Minimum Wages in Ireland-What Employers and Employees Should Know

Minimum Wages in Ireland-What Employers and Employees Should Know

hello there in this video I’m going to
take a look at the minimum wage in Ireland on the legislation the national
minimum wage act of 2000 there’s a very very significant sting in detail in this
legislation for employers first thing to know about this legislation particularly
if you’re an employer is that it provides for criminal prosecutions and
criminal convictions for breaches of the Act you can also provide for prison
sentences therefore and heavy fines the appropriate hourly rate have paid then
from January the 1st of 2016 is 9 euros and 15 cents for an experienced adult
worker the definition of an experienced adult worker is an important one and it
would include somebody who is not under the age of 18 who is not an apprentice
who is not over the age of 18 but in the first year of their first job or in the
second year of their first job they are not experienced adult workers otherwise
all experienced adult workers are entitled to a minimum of 9 euros and 15
cents per hour from the 1st of January of 2016 yet to the breach of any aspect
of the Act an employee then has two choices he can make a complaint near a
tester national employment rights authority and they will investigate and
perhaps prosecute the employer or the employee can make a direct complaint to
the workplace relations commission that there’s a breach of the act by the
employer all employees then are covered by the act
apart from close relatives of the employer and certain apprentices a very
significant thing to remember particularly if your employer is that
the burden of proof is on the employer in relation to paying the minimum wage
and maintaining keeping records and so on so if an employee for example claims
that he hasn’t been paid the minimum wage then the burden of proof
the employer to prove that he has been paid the minimum wage ordinarily if
somebody alleges something they have the burden of proof to actually prove what a
certain but in this case the burden of proof actually shifts to the employer
and that’s why from an employer’s perspective it’s absolutely vital that
you keep and maintain good records of paying minimum wage or paying at least
the minimum wage and records to prove that as I said the minimum wage for an
adult experienced adult worker is 915 per hour if the employee is under 18 its
641 per hour if the employee is over the age of 18 but in the first year of
employment the rate is 732 per hour and if the employee is over 18 in second
year of employment then it’s 824 per hour there is special rates then as well
for any employee who is on a prescribed course of organized study or an
organized course or apprenticeship and the rates there will vary from 686 per
hour to 824 but the most significant thing is that from an employer’s
perspective you do need to be careful that you’re not prosecuted in the
district court or indeed the circuit court on the basis of having committed a
criminal offense because all breaches of the Act the National Minimum Wage Act of
2000 can lead to criminal prosecutions and nearer have undue regularly
prosecute such claims in the such offences in the district court


4 thoughts on “Minimum Wages in Ireland-What Employers and Employees Should Know”

  • Vladimir Vladimir says:

    What is the point of having the minimum wage at all when thousands of people are simply not given enough hours at work? there are companies that have as low as 8 hour contracts a week! A person will struggle to earn 1000 euro a month, and no benefits will be given to you because you need to work up to 3 days a week. you can be working 12 hours from Monday till Wednesday and you are entitled to adequate financial assistance, but if you work 1 hour a day during 4 days per 1 week you are then entitled to nothing. so in this case you are better off being on a social welfare than actually working.

  • Terry Gorry Solicitor says:

    Thanks for your comment. But many people are happy to work on a part time basis as it suits their circumstances.

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