MTG Modern Instant RAMP! w/ Growth Spiral & Sphinx of Foresight! – RNA Deck Tech & Gameplay!

MTG Modern Instant RAMP! w/ Growth Spiral & Sphinx of Foresight! – RNA Deck Tech & Gameplay!

ramp cards are taking in the but
counter cards are taking in the but but if we combine ramp with counter will
they still be taking it in the butt that’s we’re gonna find out with today’s
deck here centered around the new card growth spiral growth spiral is unique
because it’s both a ramp card and an enabler of instance speed counter cards
and it’s actually the first card in magic that’s blue that can put a land
into play at instant speed and that’s important because say we have two lands
open we pass back to our punt the opponent expects us to have a ream and
so we don’t play anything and instead of us wasting that to Mammon we can instead
growth spiral all the while outpacing our opponents on lands but now let’s
take a step back and look at this deck first of all we have ways of making two
mana by turn one we had two gemstone caverns as well as Chancellor of the
tangle that allows us to potentially go with multiple search for tomorrow’s or
in a social vision or even Chows turn one which is pretty good and we could
also go with growth spiral grow spiral turn one is very cool because you have
two lands out by turn one but the idea the sec is that after turn one where we
play all these sorcery speed cards the deck then transforms into an instant
speed deck and if you notice pretty much everything in the sec is instant speed
we have the four remands the for growth spirals or equip two commands to
vanillin clicks one snap caster and four of these it’s basically through the
reach but we don’t have to sacrifice the creature and that means with five mana
at instant speed we can throw in any of these big boys here so one option of you
throw in chancellor which we are mostly using because it makes one green mana at
the start of our first turn but a six seven with vigilance and reach is also
very good especially at instant speed but we also have world spine worm when
it dies do you make three by five worm tokens it is vulnerable to path to exile
but Chou’s will avoid does protect it so that’s the good news and then we have
one elder scale worm is a pretty unique card that’s very strange asically it
prevents damage from dropping or life below 7 but if our opponent has some
that says target opponent loses life and its ability turns off other than that
our life locks in at 7 and as long as we have the worm or basically not gonna
lose if all goes well the deck works very very well especially against lower
decks where our counter cards can have a big impact but here’s the dilemma ramp
decks are almost non-existent in the meta game aside from some amulet Titan
decks and scape ship decks and while Jesse I control decks and Asura’s
control decks make up a combined total of 5% in the meta game they lean heavily
toward creature removal rather than counter but long story short both ramp
and counter decks are not having a great time in this meta game and just by
looking at this deck here it worries me because the curve is so spread out and
that’s not really something that we see nowadays even reaching 5 mana it’s tough
but this deck is unusual enough where even though my gut says it’s not going to
I think it’s still worth a try because how will chalice turn one effective I
will grow spiral effect it with growth spiral and search for tomorrow we could
fire this turn three and being able to throw down a world spy warm on turn
three that seems pretty good but like I said the metagame
we have like art like Phoenix X killing 10 damage on turn one with this sec it
certainly won’t be easy but I still think it’s worth finding out so last
thing I mention here we have one Sphinx of foresight it’s a new card with sky 3
the beginning of our first turn the ideas help with things like Chou’s on
turn 1 if we’re on the draw and because we’re ramping hard getting the four
lands and planning it isn’t all that difficult or lands we have 4 flooded
groves and 3 treetop villages they can block and they can help push your
opponents life to under 15 for world spine work but now on the sideboard not
surprisingly I’m worried about agra ducks which is why we have a total of 6
life game cards for these Velas which when we play it we gain for life and
tooth racket us which gains us 5 life and the other concern is graveyard X
they are very very fast and because we’re in Bluegreen we don’t have the
best options for greater removal and gave a removal that cost one is not
really an option for us because we have challenge so I think the next best thing
is to go with the bog we can instance beat in with growth spiral and it exiles
their graveyard and then in case we go up against Ron or big controls X we have
the same full strokes two of them which count as a car with converted mana cost
four or more and against heavy non creature decks we have to negates and
against artifact X we have to creep and corrosion which destroys the artifact
and that’s the deck hopefully this list here that I came up with is at least
somewhat viable even though the meta game right now has me very worried about
this deck but let’s get to a gameplay so we can find out don’t forget to
subscribe if you want to see more videos like this and now here’s the gameplay
opening hand is better than us big boy Chancellor allow for this and this on
turn ones so let’s do that boom boom and pass back it looks like as another ramp
deck probably amulet Titan let’s see who can ramp the hardest we pull world spine
okay that’s pretty good with that I’ll just play this pass back ancient
stirrings ok then back to us and back hunter not bad you can search for
tomorrow this turn the next turn go that yeah I like that
but back to our opponent and other ancient storing close chamber they might
have something big here or not interesting interesting
hmm one with the best time to fire this be off at the end of the next turn I
mean there should be one pact of negation floating around so probably
okay if it’s down the place sure so they play the Titan and they shall swing in
come on give it double strike they haven’t given a double strike yet but
let’s go dramatic entrance no pacts negation good good you have big boy but
our big boy bigger let the better the big boys convinced so time goes to Jesus
and now it’s all over do this and try think of this a new word
we can go this again there are so many options here he’d even attacked with
treetops I think the safest move here just swing for 15 and then pass back
Larry West sure summers pack of course and primeval Titan well I guess the game
plan will just be to go dramatic entrance Chancellor soaked up most of
damage opponents wings and it’ll do the same thing as before Matic entrance
please no counter they just concede didn’t they want to see the Chancellor
whatever would have gotten it next trend with that because 15/15 trample is
pretty hard to deal with was all the game to go on the game choose is tough
calling what to drop out but I want the disabled strokes or the big boy and
chalice is good to have a chalice because they have cars it causes your
like pack negation someone’s pack I can get on one it stops is bigger other than
that the mana curves really spread out so house is just alright
not great though but what that let’s go to the game to opening hand is certainly
interesting we can go turn one turn one and grow spiral yeah I like that missus
Cry 3 is certainly nice I’m it goes anxious steering’s grabbing the amulet
and if we can scry into chalice I’d be pretty cool but probably not going up to
nasty autumn all three so we shall go go spiral Isle and cool it just go this
send impasse box or courage rep Scout amulet and back to us we have Reem and
growth spiral and I’ll just pass back for you man another amulet engineer
exposed to be certainly nice here but to go we don’t have I was put in the
sideboards a lot of mana summers pack grabs Titan but we have not only remand
but also just a full struck with the same full stroke I put some an awkward
position because next time they’re gonna need double green they’ll probably able
to do it with this though and cool oh you know what wait a minute tenth hours
and I cube today here they need to double green at their upkeep but gasps
wah bounce this big boy and they finally realized what we were doing because
without that tow they can’t instant speed at the up key put in another land
on tap and make double green so it’s pretty good luck but on the first match
we go up against like the only other ramp deck in the format right now are
pretty much the only other ramp deck in the format right now and it’s nice to
see that we did well against but how L will do against other decks that’s what
we have to find out so once the next match opening hand we have a turn one
chalice with gemstone and we also have this so yes we will keep this and we
shall exile snap caster who that’s a good sign okay we go with chalice and
pass back okay other dramatic entrance I suppose we’ll
plan on Bend Ilyas we’ve been doing on their turn in case they have Blood Moon
yeah I think so now they’ve drawn a car let’s see what they got Oh two bridges
and a Blood Moon oh boy this is not good even the rabble
master is pretty good against us if they put the bridge out afterward and cut
down someone the bridge is with two of them I don’t think we can come back from
a blood and either this ain’t so good I yet for now I think it’s got to take the
blood moon dang it it ain’t looking good wait what I pulled another one no okay
well it’s slang for a three sir you go to 16 I mean we can’t do anything with
our lands uh we can hold the block but he’s got swinging with the tokens if we
don’t block and I’ll swing in verse six next turn to pass back I mean uh yeah
super unlucky turn one chalice but against the one red deck where’s not
good I think at this one reading fondle from too many directions and I don’t
really want them to know what our deck is so let’s go to game two unfortunately
look gone I’m going to dump the chalices in one gemstone put in tuna gaze to
creeping corrosion sport and staring bridge and also one track testing what
that let’s go to game two not a great hand a lot of late-game stuff so we’re
in a mall and it could be better but we do have sinks described three so keep a
little early for that we to have the worm though
okay fine on top and goes gemstones Obama Chancellor and I suppose top top
and I’m back for pond and it looks like no blood moon this turn to play that
pass back which show they do or boss remand that okay track test cool have
any gate we can play but other than that we can’t play anything so pass back
where boss can’t do anything come on something for one passes back yeah and
cryptic but crabs an awkward position pass back swing in with the team he’s
got a let it happen do we go to 14 and they play Sean Jerry well that is
definitely worth countering you gotta get some lands here okay that’s fine
doing like cryptic tap down their stuff or something like that and he plays
simians sure I seniors testing the waters yeah but I’ll be a counter and
it’s HAP or do you just let it happen so we can draw a car to try and hit five
it’s tempting to tap and draw but I think we got a counter this Saturn tap
one thing we’ll get through that’s not too bad we’ll be at 12 no and that is a
really bad draw you play the Sphinx to block you just do this for next turn we
taking nine no one bolt away and there’s that this is not good I guess we just go
Fink’s maybe he won’t be as eager to attack with that there but still I don’t
like tapping out like that now that we have anything to play but
sometimes just having the lands on tap can scare them away
yeah and swinging in okay will block that what is this in Chows on three yeah
that is fine please describe one of them that’s an island
well this is this is this game so awkward we were so close just going
straight into that but like it doesn’t happen and that’s kind of problem with
ramp is like you know you delay and you get into late game but just throwing
down creatures that push damage in early or relatively early in their case is
sometimes it’s better than a really late late game plan Oh someone’s the next one
opening hand too many lands so we’re gonna mole and no turn one Chao so if we
can turn to shells so this we shall keep and opponent goes faithless looting and
to blood-gas this will probably be tough let’s go chalice and pass back so it
looks like it’s dredge which means we might be in trouble we go search for
tomorrow and pass back on it swings in and tries and plays ago gari thug ok
reman getting island cool you also have been doing click well pass back up hunt
then swings for for we go to 10 and tries go gari thug again well instead of
countering it lets go bounce and draw or a spiral and she top village well we’re
still hanging in kind of well fast back then it swings in 4/4 we take for gari
thug yeah and then turn myzel go growth spiral 50k nice and then Dylan click on
ourselves getting rich house but no land well I suppose we swing in for three oh
it goes a 15 back to them and our poni turn let’s go cryptic command tapping
down their stuff dramatic entrance nice there’s a chance we could turn this
around it is not very likely and they can Florida law Harvin dillion sure you
really need to hit a big boys turn that’s not a big boy and shoot we’ve
come flock a lot you can finish this off well it looks like big goddess so we’re
gone the game too so god the game too I’m gonna dump all the slow stuff and
teach houses are gonna keep though for famous looting of stuff but then putting
all this a graveyard stuff for the demographer graveyard stuff and life
game stuff or you know because they’ve a fast and what that lets go to game to
opening hand we can grow spiral turn one into this that’s pretty good we’ll keep
a boom boom boom boom and pass back a the saluting stinkweed an amalgam that’s
pretty good so the old the dredge 5 next turn this pose best move here see if we
can hit a bog and a bit of chalice okay or lands pass back for lands it’s pretty
good but with so many graveyard X Holly enough is good anymore I know look three
creeping chills another land six mana I turned three so went to lands four lands
and six lands I don’t know it’s just too much it’s just too much I don’t know I
just feel so helpless you know not that long ago I ramp deck like this had a
chance but everything’s just so fast these days I don’t wanna be the voice of
doom but you know kind of through we only played
three matches but I think these three matches say it all for both ramp decks
and counter decks and meta game is not very friendly we had really good results
against Titan ship but not very good results against mono red and dredge and
the way I see it Titan shift represents old decks because Titan shift isn’t very
fast its key cards come at sorcery speed and it’s curve is very spread out in
decks like that used to be very common but nowadays the speed of the meta game
has been cranked all the way up and now it seems both counter decks and ramp
decks are both being outclassed because if you look at our matchup against Titan
shift our counter spells work – very very well and as long as we kept our
mana open for counter spells in our pounds turn we were pretty much
guaranteed to win now compare that to the dredge matchup where counter spells
meant nothing even chalice really meant nothing because dredge is just too fast
for counter spells and with stuff going to the Graveyard countering something
with like cryptic doesn’t really get rid of it and I thought what this stuck here
maybe chalice being able to do Charleston one could level the playing
field a bit because our curve is very spread out even with chalice I just
don’t think it’s enough for this deck to work consistently I mean when this deck
starts with the right card and has all the right pieces really early yeah it
can be very good but it can’t do it that consistently and Mulligan’s in
particular were very painful because with 24 lands plus the Chancellor’s
there were a lot of games we had too many lands and so we had to mul but then
there’s times we mold into no land and unfortunately even with a car like
growth spiral which is pretty insane if you think about it it’s like turn one if
you have two mana we can already have two lands out and it keeps slamming
lands all the while keeping our mana open for things like reman and a few
years back when counter was more relevant than it is today
I think growths probable been really really good but the problem is if our
nut hand is getting four lands out by turn two it sounds impressive but when
you think about it having four lands alone by turn two isn’t enough we have
to back it up with something and we can’t do that consistently now compare
that to something like an arc light phoenix deck which one they have a nut
hand is 10 damage turn one so I think as long as the metagame stays as fast as it
is and as powerful as it is I just don’t see counter cards and ramp cards being
bat relevant and it’s unfortunate because the cards are pretty cool I mean
I love being able to counter things because it adds a level of interaction
that separates magic from other card game and not being able to do counter
stuff takes away some of the dimension of magic but whether or not the meta
game stays this way only time will tell maybe something will get banned maybe
ramp cars and counter cars become more powerful but we’ll have to wait and see
and with that we wrap up this video don’t forget to subscribe to see more
content like this and as always I hope you have a great day


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