My Minimalistic Planner Setup 2016/2017

My Minimalistic Planner Setup 2016/2017

If you’ve watched my previous planner setup
vídeo you probably recognize my Filofax planner, which I usually take with me to college. This year I wanted to try out a more minimal
and simple setup. I used an old Moleskine soft cover to make
the dashboard and I decided to keep the decorations to a minimum. In the first section of the planner I have
one of the Filofax inserts for contacts, which I will use to write down most important emergency
contact numbers in case something happens and my phone doesn’t work. I also have a yearly overview of 2016 as well
as 2017, which also came with my planner when I bought it last year. Then we jump right into my monthly view. Since the Original Filofax only came with
the weekly inserts, I had to download and print my own. You can find the link to the Etsy shop down
in the description box. I always like to have inserts for a monthly
overview because they let me understand how busy I will be for the month, which weekends
I have available to make plans, any major appointments, meetings, etc. I don’t like to write thorough information
in these inserts because they only serve as guidelines for planning and to give an overall
impression of what is going to happen during that month. Things like holidays and birthdays, which
are “perpetual dates” are also a good option to include in your monthly overview. Although you can see I’ve highlighted a
few things, there is no particular color code during this planner and you will see further
on that I usually don’t use color. My weekly inserts are from the Filofax brand. I moved all my used pages to another planner
so I could start clean this semester. You can also find where to buy these inserts
down below. This year I will not be using my weekly inserts
to make detailed planning like I did last year. Actually, I’m trying a more simple approach,
where I just write down the major things and events that are coming up for that day in
particular and which are not repetitive throughout the week. For example, if I get together with my friends
for coffee or at night I will write that down in my weekly. The same applies to things like conferences,
seminars and meetings that happen sporadically. Last year I felt overwhelmed with the amount
of information that I was including in my weekly layouts and I prefer it better this
way, with only the most relevant events written down. That also makes me understand if I am having
a very busy week, where I need to be at a certain place or at a certain time or if I
will have more time to organize my schedule. The next tab is the big breakthrough in my
planning routine this year. These are actually day in a page inserts,
something that I never thought I would need but that I felt was so necessary last year. In these pages I write the most comprehensive
and detailed to-do lists I possibly can. I try to break down each day into three major
segments, namely the classes I need to attend during that day, everything I need to study
and other tasks related to personal stuff, youtube, etc. In the study segment, I like to write down
what I need to do for different courses. I just write the name of the subject and then
write in detail what I need to do, like the pages of a certain book that I should be reading,
notes that I should be taking on certain articles or statutes, case studying, etc. I think it is always better to be as detailed
as you possibly can when writing down tasks because breaking down a big task into smaller
chunks makes it much more easy to tackle. When I’m finished with something, I just
tick the box and move on to the next task. When I need to migrate any tasks for the following
day, I just use the symbols I would use in my bullet journal, to make sure I don’t
forget to restart what I left behind. In the back of my planner I have a clear pocket
to keep any loose paper and another moleskine cover to reinforce the planner in the back. I hope you’ve found this video useful! Don’t forget to subscribe and I will see
you next week. Bye!


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