My #1 Productivity Tip

My #1 Productivity Tip

Hi I’m Karie Kaufmann and today I want to
share with you my number one productivity tip. A lot of people ask
me, what’s the best tool, technique, app, calendaring system, software to help me be more productive? And to be honest, I really don’t have one answer to that
question I guess the short answer to that question is whatever you’re going
to use consistently, whatever works for you. Make sure it’s something that’s
easy for you to use, but I do have one productivity tip that’s useful
regardless of what type of technology or system that you might use, personally.
Here’s the tip, plan the day the night before. Not the morning of, plan your
day the night before and there’s a few reasons why this is powerful. The first
one is, you sleep better. You get everything out of your head and on the
paper and you actually have a more peaceful night’s sleep. Have you ever
woken up like in the middle the night, or first thing the morning and think “I can’t
forget to do that thing!” and you you kind of like launch your day with this
stressed out mentality. If you can get everything out of your head you actually
kind of you’re able to have a more restful night. The second thing is, you
free your brain up to do what it was designed to do! Jim Rohn says, don’t
use your brain like a filing cabinet they get the things out of there that
don’t need to be there so you can free your brain up to do what it was created
to do, which is to come up with new ideas, to solve problems, to operate in your
area of genius. So if you clear your head the night before and plan your day in
advance, you might find you even wake up with a good idea. Something that’s maybe been bothering you or a problem you’ve had for a while you’ll suddenly come up
with a solution and wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner. Because
your brain was free to do what it was created to do. And here’s the third
reason why planning the night before is powerful, and that’s because you start
the day out the gate productive. You walk into the office, you already know your
priorities, and you can even knock one of them off the list before you even
launch into your email. Otherwise here’s what happens, you walk in the
office, you launch into your email, you get a phone call, maybe somebody grabs you on your way in and the next thing you know it’s like ten, eleven o’clock and
you haven’t even thought about your priorities yet so
if you know before you begin what the priorities are you’re more likely to get
them done. And even if everything goes wrong the rest of the day you’ve still won
the day. You’ve still accomplish something that was a priority for you and you’ve
had a productive day. So, plan your day the night before. Do me a favor, leave me
a comment below let me know how that goes for you! I’d love to hear from you.
Have a great day.


5 thoughts on “My #1 Productivity Tip”

  • Karie Kaufmann says:

    Let me know if you have any great productivity tips that work great for you – I'd love to know. Cheers to getting more done and achieving more goals!

  • Cynthia Nordskog says:

    Thanks for the great reminder. I used to do this and over time just stopped. But it works! I'm going to start doing it again. I personally work well with a check list. I'll combine the two. Plus add to my intentions for the morning be productive.

  • Great tip, Karie… I just started using this strategy and no question, I've improved my sleep and productivity. Thanks!

  • As usual, you are right on, Karie! I suffer from insomnia, and often, I didn't realize how many "to dos" were on my mind, so I get up in the middle of the night and write everything down. Writing it down the night before is very helpful! Thank you.

  • Robert Aarsleff says:

    Karie – I use this all the time.  The last thing I do in the day is to write a list of what needs to get done and I review my list so I know where I am at.  This works great.  Thank you

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