My Grandmother Secret To Regrow Hair From Roots, Double Your Hair Growth, Grow Long Hair

My Grandmother Secret To Regrow Hair From Roots, Double Your Hair Growth, Grow Long Hair

hello my friends and welcome to the
channel today’s remedy is very useful for those of you who are very upset
about their baldness hair loss hair damage and for their hair growth those
who are facing such problems after watching my video will get rid of all of
these problems so my friends let’s start our today’s remedy today’s video but
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help me make more nice content for you the things that we need for today’s
remedy including the first of them is ginger so I’m cutting ginger in fine
pieces then you need 3 tablespoons of castor oil we will blend these two
ingredients very well now see this after mixing and blending castor oil and
ginger the texture of the mixture will be like this I will drain this mixture
with the help of a strainer drain it well so there are no pieces of ginger
left now you can see that we have made this hair mask let me tell you the
application method that I will show you now how to apply it and how it will be
more effective for your hair growth my friends you can start from any part I’m
starting from ear to ear you are watching how I have divided my hair into
two parts now I will apply my mix with a brush in between two parts and all-over
on the scalp I’m applying it so that the mix reaches straight to the point after
applying this mask I’m giving a massage with my fingers all over the scalp as
you can see you have to massage it thoroughly so that the mixture reaches
well to your roots and covers your whole head make sure to apply it very well on
the scalp and don’t leave any places without application of this mask after
applying as I told you give a massage with your fingers in the same way you
will apply all the mixture to your skin massage well for the maximum amount of
time I’m showing you how to massage with your
fingers deep within the pores you will have to massage your hair roots in the
same way for about 10 minutes after massaging your hair and your scalp for
10 minutes please allow the mixture to stay on your scalp for at least one hour
as you see I have applied it thoroughly on my head after you massage your scalp
for 10 minutes you will have to wash it off with warm water or hot water after
approximately an hour now I have to mention one thing
this mixture cannot be stored it is necessary to apply twice a week and make
it fresh and apply it fresh when you use it regularly for four months time the
results will come in front of you and you will be so impressed the growth of
your hair with this remedy will become much higher then you will be forced to
cut your hair it is such an effective remedy you will see your hair growing so
fast and so long personally you have applied this to myself for the longest
time and the growth of my hair has really become amazing if you liked my
video then you must must must share it with your friends so see you in my next
video with a new remedy until then bye bye


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