My Planning Routine

My Planning Routine

a novel planning routine for me includes writing in three planets and though it may seem excessive this is a system that works best for me I still recommend everyone to stick to one planner or bullet journal only but since I do planning videos I like to work with multiple calendars to be able to produce videos for you throughout the year the first planner I usually use is my Erin Condren life planner in this planner I usually track vague related events like birthdays conferences bills I need to pay meetings YouTube related stuff doctor appointments and major deadlines I combine both the monthly overview with the weekly spreads to understand how busy I will be doing the week and use it as a guide to organize my time in other planners for the past few months I’ve been trying to stick to a more clean minimal look for my planning routine I write two types of events the first type are fixed or definite events which I know will not change or be canceled I write those down with a black gel pen in my weekly spreads and in my Monthly’s I will normally mark that event with the colourful sticker the second type of events are those which date I’m still not certain about and which are more likely to change normally I will write those done in pencil so I can erase them in the future and in my monthly spread instead of a sticker I usually use a post-it note so I can Enrique it out in case it gets cancelled this also applies to any kind of deck related tasks that I decided to do and which I am still not certain of when I’m going to do it regarding decoration I have been loving to use simple decorative and functional stickers to mark my planner entries and come lately bitch those full-page stickers which I found way too distracting for me in the long run I think these type of stickers make your pages a bit more creative but allows you to still manage your time efficiently next on the list is my academic planner this is something that I’ve started using this year and I am really enjoying it so far it is basically a smaller and lighter planner where I only insert college related tasks introduce class information and assignments that way I can completely isolate all academic related things in just one plan and it’s also much easier to carry around than a planner with the coil these academic planners are also broken down into months and weeks but you can fill in the dates by hand each day has separate lines in which you can write down the classes you will have the tasks you need to complete for that class like reading assignments and case and exercise solving and the checkmark next to it in case you have completed it it’s a very simple system that doesn’t require too much thinking or preparation involved and the layout is perfect for quick clogging finally I finish my planning session with my bullet journal people still ask me a lot what is the difference between a bullet journal and a planner but there is no definite answer most people use bullet journalist planners but I never appreciated the amount of work that creating layouts for each week day and month requires instead I use a bullet journal as a place where I can write down tasks and to do it’s organization for the next few months reading lists YouTube calendars and habit tracking as such I don’t use a bullet journal as regularly as my planner because my productivity has no regular schedule or time so I just use it when I need to it’s also creative medium for me where I can have more fun creating layouts and pages and also write things that are not related whatsoever to anything productive like brains um journal entries where did you note at my bullet journal is the last planner where I write because since I’ve already written down anything that’s related and college related my bullet journal will only take residual information that doesn’t fit anywhere else it’s also a place where I can wind down and write whatever comes to mind something that I find really relaxing and helps me organize my thoughts a whole lot better I hope you enjoyed this video don’t forget subscribe and I’ll see you next week bye [Music]


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