Military Friendly Employers – Hiring Veterans

Our military program here at Crete has been
in development for quite a while now. Over the last couple of years, for sure, it’s
come a long way. The Patriot Fleet represents all of our veterans
that have served, past present and will serve in the future. They’re honoring the military. They did these trucks up for them to say thank
you for all of your sacrifice. When I first saw the truck, I was amazed! For me, the part that stood out the most was
that all branches of service have been represented by their seals on the side of the truck. Also, on a personal side, the silhouette of
the soldier, or service member, in full battle-rattle; it represents all of our sons and daughters
who have been deployed in defense of this great nation. It’s an honor to be chosen out of all these
other military personnel that work for Crete, and to be able to drive one of these really
nice trucks. I can’t wait to get behind the wheel. My favorite part of the truck here: the first
thing that I noticed today when I rolled through from Omaha was the eagle on top of the truck. It represents freedom. The eagle has always been a symbol of freedom
and it’s just… words can’t describe it. I’m very honored and very humbled to represent
my brothers and sisters that have served this country in uniform. Making a military transition to a civilian
job is one of the scariest things in the world to a sailor, Marine, soldier and airmen because
we don’t know what to expect out there. And with Crete it’s pretty dog-gone easy,
because with Crete they help us, they help us get started out here. They tell us what they want from us. I guess I keep coming back to that because
Crete is well structured just like when I was in the military. When we get out of the military we don’t
think about the things that we need, but one of the things that we really need is benefits. So the benefits are good here. My transition from the military to Crete Carrier
Corporation was very smooth. I had the opportunity to get indoctrinated
into Crete through eight weeks of training with my trainer. At which time he took me out, he taught me
about driving a truck. He taught me about living the life of a truck
driver, and really made the transition smooth for me. He didn’t push. He taught, coached and mentored at my pace. If you’re coming out of the military and
you’re looking for a stable career, Crete Carrier is the place to come.


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