My favorite iPhone apps (secret productivity lifehacks!)

My favorite iPhone apps (secret productivity lifehacks!)

(logo whooshing)
(play button tapping) – Hey, what’s up guys? Today, we’re gonna do something
a little bit different. I’m gonna show you some
of my favorite apps to use on the iPhone. Now, you probably know already
that I’m kind of into tech and I really like the idea of life hacks and finding ways to do things better and being more productive. So, most of the apps that
I’m gonna show you today are kind of like my life
hack apps for the iPhone and one or two of them are just for fun. So, let’s go!
(calm music) So, the first app that
I’m gonna talk about today is probably the one that I use the most. The app is called Evernote. You may or may not have heard of it, but one of the things that
I like so much about it is that it syncs with all of my devices and it’s a great way to stay organized. Evernote is basically a
super-powered notepad. It lets you keep track of things, and take notes on your phone, and you can organize
things into notebooks. Then, once you’ve typed a note, it’s easily searchable everywhere, and one of my favorite things about it is that if you ever
want to scan something, you can scan it into Evernote. Evernote can actually read the handwriting and then it can be
searchable by handwriting later on down the line. I know when I was finishing up med school, I actually scanned a bunch
of notes into Evernote just in case I would ever
wanna look them up again. Obviously, I never did but
that’s kind of for the mindset that I was in at the time. The next app I wanna tell you guys about is an app called Brain FM, and this one’s kind of hard to describe, but basically, the app is geared towards helping you optimize mental states. The way the app works has to do with having these sort of repetitive, osculating beats in the background, and then, on top of that,
there is a musical track, depending which option you choose. So, there are options for focus sounds, there are options for sounds
to help you sleep better, there are sounds to help you relax. And, I’d say the two
that I use the most often are the sleep track, and the focus track. It really helps get me focused and kind of locked into the zone, right away. So, check it out, if you
haven’t heard of this already, and keep an open mind, because, I was really surprised the
first time I’ve used it, and this has become like, super valuable to my everyday use. I use it all the time. My next favorite app
that I have on my phone is this app called Blinkist. It’s kind of a play on the word blink. What they do at Blinkist,
is they take entire books, and they summarize each
chapter of the book, into 60 second to two minute sound bites. So, an entire book with like,
30 chapters and 700 pages, might be summarized into
nine different sections, each in about a minute,
or a minute and a half. Now obviously, this is
no substitute for reading the actual book, but I can
say that by using this app, I have learned tons and
tons of things lately about stuff that I’m really interested in. Past week, during my car drives
to and from the hospital, I made it through a dozen books or so, all teaching me more about
artificial intelligence, which is something I’ve
been really curious about learning more about lately. Anyway, the app is called Blinkist, it is an incredible life hack, it makes me feel super
powerful at learning, kind of, whatever I
wanna learn on the fly. You should definitely check it out. So, the next app I’m gonna
tell you about today, is an app that helps with meditation, and it’s called Headspace. When I first got
Headspace, I wasn’t really sure how I was gonna use
it, I didn’t really know anything about meditation,
and, I have to be honest, I found it kind of intimidating
to try to meditate. What I really like about Headspace is that the app itself takes you through what are called guided meditations, so someone sort of, talks
you through the process, helps you learn how to meditate, and also, if you’re kind of a newbie, and don’t really feel comfortable
doing that on its own, they can kind of guide
you through meditations. Now, the next app I’m
gonna tell you about, I just heard about recently,
it’s called Astrobot, and the premise is that it uses artificial intelligence to
help optimize your email. Basically, the way the app works is, it works like a normal email reader, but then, as you work
your way through the app, it gives you sort of suggestions, and tailors your email experience,
based on your behaviors. So, for instance, if it sees that you get a bunch of emails from a lister, and don’t usually open it up, it’ll offer you the option
to auto-archive that, so that means it’ll just
skip your inbox entirely. And by using this app, you
can start to slowly cut down on all the clutter in your inbox. It learns your preferences,
it learns what you like, it’s actually really cool. And it has a bunch of other features too, that I didn’t even think about needing, like, options to snooze
your email, so that it, comes back to you in a couple hours, if you’re not ready to reply to it. So this one is quickly becoming
a new favorite app of mine. And finally, this one’s just for fun, but this app is called Vellum, and Vellum is basically an
app that lets you choose really gorgeous wallpapers. Now, if you’ve been looking
closely at my phone, you might notice that I have
some cool-looking wallpapers. These are new, I just got them recently, and I get them through
the app called Vellum, so when you open up the app, it gives you different
wallpapers to check out, and then when you find a
wallpaper that you wanna look at, it actually lets you kind of preview how it would look on your screen. Alright guys, that’s it for now. As always, thank you
for watching this video, and if you’d like to
see more like this one, lemme know in the comment section below. And also, let us know what
your favorite apps are, I’m really curious what ones I missed, and maybe even potentially what ones might be cool to
review in a future video. I’ll see you guys soon.


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