NY Workers Compensation: Can the Insurance Company Contact Me After an Award?

NY Workers Compensation: Can the Insurance Company Contact Me After an Award?

If you’ve been awarded Workers’
Compensation benefits, does the insurance company have a right
to contact you? I’m Bill Turley. I’m a partner at the law firm
of Turley, Redmond, Rosasco & Rosasco. The answer to this
question is yes. You know, many injured workers who are
receiving extended benefits, ongoing benefits are often
contacted from time-to-time by the insurance company. It’s
usually what we refer to as an alive and well check, and it’s
generally not a problem. The reason they do this is they
really do want to know if you’re still alive, because there have
been instances where an injured worker has passed on and
relatives continue to cash the checks. Well, if you’re
contacted by the insurance company for one of these alive
and well checks, it’s really best to consult with your
attorney. It’s never a good idea to speak to the insurance
company, especially if you’re represented by counsel. The
kinds of questions they ask are like this. They’re going to ask
you for some form of ID, usually a photo ID. They’re going to ask
you if your checks are coming on time. They’re going to ask you
if you continue to see the doctor. They’ll also, of course,
ask you if you’ve returned to work. They may also ask you if
you’re getting Social Security benefits or you’re getting some
kind of pension. They also will always ask you if you’re
interested in settling the claim. These questions are
pretty harmless and usually not a problem. But some questions
they ask can be problematic. For example, if they ask you if
you’ve sought to retrain yourself, or if you’ve
looked for work within your restrictions, well, answers to
these questions could have dire consequences if they’re not
answered in the proper way. Again, if you ever get any
inquiries like this, it is best to consult with your attorney.
Why am I giving you this information? Because it’s
important that you know what your rights are if you’re
getting Workers’ Compensation benefits. I’m Bill Turley.
I want you to call me at 1-877-NYDBLAW. Why? Because you
have the questions and I have the answers.


One thought on “NY Workers Compensation: Can the Insurance Company Contact Me After an Award?”

  • Thank you Mr. Turley. This video has been very helpful. But workers have concerns about this very issue and their representing lawyers aren't being very helpeful either I hate to report to you. Many  were represented by lawyers who have moved on, or passed away, or just give are not available when called. So with all of those out there, blog after blog after blog with the same concerns, are the State Ins. Cos. still allowed to have alive and well meetings once the person has settled their case? Are they obligated to talk to them when settlements are being paid out on a semi-monthly basis. Do these alive and well meetings have a right to search your work seeking?  What happens when a person is 65 years of age (retirement age) and disabled for other reasons and they cannot work, do they now lose their settlement. If you can respond to these questions it would really be helpful to many many people.. Blog after blog all with these same questions.  Thank you Mr. Turley, Most workers who were injured and settled their cases are not sure of their rights even when they have looked up the law. Which is unclear to them. Most don't have the money to afford lawyers and it would be so kind of you to comment here to at least put their minds to rest.  Thank you again for your time in making this helpful video and for your kind consideration and response. 

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