News 12 BK: NYCHA, Navy Yard team up for food business program

News 12 BK: NYCHA, Navy Yard team up for food business program

Now for a story you’ll only see on News
12. Nightside reporter Nicole Ryan shows us how
the New York City Housing Authority and the Brooklyn Navy Yard are working together to
make sure the dreams of getting into the food business come true for NYCHA residents. Brandi Covington knows the frustrations of trying to get a good business up and running. “I got caught in the red tape, so I just backed off of it a little bit. And I was doing something completely different.” So how does she go from the red tape to here? Headlining her very own kiosk called ‘Cooking with Corey,’ at building 77 at the Brooklyn Navy Yard? “Yes, things have been great. We’ve been selling out everyday!” Brandi’s success here at the Navy Yard started at NYCHA. They
have a food program that helps entrepreneurs gain experience and get their businesses off
the ground. She is a graduate of the NYCHA Food Business
Pathways program. In addition, NYCHA also has a new partnership
with the Navy Yard, which donates the space for the kiosk, called Local Bites, rent-free. They also work with the nonprofit Start Small
Think Big. “We connect them with some the top lawyers
in the City to go through all of the legal aspects of registering their entity, developing
contracts, intellectual property, if they’re doing catering such as Brandi’s doing…
thinking through their intellectual property. NYCHA says the new kiosk program with the
Brooklyn Navy Yard’s Food Manufacturing Hub, just means more opportunities. “They sell their goods. 11 am – 3 pm, five days a week for several
weeks until another business comes in and rotates next. And so, it provides businesses a wonderful
opportunity to begin to sell their goods, market themselves.” “It also helps us incubate the next generation
of food companies here in Brooklyn.” Like ‘Cooking with Corey’.


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