Nearly 50,000 Auto Workers Strike Against GM | All In | MSNBC


60 thoughts on “Nearly 50,000 Auto Workers Strike Against GM | All In | MSNBC”

  • The Philosopher of Culture says:

    If you look at the ties between GM and the Republicans in Congress, you will notice that GM transmogrified itself from a car manufacturer into a sinkhole for money from Washington D.C. There is no board member who is interested in car manufacturing or good cars, only in stock options and mo' dough fo' meee!. They attack Tesla in public relations misinformation campaigns, lobby against clean cars, and hate Californians. They have no foot on the ground anywhere but the USA and have almost run their European Opel brand into its grave. It is a good thing people come into insurrection against the unfair and insane American capitalistic system where people are nothing but cogs who can be disposed of any time at will.

  • Progressive Humanist says:

    As the power of unions has declined, so has the wages and rights of the workers. All workers, whether in a union or not, should support them, for they raise all workers up: they built the middle class.

  • So they're protesting for better benefits and guaranteed jobs, while GM moves production to Mexico? And after Trump said he fixed the companies leaving for cheaper production abroad. Well tally yet another lie onto the count…

    I do wish them the best,but the majority of them voted for this result from Trump…

  • Well brothers this ain't the 1950's and the bargaining units can't wag the dog any longer. Reading some of the financial pubs this was predicted and managed by GM among others. Auto workers, longshoremen, teamsters have all had their day and impacted the economy. So now we have container ships, autonomous vehicles, and assembly line automation.
    This is the last gasp and this will be a crowning jewel when Trump gets involved. Everything Obama did has been turned around in a vengeful way by this administration.
    Labor and labor laws are one of the only things Trump hasn't touched; he shows no respect or love for unions. Once Trump is involved this will become a mess.
    But this we do know; it will not be the little guy with a lunch pail who wins. The poor slob who works in the spin off industries that will suffer and drown with the auto workers and GM playing their games!
    This strike will red line the economy.

  • Well this is what happens when you bring ill to other countries. Pull out of the middle east and tend to your own people who are really suffering through lack of money.

  • Jesus come to Texas GM! I will beg my REP to give you tax breaks for relocating here!! Please we want you baby! SCREW UNIONS BOOO??

  • they make $64 hr all together for everythi g so they make at least $40 in pay . are you kidding me . I hope gm moved and fires all of them . there mad because they can't buy magical jet skies to park. next to there summer retreats . lol

  • Who cares! Unions can, and do, hamstring companies so why would any company want to hire union workers in the first place? This is just another reason Americans buy foreign vehicles. Quit striking and get back to being productive. If you don't like the working conditions, work for some other company.

  • GM move to Mexico,screw them let them find happiness eles where . greedy fks . all unions . iv worked unions for years greedy mf. don't bow to our demands we walk out ,GM you walk out to Mexico screw them .

  • BaseLess Wonders cover their eyes to avoid seeing, plug their ears not to hear logic & open their mouths to spew illogical falsehoods spoon fed by Agent Orange Dioxin Donnie who needs to be cleaned up & banned as NOW…due to his favoritism towards the top 1%, due to favoritism towards himself & his family as well as other RATS or Republican(t)s…etc…WE The People, will have to Make America Great Again.

  • These people get paid very will. let them sit there without income .. These cars are binging made in other parts of the world..

  • These workers need our support because ALL workers need support. American corporations have bilked their workers and pocketed BILLIONS in the process. Uniting is the ONLY leverage the little person has; that and your VOTE. If you support being steamrolled-vote GOP, If you support dignity for the everyman, vote Democratic- no matter who it is.

  • GM's and other auto manufacters are installing more and more robots as time goes on, GM use to employ 500,000 workers across the country some 30 plus yrs ago , and now as you can hear in the news theres only 50000 are so across the country, soon there will be only 25000 workers when they install more robots, these car factories have this all planned out.

  • more robots for the car maker means more profits for the manufacters, so the worker better start saving his pennies before its too late or maybe its to late now ?

  • It's all part of Big Corp agenda: Replace low IQ workers with automated systems. (and make it look like its something they were forced to do because of common laborers going on strike all the time)
    For example, near future Walmart stores will have zero tellers/baggers and zero shelf stockers. Customers will simply fill their carts and leave. With each individual item equipped with a 1/4 cent RFID chip debiting customer's bank accounts upon exit. Shelves stocked at night by automated machinery.
    Ditto Boeing aircraft corporation. Janitors at Boeing knocking down 90K/yr + benefits will all be laid off. Then, Chinese aircraft makers will be building Boeing style aircraft for half what Boeing charges. No? Remember Kellogg Brown&Root? Once the leading manufacturer of nuclear power plants throughout the world. Now they collect garbage for a living. Put out by Chinese manufacturing prefabricated powerplants for about half what Brown&Root charged.
    And if you complain too loudly, you'll wind up in one of America's over 800 forced labor camps built since 9/11. (Said to be built to house "terrorists")
    Welcome to Idiocracy USA.

  • Ridiculously overcompensated workers demanding more when they should be thanking taxpayers that they have a job at all. They deserve a change of careers…perhaps coal mining?

  • How can black women be the majority of the working class? We’re only 15% as a total of the population! Where did he learn math? So what is the other 95%? We can’t trust Dems or Republicans!! #breakthewheel

  • The thing the public doesn’t get is not only are WE building a product that is highly profitable. We are also putting our bodies and families in the line. 10 + hour days and nights on a line moving faster then 70 units an hour. All in the name of profit not quality. We want to build quality product that we are proud of

  • Why dosen't the Union protesting look like skilled/professional workers? Wear the same shirt at least…
    Did the American People get to vote on the Auto Bailout? I didn't…. should have let the failing corporations fail and let real capitalism work… The USA is all ready a socialist state because we subsidise everything…..

  • 8 years of peace, economy and jobs growing, farmers are growing in a steady rate people are buying, gas prices as low as $1.98, after Obama, now economy is slowing down, jobs are decreasing, farmers are suffering and going bankrupt, people are holding on to their money not spending for fear of losing jobs. gas prices are increasing last I saw in Chicago, $3.49, we are not in peace but are in a possible war. God help us.

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