Monday- Friday Lunch Box Recipes / 5 लंच बॉक्स /Indian Meal Planning | Reallife Realhome

In Today’s video i will be sharing with you what I packed for lunch this past week for school and work. If you like the video please subscribe. Lets start with Hakka noodles Take a pot with water.Let the water boil then add salt. After that add noodles and keep stirring. As per instructions boil the noodles , drain and put a bit of oil so that they dont stick In a wok take some oil. Keep the flame high throughout. Add garlic add your choice of veggies. I have used cabbage, bell pepper, carrots Let the veggies sizzle. Add salt soya sauce and vinegar 1 tbsp ketchup add now noodles . garnish with spring onions and sesame seeds subway sandwich. Very easy to make. First lets prepare Gucamole by mashing avocado, onion, tomato, black pepper, salt and lemon take a sub and add cheese slices. toast it at 350 degree farhnt cut all the veggies you want to put in your desired shape. assemble the sandwich as shown Rava idli In a bowl add 1 cup semolina and 1 cup curd. with the help of water make a batter and add salt.keep it for 20 minutes In a pan take some oil. Add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, green chillies, cashwes, curry leaves, ginger and asfoetida add this to the batter add grated carrots and cilantro leaves add a little water and just before making idlis add a pinch of baking soda Grease the mould and prepare idli Making paneer fried rice. In a bowl add ketchup, chiili sauce, soya sauce, salt pepper, corn flour. Mix and coat paneer Keep like this for 10 minutes and then shallow fry Fry till golden brown. take them out in a plate Now take a wok with some oil. add garlic , onion and choice of your veggies and saute add salt soya sauce Black pepper add ketchup finally add cooked rice. and paneer. sprinkle some spring onions Pasta keep your veggies ready . I am using zucchini, carrots and pepper steam tomatoes. take off the peel and blend to make red sauce For white sauce. Take liitle butter and add 1 spoon all purpose flour. keep stirring and then slowly add milk. white sauce is ready In a wok take some oil. add garlic slices add onions and saute add veggies add red sauce cook 4-5 mints add oregano, fresh basil liitle ketchup and cook for a minute Now add white sauce till it mix smoothly in red keep stirring. you can add water if u want add cheese and then boiled pasta


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