MR Factory Brings Virtual Production to the Studio | Project Spotlight | Unreal Engine

MR Factory Brings Virtual Production to the Studio | Project Spotlight | Unreal Engine

>> We are media innovators. We have created a new system
with the help of Reston. We are targeting
traditional movies that are typically short
on location and we tell them that
they can get the same result or even far more result. Shooting in studio
for a size we can get more than
10 minutes per day and film production
which is very good. The result was startling
94 or men expertise is everything related
to real time through the graphics
and virtual sets.>>Photorealistic
content specific for virtual set backgrounds
and so on. Took time and it had
some limitations but were then real ending.
We overcome those limitations and were able to have
more flexibility. Camera movements illumination and everything else
based on three technology is based on the you
stole your render engine which has been there
forever for us. Used to your house.
A lot of tools for graphics and 3D staffing tracking
and so on in a real paralyzed 3D but growing
a very amazing quality.>>This is our goal to give
what the director wants if he wants volumetric light. We have to integrate
real volumetric plates with bits I’ll borrow manipulate Sophie he get what he want
real time and fast. The fast way we do things is
a tremendous save of cost while increasing the greatness
of the whole thing.>>It’s much more like having
an orchestra now. That’s how it feels. I feel more like now
I’m in charge of. No strings percussion. I can also make people
see that crazy idea that you can have whereas
before you were kind of having to preplan freed do all of that
and try and communicate it and then also trying
to communicate to impost whereas now everybody’s got a
closer and clearer idea on set.>>Virtual protection is
reshaping the way content is being created now where it used
to green screen effects and VFX but that required
post-production. Most of the customers
still don’t believe that they can create
finished content in real time using green screen
which is indistinguishable from an external shooting.>> Virtual production
allows us to get rid of the known sentence
with fixed in imposed at the. We have everything fixed
before post-production. So the framing is correct. The tracking camera is correct
the movements are correct. The lighting is correct.>>So what we have in
post-production is the final
three day value either. It knows just the tweaking
or the adjustments that were required
to make this show available. Got.


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