Morning Routine 2019 ( Productivity and Fitness )

Morning Routine 2019 ( Productivity and Fitness ), this is where morning in my basement working on my
computer based on the day in the week and what I do in my content schedule I
started my day here about 40 minutes after I woke up at about 5:15 most tuned
I’m down here I have 40 or so minutes before I need to eat and have to work
the tasks I usually do in the morning are simple and not overly complex
usually they’re either uploading a video editing a video or thumbnails uploading
a blog or writing a blog I try not to schedule anything bigger but instead
batch tasks around that time my time and route system will usually be shown later
in this video and will make more sense as the video goes on alright it’s about
time for breakfast so I’ll show you what breakfast looks like from there here is
what a weekend gains breakfast usually looks like a peanut butter something
with a bowl of dry oats with almond milk cover with pumpkin seeds and two
tablespoons of chia seeds the point of this is to get omega-3 fatty acids and a
good amount of iron in for the breath in for the day this helps get a lot of
protein also in the morning and covers the alcorn omega-3 fatty acids with
those two tablespoons of chia seeds I also take a vitamin D supplement and a
b12 just for good measure even though it is summer in Canada and it’s lost
sunshine and had a current outside job doesn’t matter I still take him for a
good habit and they’re non-toxic also because I’m vegan I regularly take a
vitamin b12 supplement just in case even though my milk and tofu has some b12 in
it for good measure then I start my day with a bike ride to work at 6:40 because
I’m fortunate to live close to my work it’s about a 15-minute bike ride which
is amazing in the morning and it builds a very strong commitment huge benefit to
my quads I’ve seen I need to do less direct work on them because I’m biking
so much and on how the cash flow negatives of having car insurance or
putting in maintenance in the car big expenses from riding a bike is I kind of
broke the back wheel and I broke the pedals off a bike but that’s just you
know pity a small change compared to what car insurance would be so if I save
some money there and thank that extra cash for investment purposes 4 o’clock
rolls around then I’m back on my bike we’re going to work it’s all that
magical time around 4:30 or 4 or 5 for about 25 35 minute power now the reason
I do this is because I’m somewhat tired and work also I haven’t eaten yet this
is a key reason why I haven’t eaten when I got home yet it’s to have that power
to get a growth hormone spike power nap so did a whole video on it
the science of power naps is that it gives me a little bit of a growth
hormones boost I went to my first cycle of sleep and also allows me to then get
revitalized do extra work the other day or actually do a workout right after I
get home from work now it’s about 5:00 or so and I’ve even pretty much dinner
now but since I have doing it since now it’s around 5:00 and I mean pretty much
all my dinner since of doing a time researching eating window the only
reason I actually eat after this which is about 12 to 13 hour window is if I’m
working out that night I set a protein shake after workout and usually have it
around 6:00 6:30 it’s all well sacrificed have to make I make it up on
the weekends buy more having a very very tighter time restricted window because
I’ll eat at let’s say 6 or 7 o’clock maybe 9:00 and my last meal probably
around 3 o’clock or so honestly it changed how I view hunger because I’m
just not hungry after that after a turn time my hormone cycles have synced up
much stronger and it also noticed an increased amount of lean muscle mass on
the body so it’s going well and I’m still getting the same amount of
nutrients and vitamins it’s just I’m doing it in a different window usually
on Monday Tuesday’s I have a strength woke out where I try to do one rep Max’s
or near there I can work a minimum then Wednesdays or Thursdays I have reps day
where Fridays and Saturdays is more volume centric where I try to do all the
exercises I might have missed during the week since I’ve got my awesome home gym
here that saves me even more time instead of driving to the gym or driving
away from the gym to do my workouts all right now it’s about 6:30 so I’ve had my
last thing to eat which is just a protein shake
I feel beyond full since my feeding window is being stretched because I’m
beyond that 12 hours now and I feel really full it’s almost some nights
where I really don’t even want to have this protein shake just that I have to
have it because I have to get my macros in and well how long to get that little
bit of protein so this is boost because of insulin right before even though I’m
trying to limit that to get a bit of growth on one spike before bed it’s a
necessary evil but it’s not gonna impact me anyway well I see my time major
system is as follows I have wilt ask Google keep open for
three main tasks I have to do every single day that have the highest amount
of consequences for me if I do not do them what this means is
if I don’t do these tasks they’ll eat into my schedule somewhere
else I have to do them another place and it just kind of destroys the whole
purpose of that day and I don’t bite me in the butt later let’s say I have to do
study for an exam hache late for an exam that day I have
to upload a video in the morning I can in the morning easily and a half to work
out three things those aren’t usually not my usually on those kinase I might
have five tasks like edit two videos upload two blogs before I so this makes
me do the most important acts I learned this from a book called eat that frog
which can be you actually read for free if you have a library service that
patches through hoopla which is like a subscription service online for
libraries they pay for it and they let you like have a certain amount of
audiobooks ebooks or regular books you can read a month for free which is
amazing thank you my library system and it’s allowed me to read listen to a
bunch of audiobooks wanna work hey don’t tell my boss I also gives me a clear
perspective on what I have to do and if a half loses – if you haven’t listened
to eat that frog before you definitely should I listen to the audiobook for
free and like I mentioned above right now it’s around 8 o’clock I French was
on my list or if I haven’t it goes to the morning of the next day right before
I go to work because if it’s having because I should have only a little bit
of task left to do on that one and I could sit back on the couch and watch
some YouTube videos and chill out because if I work till nine o’clock well
I’m just gonna set myself back a couple more days of progress because it’s not
worth it to do burn that last hour the last hour I might do a couple things on
my phone but I just have to choke he can’t just burn the candle at both ends
when a lot of time when I’ve got the most important things I had to get done
but at least some of the consequences and everything else I tried to eliminate
or automate well today about 9 o’clock it’s time for bed because I have a nice
eight hour window sleeps on 8 – 9 – 85 or 9 to 5 I try to push my limits my
general idea with my schedule is I try to push my limits about 4% a month when
it comes to productivity not enough to overdo it and make the changes regress
but that 4% can come from improving a system that I currently have in place
let’s say for managing emails managing videos automation when it comes
to transcoding videos maybe that can be a 1% improvement I can have that month
maybe I could say improving my Evernote structure or let’s say improving a file
system structure the amount of paper in my office that
can be a 1% improvement that I can classify as 1 or 2% I want to have at
least one or two or three of those a month to make sure I’m on track with my
current progress to maintaining my awakening of these games you know
waiting games but I hope you enjoyed it that’s honestly how I do my productivity
fitness whatever how to how I do my day really it just comes down to I have a
certain about tax happy every day I don’t do them well they’re due next time
and it doesn’t bite me in the ass if they are so I get them done eat that
frog do the most important thing first and well make sure everything else is
maintained because if they regress take more time later so I have to keep my
head with a strong and also meditate before go to bed 15 minutes about 20
minutes is great for building a huge amount of self-confidence and emotional
health so always take account of your emotional health and hope you broke your
face numbers today by learning how I structure my day to maybe help you in
your day awakened games you got the aw live podcast we have
every week with new special guests we go over our to research corner five new
studies out every week and we have check out the website for our latest post and
latest content have a great day Awakendgainz Morning Routine 2019 ( Productivity and Fitness )


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