Nature of Work Ebay Lister Online Jobs Philippines 2019 Tutorial Tagalog Tagalog

Nature of Work Ebay Lister Online Jobs Philippines 2019 Tutorial Tagalog Tagalog

Hello and welcome to our channel in our online job tutorial now, I will explain to you what is the nature of our work Why are we being paid $ 3 for this job that’s now what I’m going to teach you, so now, to new viewers watching this video, for the first time ever watch this video let’s visit our channel let’s watch this quick guide here so we know where to start And let’s subscribe to our channel, please click on this button to keep you updated on the new videos we will going to upload for news and updates, in job posts we post on our social media accounts Twitter Instagram and Facebook they are just new, I hope you may help us us expand our channel so now, this is the nature of our work this is our client’s eBay Store and here we will list items so In other words as you can see the cycle we don’t have items on hand this is how this is how our workflows So this is the buyer he’ll buy in our eBay store So now, our client he will buy from his supplier the item this buyer has purchased here he will buy what the buyer bought from our eBay store our client will buy it from the supplier now the supplier will ship directly to the buyer the item he bought how we make a profit? for example, an item purchased from us is $ 20 now our client will buy the item here from the supplier for $ 10 or $ 15 there he is making a profit So now our job here on this this eBay listing, our job call is eBay listing writing or drop shipper so it’s not only on eBay that doing drops shipping, so now because that I am going to teach you eBay listing let’s just focus on eBay so our client’s store depends on us because we need to be a good lister If our items do not sell our store will collapse, and get close and lose our jobs so our job here is that our client’s store is just a third party seller That means we don’t have any items on hand Like, we were listing item We are looking for an item from the supplier that we list here on their eBay Store I’ll explain to you soon, these are the suppliers these are just a few examples of suppliers, but there are many more there are others like the UK Australia Canada us So, these suppliers are from the US for example Amazon US Amazon US we also have Amazon UK, Walmart, home depot sears Aliexpress and target that’s the majority and more, many more suppliers Here are the samples of our suppliers now our client has used tools what are those tools? these zicanalytics tools that our clients use to search for items compete with other sellers, and to find find other sellers on eBay that we can copy an items or we can get ideas We are going to find good sellers as they say that’s where we search it with zik analytics we need to become familiar with the tools and I’ll teach you how to use them in future videos Here, those who are here on our screen are the dropshipping tools So, for example, this is our client’s ebay store it attached to these tools their eBay Store The thing is, they will give us access we will not use it all, just one of them for example we saw a job post on freelancing websites and what our client is using he has zik analytics and he uses DSM tools or the client tool we saw in the job post is autodstool so here on our channel we have this tutorial so here, for first-time learners let’s find out the flow first so let’s not skip the video, because we will be confused so now, this is how it flows, this is our client this is his eBay store this is his eBay store now he has the tools, the zikanalytics and the dsmtools, what happens is they will give us access to this so if you ask, if you have to download anything you have something to buy. Nothing! our client will only pay, for the item we list our skill for product search here on zikanalytics and we also have manual research so I’m also teaching about these methods this is just a sample for us to know the flow, he’ll give us access to …. his dropshipping tools, one of these whatever the dropshipping tools of our clients they will give us access, and in zikanalytics then, here we will do the item research we have tutorials on that in video number 3 Then, with the dropshipping tools tutorials Then, here we are we will list items using dropshipping tools to eBay So, the use of it our client’s eBay store is linked here then we have access to it if we list item here, it will automatically list on eBay now, this is the buyer the buyer, if they buy at our eBay store our client will buy from our supplier then, he will send it to the buyer Or something like this for example, he does not have dropshipping tools so what will happen is he’ll just give us his zikanalytics Then, we will go directly to ebay flow is like that Sometimes there are no dropshipping tools I’m also teaching a manual listing, we have that or, they have no zincalytics, manual research, manual listing we also have that so so, that’s the flow, we don’t have dropshipping tools zikanalytics product research we’ll list on eBay now that’s still the flow, buyer will buy, will be sent by the client to the buyer or, there is another way Here, what will happen we will send the item to the buyer this is the order fulfillment that they called so we are advanced in this for me, let’s study the item listing first
And product research than those tips or beginners, so, what will happen, we have zikanalytics, manual listing if the buyer will order to us we will order it to the supplier we have a video of that order fulfillment We will ship it to the buyer so now here are the playlists, this is the nature of the work I am doing now The number 1 that is the nature of work Here, in number 2 is our actual listing Let’s watch the quick guide so we can figure out what those videos are so that’s the manual listing method let’s go to the channel, let’s look at the playlist titles Like this, the manual listing method all those methods are there product searching method using zikanalytics how do we search the product, these are the methods these videos dropshipping tools tutorial, those are the how to use the tools how to list using tools and here, if you scroll down to the channel if you scroll down to the channel Here where we are going on eBay lister tips Let’s watch this quick guide, what is the use with those videos this is for eBay store management, here’s the order fulfillment and eBay management, we need to be a good listers so we can get this position, for us to know that let’s not skip the video, need to go straight they are already have numbering, let’s study them carefully so now, that’s just the flow that’s just the flow of…. ebay listing in the next video, My actual work that I am generating payment Let us watch video number 2, and pls. subscribe to our channel For us to be updated, that’s all and thank you very much


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