NPR Racist? Juan Williams of Fox News Rips Former Employer

NPR Racist? Juan Williams of Fox News Rips Former Employer

there’s also a heads are supported by qualified
com differently about at audible podcast dot com five t wifey and hilarious in new trouble because of the
genes of he staying the old where they at a senior vice president uh… talking about how you know the tea party racist center center at so they got ’em and he resigned and then they
had of npr resign family they tried to sing on p_b_s_’s well by the way that result of the same was as always a total failure
both n_p_r_ and p_b_s_ turned down five million dollars uh… with no strings attached because they
didn’t trust the guys they were giving them the money which to me as an amazing story
about restraint is that a lot of people would turn down five
million dollars with no strings attached but what really insist this is an opportunity
to take a another shot at n_p_r_ his former employer
is so incredibly better overby fired so he’s gonna vet let’s watch when it comes to n_p_r_’s decision to you know without any reasons you know throw
me out the door i think that thing for them i think especially for some
of the people who created n_p_r_ it’s an all-white
operation i think that they felt they had never had much success with people
who were black almost hispanic journalist uh… more success with white women uh… but what you see as there are real reluctance
i think too despite ten years of success a reluctance
to do you with me as a journalist uh… and to say you
know what the audience thanks great things about this guy didn’t
send me that i would help them raise transit money millions of dollars uh… in one of
the most requested personnel is in terms of fundraising and you know announcements and
all the light out tremendous response their own ombudsman
session that morning all about me than any other journalists there for them i think uh… the fact that i wuz
journalists who was not being pigeon-holed as justified journalist but something larger and sometimes even conservative point of view
not predictable in that way made them have great difficulty with the justice not
know what to do and as a result i think the acted very unfairly and largely not condescending
and i think if you stop and think about some of the things that were said uh… in the midst of that’s controversy in
the idea that i should have a relationship with a psychiatrist running
the publicist could tell me what to say it does suggest uh… you know it’s very separate the pentagon insists its to suggest to my
mind that they think that i was sort of some kind of infantile mentality or which highlight
percent you know the waiter i think the worst of white condescension to
black people was about some of those counts masks first of all he still staying over them letting him go
and look at these angry about that i get it i have not paid
on time for that but this will start with the you know how to handle a black trim snuff
try to bring racism into the state what like n_p_r_ wasn’t or mca is applied drinks regional i don’t know how to handle it aditya will come on you’re obviously misleading your audience
is usually do on fox news uh… the reason that they had a problem with
you and this is a fair complaint on your part if you live in this direction is because your conservative for you you put you were checked your at conservative pretending to be a little
individual and perhaps it was an influx india india and via and he would go into all bill while you are
so right everything you say is right and i had to take a little bit no idea at all right that’s fair enough in their plight that’s the real complaint about your that
you represented n_p_r_’s people who’ve you know about their heads and here with everything foxnews says matthew rescinded those comments about the psychologist and
uh… publicist that’s what they say every time
they don’t to see the black people the an immediate reaction in the media transunion it reaches creates it anytime there’s
a kind of controversy as they are as publicist through the ship
sunday shoulda got him out of it relies on the street from psychologists not the whole
world that the tougher one leaves to bring race
into this but the bottom line of it is incidents bullshit
it’s it’s not about spent him all the sudden track and field like transit
light that the reason they find it is not because
of his political views but because of his race i think it’s i think he knows it’s bullshit
and that’s why bother me that you went with this line of attack i’d love hosting his own
horn throughout that entire interview like i was so great every so much money everyone
left me and by like this is n_p_r_ by then at the game uh… i believe it should million dollar contract
boxes of course to say like what you see that npr fire the black man and we hire them million dollars we celebrate problems of liberal
and fair and balanced sometimes even higher black
people as long as there was they were right that is interesting how he was talking about
how n_p_r_ pigeonhole uh… pigeon-holed him as though black families to something what do you think that’s news to me you know huh that’s a great way to enter despises worry
about is like he has a black then burglaries revised way
way exact terrible point clocks is what i hate to break the bad news too although that comes with a provider of audio
books about seventy five thousand if it’s not a list of above always meant to read but didn’t have
time for it and germs and steel but we do that with a listen to it probable
dot com actually period for flu thirty different audiobook oval podcast dot com slash the white


100 thoughts on “NPR Racist? Juan Williams of Fox News Rips Former Employer”

  • ecwaufisxtreme says:

    Juan Williams is also another one of Palin's DICKLESS and BALLESS BITCHES and PUSSIES! However he is also right about NPR and PBS and when Palin becomes POTUS, she WILL ELIMINATE THEM! NPR and PBS are BOTH LIBERAL LEFTIST COMMUNIST FRONTS and a CANCER to this Country! Fox is the ONE TRUE news channel of GOD HERSELF! President Palin WILL cure this country of this cancer!

  • A YouTube Account says:

    Williams wants everyone to ignore the umpteen zillion warnings NPR gave him about his behavior on Fox and pretend his comment on seeing Muslim garb on planes exists in a bubble.

    He was warned and warned and warned and warned. NPR told Fox to stop labeling him as an NPR reporter. He kept violating NPR's standards. That final comment was just the straw that broke the camel's back.

    Then talking about all the letters they got after his firing… yeah, from people that never listen to NPR anyway.

  • @Thayer79

    "They actually report on many stories and either spin them or just flat out lie about the facts. Intentionally dishonest."

    could it be that you're so used to seeing stories reported with a liberal bias which you accept as fact, so when you see the same story from a conservative view you label it a lie? How do you define a lie?

    to that end, please favor me with a solid example of where Fox lied

  • @Thayer79

    "..a majority of minorities, not all mind you, tend to lean democrat, and Fox isn't going to higher dems."

    Fox does hire liberals, Shep Smith, Geraldo, Juan Williams, Allan Colmes, addition they have a number of frequent contributors, Dr. Hill from Columbia who is progressive as one gets! All do a good job of presenting liberals views

  • @MyLittleBomb

    at times I do resort to pointing out historical facts but that does bother some people. if u can't handle history then shut it out, most do

  • A YouTube Account says:

    @genie0390 Fox aired clips of the Million Man March and claimed they were from a Beck rally to make it appear larger than it was.

    Fox aired a then 6 month old clip of Biden mocking McCain's "the fundamentals of the economy are strong" remark, edited down to just him saying that exact phrase, claimed he said it *that weekend* and that he was now agreeing with McCain.

    Fox aired pictures of two NYT journalists and edited them so they looked uglier.

    Those are just off the top of my head.

  • A YouTube Account says:

    @genie0390 Shep Smith is basically center-right but doesn't always tow the Fox line. He's not liberal just more honest than the rest of the network.

    Colmes was selected deliberately to look weak next to Hannity. That show was made for Hannity and had the working title of "Hannity and to-be-named liberal". You'll notice they also canned him so Hannity could have his own show.

    Williams sits there and agrees with O'Reilly 90% of the time and even hosts his show in his absence.

  • @dangerouslytalented Yeah, I agree. My post was of a rhetorical nature, a spin on the title of the post "NPR Racist?" I should have just ended it with a period, rather than a question mark. Cheers!

  • this Us Vrs Them mentality, or the mentality that people are purposefully trying to screw you over kinda makes me upset. You're not important enough for people to go out of their way to screw you over for the fun of it, they're just focusing on their own thing and you're getting boned in the process. Because YOU are the main focus of your life and believe everything revolves around YOU everything seems to be purposefully done to spite you.

  • @genie0390 How about when they intentionally lied about poll results on a number of occasions. Or How about showing a "violent" protest in place of the actual footage of protests in WIsconsin. Or when O'reilly said that liberals think radical muslims aren't a threat to America, but the evidence for this was a question on whether or not the radicalization of muslims in America was a threat.

  • @genie0390 Ok. Two things. Shep is given a little freedom and you think he isn't controlled in what he puts out there. At best he is there as a BS balancer, that doesn't even really do that at worst he's just there to irritate the uber conservative audience. Allan Colms intentionally has NO backbone. Every time he gets on a panel they almost NEVER let him actually speak. Geraldo is the is NOT a reporter. He couldn't report a fire on his own pants.

  • @genie0390 Did you know that Geraldo was banned from working with the military for trying to give away troop movements on a LIVE show. He's as worthless as a reporter can be. Did you see his "The Mystery of Al Capone's Vault?" Bad example. Lastly if you think those spineless jokes for so-called Liberals do a good job presenting the liberal views, then you need to get out more. I get out. I'm a fiscal conservative and I know more about the liberal view than they do.

  • @Thayer79

    so what are you trying to say?,..the union protests in WI were peaceful? police never had to drag away union members chanting union slogans?? unions didn't bus in thugs from all over America? there are no death threats against the Governor and GOP House members? Walker wasn't compared to Hitler??

    the ultimate poll here is that WI voters elected Walker and GOP to clean up the terrible financial mess liberals created over the years

  • @genie0390 HA HA. Are you seriously still trying to convince yourself that taking away collective bargaining was about the economy? They even admitted on YOUR favorite "news" network that it was about Union Busting. That's why they voted on it all by itself.

    Show me one video or picture of protestors in Wi that was doing all that. Freaking Walker wanted to send people to the protests to stir things up so they would turn violent. Foot in Mouth much?

  • newstarcadefan says:

    @omegahunterx You know you are right. It matters NOT what field of emplyment you're in. If somebody keeps doing the same crap over and over again they should expect to get fired. This is the many reasons why I have manually blocked off Fox news from my tv, is because of stunts like this.

  • @genie0390 Don't tell me you are actually dumb enough to think that union workers aren't allowed to protest on the issue. "It has to only be the people who don't have a directly vested interest in the protest." Ever heard of the freedom of assembly? If you don't think that then that's cool, but if you do, then you need to take a course in constitutional law.

  • @Thayer79

    collective bargaining exists to bring more money to union members and WI's finances are in shambles so obviously taking away such rights is about the economy. what you call union busting fox called it taking away union powere which will have a ripple effect throughout. They had to vote on the measure by themselves because the cowardly Dems fled the State

    public service unions should never have had collective bargaining in the first place

  • @Thayer79

    speaking of the Constitution refer me to the part that speaks about union members having the right to withdraw services collectively to enforce demands

  • @genie0390 BZZZZZT! Wrong answer. The fiunancial woes of WI aren't as bad as Walker is claiming. This has been pointed out over and over again. Besides you fail to recognise that the Unions agreed to the pay cuts, so what woes Wi actually does have would no longer be affected by the Unions. Massive understanding Fail. Collective bargaining help the people from ebing shit on by the very government repubs are supposed to hate. You guys internalize so much. You want gov involvment and then you dont

  • it's like the episode of southpark where cartmen gets with the group of pedophiles who champion him as proof that boys want their love… but cartmen doesn't realize they only wanna have sex with children… so he goes along with it thinking there's some sort of respect and equality… when infact there is none

  • quintessential37 says:

    @ashken79 You comment demonstrates your prejudice. It also shows an inability to think clearly. Thanks for trying though.

  • @genie0390 Make up your mind. You are only following what your big wigs want you to follow. I thought the government involvment in the individual's life was bad? Wait no that is ok, just so long as they stay away from corporations. Take my right to choose for myself and defend myself from the government, but make sure that the people and the government stay away from corporations.

  • i would like to say on behalf of white people that we cant handle black journalists. they just simply blow our minds and leave us huddling in the corner. lol this is a funny race card pull. why cant people stop trying to pull the race card its old. if a white guy tried to pull that card even if it was true he would be given shit and would recieve no coverage, why? hes white.

  • This had nothing to do with racism. Juan made a bonehead remark and is a "yes" man for Fox News!! The CEO wasn't fired because he spoke the truth, because of public relations behind it.

  • @ChristianMission Republicans fought to free the slaves, but that was when republicans where liberal and the democrats where conservative. The 2 parties are not a liberal and conservative on, there are liberal republicans and conservative democrats, and in the past 80 years the parties have gone to the opposite side of the left-right wing spectrum. In other words, your party does not say which side your on, not with the system in the US.

  • Oh so NOW Juan is a Black man and playing the race card to boot. He never cared about Black people before when he was bending over for Bill O'Reilly and FOX news.

  • tyrannosaurusinf14 says:

    williams lost all credibility he ever had and he knows it when he became a rubber stamp for fox propaganda for npr audience. now that he was properly canned for making discriminatory remarks (he was agreeing with bill o' relilly that people that look muslim scare him on airplanes, ascribing to an entire community the characteristics of a fraction of individuals) he is cashing in as a "conservative convert." juan, fox will always see you as black, but then again you just reminded them of it.

  • hes kind of right… they did fire him for bigot reasons… the fact that HE is a bigot is why! i love how people try to make his firing a 'political' thing, but in reality he got on air and said something stupid. what if i had said im scared of black people everytime i go to the store because they rob people? he wouldnt find that a bit racist? i mean, i could even point to statistics of blacks in jail as my proof… but does that make it okay for me to say that? no. hes a bigot. thats y fired

  • @ChristianMission well we're not talking about the republicans back then. we're talking about the ones that exist today and it would be foolish to not believe that many members of the GOP and tea party aren't racist. for a black person to be affiliated with republicans today would be like a jewish person claiming they're a nazi.

  • If Fox gave me a 2 million dollar contract I would go there and agree with them all they wanted and they would say "look we have a highly educated black halfbreed mongrel with a PhD who agrees with us! We win!" I'd even pretend to be gay to make their win more epic, but that would cost them 2 million more.

  • NPR just like FOX(along with the rest of the alphabet soup bullshit news outlets) deserve to be thrown into the garbage can of history.Fuck em all. They don't report news all they do is outright lie, cover up the truth,or omit facts from news.TYT is another bullshit operation with bullshit artist and liars supposedly reporting the "facts".

  • @DrQuijano EXXXACTLY!!! If only Fox News's audience had the capability to THINK beyond "durrrrr, fox news, fair and balanced, they always tell the truth, durrrrr"

  • @tyu3456 But you can always trust MSNBC or the New York Times to give an unbiased news story. The great people at those organizations are too smart to get ANYTHING wrong, but every time Fox does a story it is by evil republicans and biased.

  • @DrQuijano You could go to MSNBC and do the exact same thing, the only difference would be that on Fox you would have people watching you.

  • @acdc30450 No you can't. You can't trust any of them. But there's something called the internet where I can search through hundreds of different news sources, not just NYT and MSNBC, but CS Monitor, Al Jazeera, BBC, Reuters, USA Today, RT Today, etc. so that I can draw our my own conclusions about what is really going on. Oh, but don't tell me, they're all in the conspiracy against Fox News?

  • He's been working for FOX for years! He has so much pent up anger at the racism from FOX that he finally exploded and vented on someone whos a safer target.

  • @GooGobbler113 by no way I am a racist. I have ignored race going on 20 years. I am crippled and have hired and fired a rainbow of colored people. Trust me I'm the furthest from the word racist. I don't care what color you are during the interview process because it depends on their dependibilty (or something like that.) If your not showing up for work, it's my life because they are my hands. I don't even know why I am dignifieing your comment. I guess you hit a nerve.

  • @genie0390 Don't be retarded. I know, and you should too, that the constitution is not an ALL incompassing document. IT is a foundational baseline of how things should be done. There are many things in today's society that isn't outlined in the constitution. That is one of the silliest arguments I've seen so far. Nothing in the constitution says that corproations shouldn't be regulated by the government. You can't have your cake and eat it too.

  • @ChristianMission LOL i'm not taking away anyone's rights. of course black people can be associated with any political party they want. the amount of racists in the republican party is much larger than the number of racists in the democratic party. and not many people at fox news take kindly to non-white people. at the end of the day, i still stand by what i say.

  • @tyu3456 Ah the internet, where just about anyone can post any thing and it can be 100 % fiction and people will still believe it. It is a known fact that Al Jazeera has expressed sympathy for Al Qaeda and the muslin brother hood. Not only that it has shown footage of western hostages and attacks on coalition forces, a better name for Al Jazeera would be the Jihad network. As for BBC, a former board member openly admitted that it has a leftist biased and that it has become a real problem.

  • @acdc30450 True, but MSNBC already has halfbreed mongrels with terminal degrees, so I would be worth less to them.

  • psychokillercrab says:

    Juan not only are you African American that FOX news secretly hates, you have a Hispanic name as well which is a double whammy for you!

  • @Thayer79

    "…that the constitution is not an ALL incompassing document."

    it is, when stupid liberals attack GW Bush

  • @genie0390 That's the funniest comment you've made. Republicans are the biggest constitution waving hypocrites around. Bush was a power mongerer. Or at least his puppet masters were. He is a stain and embarassment to the label of conservative. If you actually still support GW then you are more hopeless than I thought.

  • Bearded Vulture says:

    He is being riduculous, I hate racism as much as the next person… but I also hate it when people use it as a clutch to justify failure. I think he needs to get over it.

  • i hate ppl who hate ppl.. there is a lot of hating going on on this page…. all you assholes just need to take a chill pill ..

  • @fonkymaster listening to beck would burn the ears off of anyone who dont listen to him.. fox noise viewers are immune to his stupid ass end of the world bullshit lies.. all of fox noise viewers are too stupid, dumb, handicapped, deaf, old, & down right ignorant to look up what they say on that republican propaganda channel…

  • PAUSE, so Juan Williams says NPR was condescending to african american, YET he is now on FOX???

    so does he not watch Glenn Beck when he say african Americans dont know MLK's message, or when he says we only voted for Obama because we were black and " to stupid to go out and actually research Obama politics"

    how about Ann Coulter and O'Reilly on single black mothers,and the african american family in general, how about Bill saying we have lower standards than whites. dear God,Juan is an idiot

  • Juan Williams, the token liberal, token black at Faux News. Bill O'Reilly and him should go out for some mutha fuckin ice tea.

  • @dsjj251

    He's not an idiot, he is just a contemptible sell-out. I would probably undercut my race too for $2 million a year.

  • @jahs389 LOL, for 2 million, yeah, maybe i would too, but i would be ashamed of myself……………………….. at least until i looked at my bank account again.

  • @dsjj251

    I think a lot of conservative pundits are a fair bit brighter than we give them credit. Instead, they are disingenuous scum-bags peddling fear because it is so damned lucrative. I would say crazy bullshit for half of what O'Reily, Beck, or Gingrich makes, fear-mongering can be really profitable if you don't have a conscious stopping you.

    That being said Palin and Huckabee are just stupid. And they still make mad bank!

  • "Fired me for no reason."

    Huh, Juan Williams, I don't know who this guy is, lets do a quick google search…

    It turns out Bill O'Reilly asked him if he was wrong to say Muslims killed us on 9/11, and Juan said he was right and that he gets worried when he sees a Muslim on a plane. Wouldn't exactly call that as no reason.

  • So Juan, you're saying you left one organization with mostly white people to another organization with mostly white people? Especially leaving for FOX Noise, who aren't exactly too fond of black people.

  • lineartechbd1600 says:

    he is fox's token black like michael steel. they use them for 'racial topics' . when they have some racial thing they need to address, they drag them out of the closet like ironing boards. juan is being used by fox but he is also letting them use him. he is also like armstrong williams. they use them as a tool to fight accusations of racism.

  • Playing the race card. Good move. Dont waste it juan williams you only get 3 cards in life and you just used one.

  • what a looser.. its ok when the gop bashes everyone who isn't a puppet of the puppet party , but when one of their own is fired they cry and cry and cry and act like their the victim. i feel sorry for all you brainwashed idiots who believe anything on fox, even when Murdoch admits they lie to further the gop aganda

  • Seasonchange1 says:

    I don't understand how FOX NEWS can get away with so many lies and all the racists comment! We're white family and it is very sad to see many restaurants that have FOX NEWS on 24 hours a day feeding people all kind of mis- informations over and over again. Very sad and very scary for our country! I hope that people are paying attention to what going on instead off believing news that not news!

    God Bless us all.

  • Jess Sturgeon says:

    Why then does NPR allow Mara Liason to go on Fox News Sunday every week? I'll tell you why.. because she is white!! If NPR can't control the Black Man, he gets fired. All your commentary about Juan being conservative is a joke — I've never heard the man utter a single "conservative" view on anything.

  • Jess Sturgeon says:

    The fact is that NPR fired Juan because of the color of his skin — its a racist organization and always has been. NPR always claims to support things like Equal opportunity… but they don't have a single black reporter on their payroll.

  • Steven Wegricht says:

    @PunishYou I think she's a great reporter, then why don't you see her Monday through Friday regularly on PBS Newshour? Exactly, thought so…

  • Steven Wegricht says:

    @PunishYou I think she's a great reporter, then why don't you see her Monday through Friday regularly on PBS Newshour? Exactly…

  • To be clear, I think Mara is a great reporter as well — I'm not sure of your point. Mine point is that, Juan was "supposedly" fired because he spoke his mind freely on Fox News. Mara does this every week — and doesn't get fired! Therefore, its not logical that Juan was fired for this reason — he was fired for another reason, because he is black!! NPR doesn't like blacks… how many black reporters do they have?

  • Cenk how many best selling books have you wrote?

    Maybe because unlike Williams, Powers, Colmes and Marshall, you are a liberal bomb thrower.

  • NPR. National pervert's Radio. if you don't know what is between your legs. ? ! Wow. This perv-Anti-racist nation. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ’ฉ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ‘Ž. npr.

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