13 thoughts on “Notion for Android is here!”

  • Keep Productive says:

    What are your early thoughts on the new Notion for Android? Have you recently fell for Notion and it's flexible workspace with notes, tables & more…?! I'd love to hear your thoughts on the app in the comments + also whether the YouTube comments section is of any use.

  • Keep Productive says:

    Another note. If you're stumped by Notion, I've done a full Guidebook on Notion here on Skillshare:
    With the link, get 2 months free Skillshare premium too! Enjoy! Francesco

  • First of all congrats on the ? , Hope you had a great honeymoon.
    I wanted to use notion since long time , but couldn't as it didn't have an android app , but now I have started using it , but it just seems to tough or may I say cluttered to understand and get the full experience of the app , I saw your video to , although it did give me a very good insight, I am still confused about creating a workflow . I use tick tick as my to-do app and wanted a note taking app which I guess notion can fill the gap of, but there just to much to do , would you mind making a video about explaining all the options about what it does and what's it's advantages? For example what's the kanban option for? ?and so on.
    Sorry for writing such a big comment , I am new to this productivity thing . ?

  • I'll admit that I was a bit skeptical about Notion, and even though I set up an account to look at the web version, I didn't give it much attention until the Android release. I'm impressed. I find it fast, intuitive and efficient across platforms.

  • The Android app is the final piece of the puzzle for me and I'm really digging it. Now it's just the task of shifting all the info over from Todoist/Trello/Evernote in a logical fashion…
    Congrats on the marriage! Good times! 😀

  • Hai Francesco, glad to see Notion is finally out for android, though my layout seems a little messed up! While on the webbrowser view I have several different columns with a Header text, underneath that a divider and underneath that are all different pages and items. Yet on my Android phone on the other hand everything that that should appear next to each other appears underneath each other on the android device. Any idea what causes this and/or how to fix it? (3 headers underneath each other, then 3 dividers, and then all the other items)

  • Nicholas Cheng R.Y says:

    Congrats on your wedding and honeymoon! Just have 1 question. I know you have a method to use your productive apps, but can your do a video of how it can be done for different situations and scenarios? Thanks. Enjoying your videos!

  • Emanuel López says:

    I use Screen Recording and Mirror ( for screen recording on Android. It's free. Great review BTW

  • Mikey Kuplevatsky says:

    I'm not a fan of Notion for Android, it's a poorly ported over 2MB app, not an actual app. It's like an electron app. It just feels like the site loading in a browser. Lol. It doesn't run offline, it's not an actual app, in my book. Lazily done and rushed. But the tool itself on the web for desktop/laptop is amazing.

  • Great review. Better if you could do a full in-depth Android review. Would help in understanding notion even better.

  • Gerwin Schalk says:

    It would be interesting for me to see what improvements Notion must do, that you @Keep Productive would move completely to Notion from Evernote, Todoist, Trello and so on… 😉

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