Mnuchin: Weaponizing the IRS is dangerous


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  • Those 28% who will pay more due to the taking out of the SALT deduction live in and vote for high tax democrat politicians who tax their citizens to pay for Democrat welfare and illegal and gimmiegrant voters. Meanwhile these Democrat leaders in California, NY, NJ, CT. Maryland, Mass and Illinois all look for ways to take more money from their taxpaying citizens and take away their rights.


  • Mnuchin is a cutout: severely compromised: SES Deep State swamp creature. Time to slither away Mnuchin
    Love Herman Cain's nomination to the Federal Reserve Board!!!

  • AlleY HonEYcuTAfaRT says:

    "its great were seeing more people working than ever before" = means more people the fed they were able to steal money via taxes !!

  • Illegal aliens get paid under the table with cash. Illegal aliens drain our schools financially, hospitals, etc. There are shortages of doctors in some states in America, including teachers. Illegal migration are bankrupting countries including America.


  • Thu Trâm New York says:

    At the beginning I read and listen to all the news regarding tax and some said that they had to pay more and I was worried. But when my hubby filed his tax we actually pay $8k less than last year so we were so happy that we can contribute that $8k in addition to our IRA accounts. I would say it’s really depends on how much taxes you have paid based on your salary throughout 2018 and married with children, single, and have a house or job expenses does come into consideration on how much tax you have to pay more or less when file a tax return.

  • Far too many people are ignorant when it comes to their taxes. They think if their refund is smaller they paid more taxes. The refund has nothing to do with how much you owed and subsequently had to pay. It has everything to do with how much you overpaid or underpaid in tax withholding.

  • Secretary Mnuchin you are one tough cookie. Thank you for all you do for US!

    You make that HFSC chair apologize to you, and US, for her disgraceful behavior before you volunteer to appear before that committee again. You, sir, have earned OUR respect. Waters on the other hand…

  • Is the IRS going to comply with THE LAW and release Trump's tax returns to the House Ways and Means Committee chair? What is Trump so afraid of? Emoluments Clause Violations? Evidence of Bank Fraud? Business ties to Russian Oligarchs being exposed?

  • Tax returns are a private matter, and the President is entitled to his privacy like any other American citizen. Americans should actually be grateful to President Trump to draw the line and clarity that tax returns are a personal private matter, not the business of anyone besides the person they belong to.

  • I had to pay more than already withheld for the first time in my life. Two income upper middle fam with 2 kids. Usually get $1000 back from fed. Had to pay $1500 this time. The loss of the personal deduction plowed me hard. I’m for Trump but he shafted me good on this one. Wonder how many people like me who normally have a good itemized deduction are pissed right now (not really motivated to vote for these assholes). My sister got hosed too. This ones for you republicans ?. Normally support you but you lied to a middle upper voter. I’m sure the welfare leeches and the extremely wealthy got my refund. Nice thinking getting rid of my personal deduction. Oh well the economy gets nothing from me this year. Keeping it all. F you all rich people, irs, politicians and anyone else who needs it.

  • Andrew Paczuski says:

    What kind of Military Court penalty
    will send a message strong enough to deter future attempts to unseat
    a duly elected President of USA?

  • Hillary complained on Twitter that "the secretary of the treasury and head of the IRS continue to to refuse to turn over Trump's tax returns". Never mind the laws that privacy laws that protect ALL of us Americans. Evil Hillary would have weaponized government agencies worse than Obama did. Thank God she is not president!!

  • New York and California lowering taxes? Never!! It’s laughable that dem controlled states would ever consider cutting spending or balancing a budget without always trying to hike taxes. Gotta pay for that massive social program “help” somehow

  • all of Congress should release their tax returns every year and also undergo a IRS tax audit, since they want everybody to think that they are clean on their taxes and also empower the IRS to go "sickem". remember the IRS hearings back in the late 1990,s or early 2000,s on the abuses of the IRS and how they attacked people?

  • The REAL Problem is Voter Fraud… if we had Voter ID requirements then folks like Cuomo, ds Blasio in NY would NEVER been Elected in the First Place! These MORONS put Liberal folks in charge of state taxation and other rolls that Hurt Americans and Help Illegals… Get Voter ID's and watch the Swamp Drain real FAST!

  • Michayal Valder says:

    If Trump has nothing to hide… Just think of the republitard screams if Hillary didn't show her returns. (Which she did)

  • 75% of filers use standard deduction its doubled that's a game changer here in nc our gov added a $250 excise tax for corporations which was $35 they did this against trump fed tax cuts cause obviously they don't like him and taking it out on small business

  • GSP- the chosen one says:

    Trumpsters dont like transparency, especially since the traitor became their cult leader. Mnuchin another stooge breaking the law in order to protect the orange butt should get ready for jail

  • My tax increased and house intrest reduced to 10k and the accontant told me that the 21%does not apply to me since there is 18 catagries are exempted from the tax cut so I ended up paying 28%. The household limited to 24k inculding the house interest limit of 10k. In short I paid more tax this year than the last year . I do not know who benfit of this plan . I see at the accuntant office people crying .they were surprise of the refund was less than last year. So the tax cut was tylored to certian rich people not for middle class.

  • WyleCoyote1961 says:

    The most IMPORTANT thing to remember is that the " IRS ' is unconstitutional as long as we are taxed on our income and property we are not free and do not own a dam thing. ABOLISH this private MAFIA CABAL called the IRS.

  • "Weaponizing the IRS is dangerous"…seemed to work out pretty well for the 'Rats. They targeted their political enemies, got busted dead-to-rights doing it, and suffered absolutely no consequences. Abolish the IRS!

  • Kenneth Oliver says:

    Obama had the top FBI and DOJ doing his dirty work, and now the dems want the IRS to do theirs. That way, they get the return on anyone they want, except themselves. Crooked as usual.

  • Have you seen who the majority of the race that works at IRS? Had to carry a flashlight every where I went. More fat lazy black women I've ever seen in one place! And we wonder why it's so screwed up!

  • My taxes went up by $800 a month that's a serious cut to income when you have high rent high food costs and such high insurance deductible you can never see a doctor no amount of lies is going to paper over reality

  • Nathanel Macon says:

    Is Nellis Air Force Base using Nevada residents for research subjects as guinea pigs in a laboratory? Robert Justin Alford green knows the answer.

  • Matthew Feehan says:

    My liberal law school’s graduate, Lois Lerner, IRS administrator at the center of the Tea Party scandal, bowed out of Western New England University Law School’s 2013 commencement speech because of unfair targeting of conservative groups in 2012. Am I surprised? No.

    To this day, conservative opinion is stifled on campus. Every speaker that comes to our law school uses their pedestal to mock President Trump for hours at a time.

    I am exhausted…civil discourse has gone out the window.

  • Idk my mom has to pay 3000 this year an that's alot of money an we are not rich how's that right ??? An to a Congress with all people that hate Americans….

  • It only makes sense that if you’re passing tax code legislation you should have to disclose your own as returns. Anyone can see that is a conflict of interest.

  • robert coleman says:

    Taxes did not go down they changed how much they take weekly. You could do that yourself by changing withholding status. Taxes are the same it is a scam check what you paid what you got back.

  • Her Name is Akane says:

    I'm all for IA Government. Won't have crooks passing laws to take are money. We will save a lot of money, wont need to pay the crooks anymore. The crooks will have to get a rill job.

  • Capt. Dale Carlton says:

    Cultural Maria? It's a COMMUNIST County! No freedom or liberty as we know it, no freemarket, no free speach…..Cultural?

  • Raymond Caylor says:

    Mnuchin is a criminal and Kamala Harris didn't prosecute him. The swamp is not drained, the swamp reigns. Sad that President Trump doesn't see him as he is. OneWest bank was a criminal enterprise that failed their shareholders and customers with thousands of acts of malice and deceit.

  • I have to pay higher taxes and so does my brother's small business of 35 employees. But I'll still vote for Trump in 2020.

  • Robert Montoya says:

    Obummer targeted conservatives….fair game, tax the hell out of antifa members…they probably only have $2 between them anyway, f'ing losers

  • Wasn't much of a tax cut for me! Approximately 12% to Fed, 12% to state and 3.5% to property tax, for a total 27% of my income going to government. Should I be happy?

  • By the gov not taxing you there is more money going into the economy??? That's a laugh, all the tax revenue the gov collects in taxes goes directly to the IMF not the federal government, the government borrows what it needs into existence and that goes into the economy as debt not money. So the money you're saving to put into the economy is not money at all it is debt. So every time the government borrows money/credits from the federal reserve private bank at interest, it robs your wealth in the form of deflation deflation meaning the more that is borrowed it draws down the value of what you have each time your money is worth less and less it then requires over time for you to pay more due to price increases. The people who this guy used to work for the Rothschilds are the ones stealing your wealth those are the people where your tax dollars are being paid to every year from the taxes you pay to the federal reserve private bank, that is the part he is leaving out.

  • you don't cut taxes to spur growth, if the government ended tax collection that would not spur growth because it would still borrow what it needs at interest from this guys former employer the Rothschilds banking family. The only thing that would do is put more federal reserve notes back into the economy, and make the Rothschilds have to wait for their money. If the government and the people paid the Rothchilds all of the money in existence not only would there be no currency in the economy to do business (business would come to an end) but because there was interest on the loan every one would still be in debt since the interest was never created. So it is better that the government does not pay anything on the loan. The more that is paid back the less money will be in the economy. The fact is it is a debt that could never be paid, and the reason why the government keeps borrowing more and more money is no because government is growing or because of the interest it is because the debt is perpetual meaning not only is it for ever, each dollar borrowed and put into the economy depreciates the money already in existence,, Think about that for a moment. It is a Ponzie scheme that is too big to fail..Example: If all the money was a single dollar, and it had value then I loaned you a fake dollar that fake dollar would cause the real dollar to loose 50% of its value now what use to cost a dollar now cost a dollar fifty. So now you pay the dollar back, so now you need to borrow a dollar and a half, so I do it but there is only 90cents in the economy because you paid 10 percent interest on the previous dollar loan, so the dollar fifty of fake money hits the economy, now the value of the existing 90 cents looses 75 percent of its value, then you pay me back the dollar fifty plus 10 percent now there is only about 65 cents in the economy, so now since it is worless you borrow two dollars and 75 cents because price increases, and when it hits the market the original 65 cents now has negative value. When this started the entire economy have a mere 2 billion dollars in it, now we owe 22 trillion, since the loans weights against the original good money how much do you think the value of that 2 billion dollars has depreciated??? It is negative in the trillions so there is 400 million people here in the US divide 22 trillion by 400 million and you get the idea of what you owe to the Rothschilds. What you owe is in the hundreds of thousands, and if you say your not going to pay for it,, guess what??? YOU have already been paying for it and don't even realize it, and you will continue to pay for it till you die,, unless you get angry about it, then it will stop. If you make 50 thousand a year you pay about 100 thousand back to the Rothschilds, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how that is,,,, if we get rid of the federal reserve system our prices will come down and our wages will go up because the value of our currency will go up.

  • When I was a kid a piece of candy was a penny. Now it is 15 cents, that means prices rose 15 hundred percent. So if the prices went down 15 hundred percent and instead of getting debt as money and it had positive value you could buy a lot more for what you have in you pocket then you can now. Example an oz of gold was 1 dollar it went up to 1800 dollars, so if you get paid say a dollar fifty a week minimum wage in the form of 1 and a half ozs of gold then you can buy a lot more yes? So the prices went up since I was a kid not because of the market itself, it is because of the federal reserve system it devalued the value of real money, a dollar reserve note is not worth an oz of gold but a real dollar is, a dollar is a unit of measurement a federal reserve is not real it is valued by the unit of credits or credit worth of the borrower. The more the government borrows the less they are worth, and that is what you get paid with, so what if you can get paid in real money in stead of those fed notes??? That is what everybody should be complaining about this Trump did this and Hillery did that is nothing more then a distraction away from the theft of your wealth, the rich are not stealing your wealth,,, you are freely giving it to them by accepting these fed notes so stop complaining about free health care or free education if you get rid of the federal reserve system you won't have to worry about free education or free health care you will have plenty of money to buy that for your family….

  • This guy throws up a forex foreign exchange chart so you can see what the US dollar is in relation to the other countries,,, what a joke, what he is showing you is a chart of what the federal reserve note (debt) is in worth compared to the debt notes in other countries, that are under a federal reserve system or fiat currency system.. Look an oz of gold used to be bought with a US dollar (real money) but it takes 1800 federal reserve dollar notes to buy that same oz of gold today…..that is the whole problem staring you right in the face…the debt is not the problem it is our system of currency that is the problem, and all we have to do is simply end the federal reserve system and start printing our own interest free currency again…

  • Parallel Burrito says:

    The tax code & Trump tariffs are weapons used against the middle class. Writing laws to allow the wealth to avoid paying their fair share & then adding tariffs that place additional burden on the middle class. Talk about a fraud. Same on the people who aren't intelligent to know they are being taken.

  • TheFinnmacool says:

    The IRS has already been weaponized you flaming idiots! It's driving people crazy!!!!! No one can even understand how to file taxes without paying a professional to do it!!!!! Something's wrong there! HELLOOOO! I'm moving out of the country because of the IRS and I don't care if the place sinks to the bottom of the ocean. Thieves and liars. That's the US of A. Oh, and murderers.

  • TheFinnmacool says:

    All of these people especially the whores in the media are lying losers. Stealing our very lives and reality from us. There is no punishment great enough.

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