Number one employer for workplace wellbeing 2017

One of the reasons we got involved with this
was that as a line manager I inherited somebody who was off sick with mental health.She was
severely depressed and it was a very difficult thing to manage. I was ill equipped, ill experienced. I didn’t
really want other people to go through that again, both me and her. So the Environment Agency was interested to
find out how it compared with other organisations to bench mark ourselves and to find out what
we could do better through the independent scrutiny that the Mind Index Survey could
do for us. I had always wanted to be an Environment Officer
and I saw the role, applied for it. I was a bit apprehensive because of the whole mental
health side of things and my eventual diagnosis with Bipolar was all new to me. I went through
an occupational health assessment and reasonable adjustments were made within that process and
the support was given to me to do my job. We have a programme called Healthy Minds which
is about raising awareness and reducing stigma and about training line managers on understanding
mental health. We also have a staff led mental heath network and we have revamped our policies
and procedures on mental health. I found the support was there. It’s increased
my confidence. It will be fantastic if the Environmental
Agency does well in the index. But that’s not what we are really here for. We are here
to learn and improve and get better.


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