My 1-Year Minoxidil Beard Growth Journey and Side Effects (With Before and After)

My 1-Year Minoxidil Beard Growth Journey and Side Effects (With Before and After)

I wanted to create a video on my review
of liquid form of minoxidil 5% solution by Kirkland. I’ll actually put the links
in the description if you guys want to check these out.
But my experience with it was — you know that I constantly heard from people that
I looked like I was 17 man. Well I had a baby face. I didn’t have much facial hair. I only
grew a little bit on my chin and you know graduating college hearing from
people like oh you look like you’re 17. It was kind of it was emasculating and
in many senses — emasculating in sense that I couldn’t grow facial hair as a man and
also that — you know people thought you looked like a boy no one wants to look
like a boy. Right? So I actually did some research before buying it about a year
ago and by the way this is my progress for you know a year off and on. There are
still some velous hairs and I should have stayed a little bit more consistent,
but that’s okay. I mean it it’s sufficient enough for me, but minoxidil
was actually used to treat high blood pressure, and researchers found that it
also can provide blood supply to hair follicles. It somehow stimulates the
applied area in which in which you actually you know put this solution on
and so it’s also interesting. Here’s a primer on your hair so the hair on your
scalp is a little bit different from the hair on your your face. So the hair on
your face is androgenic it’s stimulated from testosterone but the catch is that
testosterone converts to dihydrotestosterone, which is 10 times more
potent and it’s responsible for male
characteristics like your voice, your facial hair for instance and it’s
converted from an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase. But it’s also responsible for
for male pattern baldness — androgenic alopecia — dihydrotestosterone is DHT for
short. So there seems to be an inverse relationship between you know the hair
on your face, the facial hair, and the hair on your scalp.
not that it would offset anything if you actually took it out that to my
knowledge I wouldn’t I wouldn’t know if you if you took this for instance and
you put on your face if that will affect your hair loss I’m sure it won’t because
this is this is primarily meant or placing on your scalp so it just
provides nourishment for your hair follicles it’s supposedly to whiten your
hair follicles and prolong the anagen phase which is the growth phase if you
guys remember from from biology of your anagen phase you have I wrote them read
them down up here your catagen your exogen and your telogen phases your
anogen phase — for your scalp it generally lasts from 2 to 7
years but it’s actually a bit shorter for facial hair and the reason for that
I’m not entirely sure but the idea behind minoxidil is that it actually
will prolong that phase, so along with the growth phase of you know your facial
hair being prolonged also comes with pigmentation of your hair follicles so
you notice that vellus hairs are translucent vellus hairs are the very
thin hairs that are on your facial hair and you have what’s known as
transitional hairs which appear to be a mixture between your vellus hairs in
your transition or your your terminal hairs terminal hairs are the fully
developed hairs like for instance you’d probably have it on your chin and your
mustache sure those are fully developed areas of hair growth and I’ve noticed
that it’s definitely helped me out I mean the side effects I’ve had with
using minoxidil were that it gets it can get a little bit itchy at times and also
I’ve heard with the liquid version that you are not shed and that’s another
thing I’ll get to in a minute you flake you get these little flaky
dried-up forms of a Knoxville that fall off so
there is the foam version that you can use and I’ve heard that that eliminates
the itchiness and also the flakiness so one thing I will mention and this did
happen that I previously mentioned was shedding so in the process of converting
from vellus hairs to terminal hairs yeah as I mentioned what’s known is that the
transitional phase of hair growth that’s where you notice that the pigmentation
of your hair is beginning to change and it’s also growing out longer but it’s
not thick per se it’s just the pigmentation that changes and in the
process of shedding that actually can you know or in the process of that face
it you can shed it’ll actually your hairs will actually come out and I did
notice probably about six months ago my hair and now my scalp of course just my
facial hair which was shedding and that’s that’s normal it’s it’s part of
the the exigent phase the shedding phase of your hair and it’s cyclical your hair
is cyclical even the hair on your scalp you have your antigen phase the growth
phase you have your catagen phase which is I’m reading here it’s it’s lasts
about ten days when your hair follicle shrinks and it detaches from your
durable Papillon which often I’m not entirely sure it seems that it’s a
socket for your hair follicle you have your telogen phase which is a resting
period and that’s generally when new hair starts to develop and then of
course exigent phase is when you shed and I wouldn’t I don’t entirely know if
that’s the same for androgenic hairs that are on your face but I will say
that it’s it’s likely similar because you are shedding and that’s the same
process of the hairs on your scalp so if you guys have any questions about my
hair hair growth experiment or experience like my my growing this out
just leave a comment down below I I’d be glad to help you guys out
continue your beard journeys because I know exactly how it was I applied this
morning and night 1 millilitre but it did the job for me so I’m hoping it will
do the same for you guys yeah just check this out I bought it from Amazon I think
it was six pack of these for 30 bucks but I ended up going through I think I
want to say I won went through about 12 months applied he’s just just so I can
you know start growing some facial I also put it up here too because that’s
actually what’s known for as I mentioned so yeah just let me know guys if you
have any questions and stay strong and your beard journeys


100 thoughts on “My 1-Year Minoxidil Beard Growth Journey and Side Effects (With Before and After)”

  • I have lots of orange and blonde hairs in my beard, think they'll turn black? Kind of would like to keep those colors. Should add that they are terminal too

  • The other day, I asked my friends parents how old I looked and her parents said 17..18… And I'm 21! I'm tired of having this damn baby face look shit pisses me off! I'm ready to get this beard going

  • Vincent Mayville says:

    I took minoxidil for 6 months and stopped because I didn’t see a difference. A few months later I noticed quite a lot of thin, long, blonde hairs growing (my hair is black). Are these the vellus hairs you are talking about? It’s been a few years and they are still blonde. Would starting minoxidil again make these hairs transition into real hairs?

  • Crazy how baby faced people wanna have a full beard but I, who grows a full Viking beard in less then a 1 week, want a baby face lol

  • Héctor Luis Ibarra Larios says:

    The only thing you couls grow at the beginning was just your chin and your moustache? In your cheeks do you remember if you had vellus hairs?

  • Tredeese Monigueo says:

    Man im excited just geard about minox I can grow a circle beard and got some weak cheek hair im ready to take the journey fam

  • It's really work that product? I started to use that last week. My face so smooth you think I can have beard? I'm 40 but to many people they thought i'm 25. That's why I started to use that product. Please advice.

  • Thanks for the video and continuing to motivate the minoxidil beard community. You came a long way and overcame your stumbling block in your genetic makeup. Come check out my week 5 progress. Here's the link!

  • I've been using minoxidil for 2 months. Results are coming in. I never was able to grow a beard. Only a goatee not even a proper mustache. Hopefully in another 2 months I have great results. It's just patience that we need.

  • BuddhistLove's Life says:

    How much should you apply to your face? I've been applying around 2 mls twice a day of the liquid type like you have.

    Also, does anyone know what percentage of men this works for, for beards?

  • I’m 17 have a mustache and some long strands of chin hair that look like pubic hair can I use Minoxidil or should I just wait till I get a little bit older?

  • O̸͇͋o̵͇̕ 0̵̗̉ says:

    I started losing my ass crack hair and that shit is needed big time to hide my brown eye so I applied it on the regular and now my ass crack looks like a beautiful horses mane. My wife left me once I started braiding it and letting the braids hand out of my ass. Didn't need that hoe anyway. I have 0 regrets.

  • Hi bro. I just started with my Minoxidil beard growth journey. I see redness and irritation around the area beneath my lower lips, is that common? And is it an indication that I should stop using it?

  • I tried it and I was using it for like half a year and then I stopped because My beard wouldn’t get anymore thicker and my beard looks patchy some days and some days it looks decent, but it never really got thick, should I continue using it or will it just never get thick?

  • Erik Schaffhauser says:

    Hello there!

    I'm a 21 years old dude with thin, patchy facial hair.
    And I'd love to start using minoxidil, but I have some fears over it.

    I heard a lot of rumors about minoxidil can cause chest pain, heart disfunctions, even erectile problems. Also that it kills your faceskin.

    Have you noticed anything about them?

    Ty very much for the video btw. 🙂

  • Silly question but when putting it on can you put it over face moisturizers? Or put face moisturizer over it to help with the dryness?

  • So I've been using minoxadill for 3 months now and yes I've been seeing good results with facial hair… but sadly that's where it ends. The bad out weights the good. I've been suffering major fatigue, anxiety and even though Ives always wanted to gain some weight the rapid weight gain is causing stretch Mark's. Also I'm pretty sure I'm experiening minor erectile dysfunction (and yes it is a side effect) which is definitely not ideal. So good bye minoxadil was nice knowing ya lol

  • Dude my boy i wish i didnt have to shave. I have a 36 yr old friend who is going bald. If i were goin bald on the head and face id embracr it.

  • I only have little bit mustache and some goatee but not hair at all on my cheek and jawline, if I want to start with Minox for very first time to grow beard. Will I go with liquid or foam? Which one is better for the first time. thanks.

  • Hey bro i have zero hairs on my cheeks like Zero! I only have mustache and a little goat do u think i can grow it like yours ? Ive seen some Asian guys with similar beards as mine on minoxidil with bad results, im not Asiam just using them as example.

  • Edward archuleta says:

    I'm in the 2nd month of my minoxidil journey, I was lucky enough to be diagnosed with a giant pituitary tumor when I was 21 and was told my testosterone levels were nowhere near normal. So on and off for the past 10 years I've been on testosterone injections as well as many meds as the tumor is inoperable. I've never really had facial hair due to that so now that it's coming in I'm on minoxidil! Thanks for the video man!

  • Love the video bro! Thanks for the tips. I came a long way with adding a little more ideas of my own with yours!!
    Video drops In 30 mins!

  • I start using it on Monday 26-02-2019, I'm 35 years old with a baby face, I'm taking biotin too, no side effects now and wish me luck.

  • Im going on 23 and I barely have a mustache. I look so young and my confidence is low. Only high school girls come up and talk to me and I feel sooooo bad lol. I want to get a real women, but fail to do so because of my youthfulness. Hopefully Ill look older soon.

  • ذو الفقار امير الدين says:

    i always wanted to have a full beard but my sideburns hair is thin, my mustache and chin area is thicker and looks more denser
    my question is can minoxidil make it more thicker ?

  • asdfghjkl tuyyy says:

    Man please i need ur help on this one or anybody that happened to them too
    i been on minox for 1 month and its has worked preety good but now my eyebrows are falling out slowly
    should i keep going or quit ?

  • I'm 19, Asian, and I'm 90% sure that don't have beard genes. Can I try using these minoxidil already?

  • Nuredean Kelebu says:

    my only concern is the heart side effects.I don’t have any heart problems but like should i be worried?

  • Great video bro. But I've got a question bro, I hope u can help me. Would take it once a day instead of twice help prevent the problems with side effects? And also I read the foam is better to avoid this, is that true? Thanx

  • trashant rathore says:

    I'm 23 i have a full goatee ,sparse moustache and a few hairs on cheeks that can be counted so from tomorrow I would be starting my Minoxidil journey. I had used beard oil of a reputed brand but nothing worked. From last 3 years I have been doing continuous workouts as i had a great fitness journey also as my weight was about 86 Kg and shredded it down to 68 Kg(176 cms) in 6 months and after that I started building muscle but in your student life you can not manage all those expenses so now I have a decent body shape and weigh around 74 Kg. Workout somewhat triggered some parts in goatee growth but not in moustache and cheek beard. I have a good jawline but not a good face cut.
    Sorry For some bragging about my beard goals as i really want to grow one. As the time is passing by I am starting to lose hope but I always believe in the work I do. Really Hoping to see some real progress from Minoxidil.

  • Hi, I am on my 2nd week with minoxidil, I have noticed a lot of super thin strands of hair growing on my face – is this what we call vellus hair?if this is so, will it shed after a few weeks then replaced with terminal hair?or will it continually develop until it become terminal? your response and clarification will be deeply appreciated.

  • I’m 21 and can’t grow a beard at all should I start using this, I’m worried about starting it because I’ve heard of the side effects now I’m torn

  • I have 3 brothers, 2 of them and myself have crazy facial hair, but my youngest brother, who's 34 can't grow facial hair to save his life! I'm doing research to see if there's anything he can do to grow facial hair cause he's been wanting to grow facial all his life. I'm gonna put him on Minoxidil and see what happens?

  • I just impulse bought it from Amazon. 37 dollars is worth the risk. I'm tired of feeling like a little kid when I'm out with my wife.

  • The Reel Slot Players says:

    I hope it's TRUE that he grew that beard with minoxidil. But look at his eyebrows, looks like a hairy ass guy soooooo

  • I'm 25 and I get the you look 17 thing all the time especially from people who are like 3 years older than me sometimes even younger than me who treat me like a kid because well I look it. Granted now its frustrating but when I'm 45 I won't be complaining that people say I look 30 but still I'd like to have facial hair and maybe look more mature.

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