Motu Patlu Ka Dhamal – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Motu Patlu, you are been appointed as a security officer by Major. We have got an information of that somebody is going to bomb blast the new tower. You both have to be alert. Don’t worry sir, nobody can do anything, as long as we are here. Good, jolly good, I like you guys. What plan you people have made to secure our tower? My brain doesn’t work, while I am hungry, Patlu, you say something. Sir, we will dress up like the workers and keep an eye on everybody. As soon as somebody comes to blast a bomb, we will catch them. Good, good, jolly good, I like you. John will become a don!! We will blast the tower with a bomb. Wow boss!! What a poetry!! Can’t you talk properly, Forget the poetry and come with me. Forget the poetry and come with me. One bomb, one blast. Its over then. Break the cement fast, bomb is about to blast. How did all these cement fall on me? Come on, let us go somewhere else and fit the bomb. One bomb, one blast and this tower is destroyed. Hey, tie it fast, do it fast. We have don’t have enough time. Come fast, bomb is about to blast, help me. Wow boss!! What a poetry!! Forget the poetry, get me out from here, bomb is about to blast. Push me inside, so that I can put off the bomb. We are saved, now pull me out. Why is all this happening to me? Why do I feel Motu and Patlu are here? Wow! Boss. Forget the poetry, Motu and Patlu are somewhere here. Whenever they are around, all the difficulties come on me. Search them, til then I will plant a bomb, go search them. Come, let us go up and check. Hope nobody is planting a bomb on the upper floor. Lets go. One bomb, one blast and this tower is destroyed, haha!! Here, there is no fear. It is very calm, now John will become the don!! This is a plot against me, who is harassing me? I feel Motu and Patlu are around some where. Hey listen, you guys give me those bricks one by one, so that I can finish building this wall soon. Come, let us go and fix some bricks on the wall like that man. All right, if we keep working then nobody will have a doubt on us. One bomb, one blast and the tower is gone, now nobody can stop me. Search fast, hurry up, search. Where is the bomb? Search it fast. Wow! Boss. If you praise me for what I said then I will break your head, search for the bomb, it is going to burst. Hey, where have you people gone? Uff! Now, again I have to get the bricks. Sometimes this falls and sometimes that falls, when nothing falls that is when you fall. So many time this has happened, Motu and Patlu are somewhere here, they are here. I will fix the bomb later, let us search for them now. If anything is left to fall on me then let it fall, I am fed up. Some one can’t plant a bomb peacefully or what? I knew it, I knew they both were here somewhere around. Now nobody can save them. blast them with this bomb, haha!! One bomb, one blast and everything is finished. There is no pleasure like painting. Look, how beautiful this room looks, I enjoyed it. Come on, let us go and have some samosas. It is not a lunch break to have samosas, come, let us go on terrace. Help!! Somebody help!!! Boss, help!! Boss, help!! I will not leave you all!! Aah!! They broke my back, I will not leave them. Come, let us go up. This is also a good job. First time we have a job, which we are actually enjoying. Ask us, how much you are enjoying, come on attack!! Boss, how to attack them? They both are very strong. They are two people and we are three, still you are scared, it is not fair. We are not three people, we are two and a half. One, two and you are half. Come on, it is time for lunch, let us go and have samosas. Boss, we did not find any terrorists. Here I am, look here, I am the terrorist, but it will happen only if you allow me to do. I will not let you both go. What we have done to you? Let me at least know, why are you so upset? Motu and Patlu have saved our tower, they are great, haha!! Motu Patlu!!!!


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