– If I told you everything
I got done this week you would need a vacation and a mojito. What’s up socials, welcome back to Amy TV. Today, I want to share my seven
rules for a productive week, because I had the most
productive week ever, and it’s making me tired rethinking it. But, there were definitely
a lot of moving parts that helped me get as much done as I did, so, I thought I would
share those with you today. I could literally go through my calendar and list off everything I did this week, but I try not to put you to sleep, so we’re just not going to do that. Before we jump in, make sure
you subscribe to this channel. I make new videos every
week, and it would be weird if I was here every week and you were not. Is that what they call ghosted? Maybe?
Probably. My first rule for a productive week is to wake up before the sun. We talked about this in the last video, How to wake up at 5 a.m., even
if you don’t feel like it. Check that out, if you’re
feeling the pressure of not having enough time in the day, and needing some of that me time back. That’s, personally, when I find that I can just think about what’s ahead of me. How I need to prepare,
maybe knock out a few things that I’m not going to have time to do when everybody else starts waking up, and giving me their
expectations and tasks, and needing my attention,
all that kind of thing. Have to wake up before the sun, or really I am going to be
feeling very out of control, and when you feel out of control, you do not do a good job with
anything you have to get done. You feel like you’re on the defense. You feel like everybody’s coming at you, and you’re not quite prepared for it, and nobody needs that, nobody needs that. I don’t need that. My second rule is to
make time to work out. Now, trust me. The easiest task in the
world to exit from your life is the gym when you’re feeling
a little bit on overload, and you have a lot to do. But, I hate to break it to myself. On a regular basis, I do
feel better after I workout, and I’m sure you feel the same. When you exert some energy,
when you get on the treadmill, when you go for a walk,
when you do anything, when you’re done, you not only feel a little bit proud of yourself, but you do have an energy boost. It’s very hard to ignore the fact that that that is a fact at this point. So, it has to be on the calendar, and I have to stick with it, because I know that I’m going to be better at completing all of the rest
of the things I have to do if I have that instant energy boost that happens with working out. The other thing I figured out, I’m more of a person that
needs to take classes. I don’t do well with a personal trainer, ’cause I don’t like when
people tell me what to do. I don’t do well by myself, because I just get bored
and get on my phone. So, I like to go to classes, and I don’t know if you’ve
ever heard of Mind Body, but it’s a really great
place to like find classes. They’re not a sponsor, I literally, I’m just obsessed with
Mind Body right now. I will find my spin classes there, I will find my yoga classes there. I’ll find any kind of
class I want to take. And, when you book it, it can actually sync with your calendar. So now, your gym classes are
automatically on your calendar, and I don’t know about
you, that sounds stupid, but I nerd out over it. Like, I need that future in my life. I’m already adding enough
stuff to my calendar, I love it when an app does it for me, especially when I can go back
and give myself a gold star. When I’m like, “Oh look there’s my work out.” It’s there, you know I did
it, because it’s there. My third rule is to block
time to get work done. So, there’s all kinds of appointments. There’s calls, there’s
meeting people for coffee, there’s going to the dentist,
all that kind of thing. You know, the gym, those
are your appointments. But then, there’s actually appointments for getting work done. If I didn’t actually block
out that time on my calendar, I would not get as much done. It would be too easy to get wrapped up in what everybody else wants me to do. So, I treat every task
that I need to work on like getting my master class done, or preparing a presentation,
just as importantly as any other appointment on my calendar. I’ve talked about this before in a video, I will let you check
it out, but you’ll see that there will be these huge
blocks of time on my calendar just to get something done, and if not for that appointment setting, I would not be anywhere near
as productive as I am today. My fourth rule is to stick
with my appointment times. It’s very easy to get on
a phone call with somebody and allow them to sort of run the call, and even though you
scheduled 30 minutes for it, they end up taking an hour,
because they just keep on going. And, that’s not really good for you, because if that’s not a part of the plan, then maybe you scheduled a
task to happen after that call, which is why you were like, “Eh, I could stay on longer, it’s okay,” and then, that task
doesn’t have a time slot to get done now. So, if you’re not rigid with people about how you spend your time, you’re not going to be
rigid with yourself, and I do believe that there
is a scale of rigidity, that you should be on, in order to make sure that
you are being productive. Maybe you don’t have to be
as strict as I might be, but if you just let anyone else decide how much time you’re
going to spend with them, then, clearly, that shows
that you are not valuing time the same way that other people are, and that you’re as readily
available whenever you want. The thing that I make sure people know, is I am not readily
available whenever they want. People call me on a regular basis, and I will know who it is, and
I will not answer the phone, because if I am doing something else, and I take a call from them, I’m taking 15 minutes to 30
minutes out of what I was doing to take a call with them, and they just decided
they were going to call. I’m a millennial, I do
not answer the phone. So, stick with your appointment times. If you know you have time dedicated towards something that seems
to be getting into your space, like, it has to get
done right this second, you know you’ve made time for
it later, it gets done later. And, if you only scheduled
30 minutes for that call, call’s done, and you’re
gonna love my next tip. The fifth rule is to have
a plan when it gets awkward that you’re sticking with
your appointment time and you really need to tell somebody that “Our time is up.” This happens to me quite frequently, so, maybe somebody watching
this is gonna be like, “Hmm, Amy has said that to
me before, now I know why.” If I schedule time for someone, there is a very set amount of time. With coaching clients, I tend to talk to them for 60 minutes, but I always make sure they
have 90 on my calendar, because I never want to be
cutting them off too soon, but for maybe other people in the world, or even those people who
get to that 90 minute mark, and they’re like, “Oh, well, I have something
else to talk about,” I have the perfect thing
for you, you must say, “Unfortunately, I need to jump, but,” and then, fill in the blank with some way of
summarizing where we’re at. So, let’s say you got
on a call with someone, things are going great,
maybe you need to meet again. “Unfortunately, I’ve
gotta jump from this call, “but, I’m gonna send you an email “so we can find a time to meet next week.” There you go, that’s a really
great way to set the tone for, “Hey, I gotta go.”
and, I’m sure you do, too. My sixth rule for a productive week is to block similar appointments together. This is something I started
doing with my clients, as there’s a few dedicated days that I will spend on client calls. And, instead of them
being able to schedule whenever they want
throughout an entire month, and having me maybe running
in from a coffee appointment, sitting down to coach with them, and then I’m off to
work on a presentation, and then I’m off, on a
plane, to go somewhere. I have found that I’m
a lot more productive if I have similar
appointments chunked together, so that I’m always in coaching mode, or I’m always in some other kind of mode, when that other appointment is happening. And, last, but not least, number seven. Make time for those you love. Call you mom, spend time with your family. Sit on the couch for a half hour and watch TV with your husband, that’s the kind of thing I
actually have to make sure I program to build into my life, because, I know it sounds crazy, like, it’s not natural for me to shut off. I will keep working on things,
I will keep filming videos, I will keep doing work,
work, work, work, work, because it’s the thing I know
I have to do in front of me. But, sometimes, if you don’t take time for yourself to recharge,
and let the people know in your life that you’re
doing this for a reason. You’re doing this so you can have a little more flexibility to be with them. Then, why are we doing this at all? It’s very easy to get caught
up on the hamster wheel, so, take that time, even
if you have to schedule it. Mom, I probably have put on
the calendar to call you. Okay, what are your rules
for a productive week? I want to hear them in the comments below, because, I love to add new ones. So, I’ll be looking for
those, leave a comment. For those of you who are new, I appreciate you for being here. For those of you have been
around for a long time, I appreciate you for being here. Maybe you noticed, last Sunday, after the video posted, we
hit 100,000 subscribers, so thank you, very, very, very much for helping me reach that
milestone, I appreciate it. But, business as usual. Doesn’t matter how many of you are here, you are stuck with me, we are going to just keep making
videos, and making it good. That’s all for today, socials, thank you so much for tuning in. I appreciate it, as always. Make sure you subscribe for good vibes, and remember to continue to go
after the life that you want. Not someone else, not
someone’s Instagram account, yours, the life you want. Cheers. Perfect moment for Lucy to start chasing a squirrel
in her sleep. (laughs)


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