My Boss & I Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

(woman laughs) – If we didn’t work together,
would you sleep with me? (upbeat orchestral music) – My name’s David. – I’m Kat. – I’m Curtis. – My name is Chai. – [Crew Member] What’s the
relationship? Blind date? – [Both] Nooo! – No.
– This is my boss. – I’m Carlton’s boss. I’m his cab lord. We both ride giant tricycles for a living. – Popularly known in the
United States as pedicabbing. – It’s like a bike taxi. – It’s a restaurant business. – A healthcare agency. – First legal cannabis grower
in the state of Washington. – Should we take a shot to start it off? – I’ve decided to bring my own. – Oh, my dear God. – You asked me to be a boss. So..
– Yeah, okay. My mistake. – Boss moves.
– Cheers. – Cheers. (upbeat orchestral music) – Are you serious? If we didn’t work together,
would you sleep with me? (both laughing) I’m uncomfortable. – It is getting warm, so yeah, it’s definitely meant to pop this off. – I’m gonna have to say a very hard no. – Probably not. – Well, that’s rude. – No because I’m … How would I say this? – Not gay. – No, ’cause I have a wonderful wife. – He has a wonderful wife. – I don’t know why I’m drinking. (both laughing) – ‘Cause he’s nervous. That made me uncomfortable. – Okay! (woman laughing) – Oh, man. That went from zero to
a hundred real quick. Let’s move on. – Have you ever lied to get out of work? – Yeah. – Yeah. – Who hasn’t lied to get out of work? – It’s shot time? – I just wanna take a shot at this point, the answer is obviously fucking yes. – You went Awai, was it Awai? – Yeah it was- oh my God
he knew what trip, he knew. – Hey, come on. Like I’ve not been an employee before. – What’s the worst thing a
co-worker has said about me? – She’s immature. – You wanna know immature? You’re immature! Are you kidding me? I’m immature? Are you fucking kidding me? – The worst thing I’ve heard about you probably involves when
you got hit by the train. – Hmm. What’d they say? What do you- what did they say? – They’re like, oh did you
see the video of Carlton? How the fuck did he do that? How could he not see the train? Ya know, they thought you were just stupid or on drugs or something. – It was a four-way intersection and there was a giant party bus blocking my view of the train. – But, just so you know, I told them not to talk to you about it
and not to bring it up. – Yeah. Thank you. ‘Cause it’s just like, it’s my trauma. To accidents and recovering from them. – Oh, this is gonna be fun. On the count of three name
your least favorite co-worker. – Hold on. Oh my God. Do you know who yours is? – Yep. – Oh my gosh! – Are we actually going- No! Will we bleep out the names? Can we bleep out the names? – [Crew Member] Yeah. – Okay. – One, two, three. (bleep) (both laughing) – I knew you were gonna say that and I intentionally didn’t say anything ’cause everyone’s my favorite. – One, two, three. (bleep) David! Who’s your person? (bleep) – Oh! I take my answer back. I forgot- I don’t know how
I forgot about (bleep). How do you forget about
(bleep) ’cause he has to remind you every fucking
five minutes that he exists. (bleep)
– Angel. – Who the fuck is Angel? – The dishwasher. – Oh my God, yeah.
– Yeah. You probably know him.
– Oh yeah, he sucks. – Told you! – Yeah, I change my answer. He’s right, oh my God. – You can leave his name on. (both laughing) – He turns everything
around about himself, he doesn’t initiate shit, he’s
never in the fucking office. – His obsession with conspiracy theories. – Oh yeah, this homie basically loves the whole 9/11 truther,
Sandy Hook was a hoax. – I hate him. – He’s a douchebag. – He’s a fucking douchebag. – Fuck you Angel. – Oh, look at that. See, I knew it. See, he probably the worst guy. – It’s that bad? It can’t be as bad as the last one. Oh, it’s worse? – On the count of three,
name the co-worker you’d most like to sleep with. You answer first. – Oh, I was just gonna answer with a shot. – I’ll take a shot too. – [Crew Member] Kat was gonna answer. – No I wasn’t.
– You were. You have someone in mind. – No. – Have you ever had sex
at our place of business? – Fuck. – Look like you’re gonna
drink that pretty soon. (laughing) – Have you ever had sex
at our place of business? – Oh God, no. With who? Like- – I don’t know. – Have you ever had sex at our office? – I’m just gonna drink. (woman laughing) – Fill it up. Yep, fill it up. – What’s the closest you’ve
come to flirting m- oh! Firing me. Firing me. – Flirting?
– We’re gonna do that again. I read that wrong. – What’s the closest
you’ve come to firing me? – When yo- You probably know it. – I know.
– Yeah. When you gave the drinks
away to your friends, right? – Yeah. – Okay, but if that happens again and I seen it, I would
let you go for that. That make sense to you? – 100%. – Okay, have you ever been
under the influence at work? Really? – We did psychedelics. Riding our cabs very short distances and everything was great. – Have you ever been under
the influence at work? – [Both] Yes! – It’s my job to smoke pot.
– It’s- Yeah. – Like it literally is
– Like we literally have to – I have to smoke pot. – Have you ever talked shit
about me to other employees? – I can’t remember anything I’ve said bad about you, honestly. – What’s the biggest secret
you’ve kept from me so far? – Oh dude, I didn’t know if
it was gonna build up to this, but, so … I recently invested in a cab that can take more
passengers and I will own it and I’ll probably not
rent from you anymore. – Oh, Carlton just quit. (both laughing) Well, here’s the juice, I’m gonna quit. – You’re gonna quit too? – Yeah
– Dude, high-fives. – And be solo. – This is a great question. – Oh, girl, this is a good one. – Now, this is the
fucking golden question. – Oh, fuck. – When are you gonna give me a raise? – When are you gonna give me a raise? – When are you gonna give
me a mutha-fuckin’ raise? – I’m not in charge of that. – When are you gonna tell them to give me a mutha-fuckin’ raise? – I tell everyone should get raises. (laughing) This is why I’m not in charge of it. (laughing) – Cheers. (laughing) – Okay. – I’m worth a lot more. – We’ll see. – I mean, I see every day. – Uh huh, uh huh. – Can I ask you, anything
I could ever improve on? – I think you’re probably
one of the best workers I have right now over there. – Thank you. – No, really is. Here, have a drink. – Cheers. – Still friends. – Yup. (upbeat orchestral music) (clapping) – Did you know I bought
a precision six-seater? – What? – The frame, gold-
– Insane. – Yeah dude, it’s gonna be beautiful. – You might have to rent it out to me. – You’re the only person I
would rent my cab out to. – Yeah. – Get that on film. You’re the only person I’d
rent my new pedicab out to. – Whoa, did we just switch roles? Damn.


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