraph
as they explain that says X people vice-president Jack
Warner is being investigated by the FBI for
taking a two million dollar payment from a Qatari company shortly after the 2022 World Cup vote the company in
question is owned by a man who was given a lifetime ban from people
after being found guilty a bribery charges things that make you
go from gee I wonder how they got their
contract now when it comes actually paying their
workers would they give them $2 million dollar spread out over all those people
on on on on on on on but when it comes to driving the raid
officials to get the World Cup in the first place that they
can do


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  • This could be saddest form of exploitation of football world to get entertain just by kicking ball (with technic)….
    Its the system of Qatar's labor law on getting greedy subcontracting firms…
    Atleast qataris should see themselves status of its workers/ sad to say slaves…

  • Mohammad Zubayer says:

    The propester are all Saudi Arabia,UAE,Egypt & Bahrain,State of Qatar has nothing to do with Funding Terrorist organization Like ISIS,Al Qaeda & Taliban,all these all funded by Saudi Arabia,ask yourself who destroyed 9/11 Twin Tower of US,why they are not giving compensation of the victims.Qatar helped lebanon & palestine to rebuild their country,
    it does not mean Qatar supported Hamas & hizbullah if so who are they ? They saved their country.Now about syria issue it was used by Saudi Arabia Like IRAQ was used by Saddam Hussain to attack IRAN.First of all we are all Muslims not wahabi sunni Muslims,.
    All these popaganda are Fake & baseless & False.

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