OmniFocus 3: First Impressions (iOS)

OmniFocus 3: First Impressions (iOS)

Hello and welcome back to another video it is Francesco here So in today’s video we are taking a look at the almost released OmniFocus 3 for iOS which has been an application that’s been in beta for a while now today I will be using my iOS device Sorry Android is I will be doing more Android features very soon. And that’s because I do now have an Android phone This is a moto G 6 play it’s a really awesome device. I’ve downloaded lots of new productivity applications on it to review And I do want you in the comments below to add a few more in so if you do find A few beauties put them in the comments below back to the omni’s focus thing only focus 3 for iOS is available I believe it launches today or tomorrow Don’t confirm on that one because I think they’re still working out the details, but the beta has been out for a while I know that people in the community have been on the beta. They’ve only had about a thousand people on it And Rico has been on it and sharing some of his faults, which has been great So today I wanted to give you my first impressions of OmniFocus 3. We’re going to be showing the debate version on iOS So let’s jump over and try it out So here we are with OmniFocus 3 for iOS on beta And first things first, I think the application The design looks a lot more sort of warmer in terms of its structure a lot more appealing I would say New York monography looks a lot more attractive. I think what OmniFocus do have them? This is not a comparison video. Although we’ll probably do a comparison video. This is to only focus two versus three The thing that I particularly like is that it looks a lot more simpler simpler than the previous version of it. I Always used to say that OmniFocus 2 If you land on it, it does look quite complicated If you’re a brand new be not saying this doesn’t look complicated but it looks a lot more like the likes of todoist or things 3 than it does only focus – So here we are You’ve got a top forecast which has a all of your previous activity as well as your today and future activities Of the upcoming week almost like upcoming seven days in todoist You’ve got inbox where you can store any caption items You got projects tags waking out context do certain tasks you can add flagged So there’s a maybe like important ones that you need to flank for later nearby which is location services based and review – which gets added to your review in the process of GTD going through and reviewing your sort of week as you go through which is quite nice You’ve got some other perspectives called completed changed and you can also add a new perspective So adding a new perspective is pretty easy going the bottom left hand corner and create the perspective What’s cool on this version is you can add a custom icon or one of their suggested icons So what you can do is you can add filtered rules allowing you to give certain availability to an application And also adding a new rule based on Anything really having a due date being tagged whether it’s in a project whether it has a search item term or anything like that So it’s very useful in terms of being able to filter it down and actually seeing what you see in that Perspective as a perspective is essentially a layout or a window. You can see the presentation – you can group them and base them on like whether they’re grouped or whether they’re project-based, which is quite nice so you can really go into detail on your Customisation of the perspectives inside this one now, you can’t downgrade it and even show a project path – which is very helpful So that’s quite easy to do from the home window And of course that can be accessed on the bottom left hand corner in the center. You have the access to Redo and undo stuff, which is quite cool. So that’s a modification there I’m guessing that’s for anyone that makes any quick changes or modifications And it’s like oh my god. I need to change this So with the bottom right hand corner? you have our add to inbox but what I quite like about this is they’ve done the Classic things to re-experience is they’ve actually made it Actionable in terms of it visually being able to add stuff So for example, let’s say I want to add a task to inbox All I have to do is drag over that one if I want to add the task to project or flagged then I can do That pretty quickly just by dragging the plus icon over it and I can quickly do that and I go into the task creation view So getting into the slightly more exciting stuff the task creation view is very similar to what it was in the previous version OmniFocus – But I feel like this is a nicer layout so you have the ability to add the title. So let’s add the classic feed cat Into there you can add information. So they’ve broken the amount of information note attachment so you’ve got tags So first off I’m going to put the tag and this is maybe home I’m going to put this out because that is the home item the cats not going to be wandering around in the street necessarily I’m gonna add it to a project so you can add Projects from here and you can even create a project from here I believe so that’s pretty handy Again, not sure whether it’s the same so I’m going to cut home again because that could be in my home project off any average Errands I need to do at home You can also add a flag So you can add a flagon and the icon appears in the top right-hand corner with almost like a I think it’s a it looks like a male logo sign, but entity allows you to Flank, which is quite nice and that will appear and you’ll feed a lot more predominantly It’s something quite important to do You can have a due date which is quite nice and the due dates really easy to answer if I added tomorrow at 5 o’clock Leave that cat then Then you can add notifications there. You can also view show more which gives you estimated duration. So How long does it take? Ten minutes to feed this cat and you can even add a defer to until date which is quite helpful and that’s in case you want to act like a deferred date so if worst case scenario it gets to third till then and that’s more of a GTV focus setup and something that I Don’t really use whatsoever. But you can add that you can also add repeat or you can click show less and you can actually Open up modification settings to allow for Notifications to appear that’s all very handy. So jumping to the note element side of stuff that’s central You can add a note and you were able to do this in the last one It’s probably quite a helpful function for people wanting to add some more detail. You can also add photos and Voice recordings which is quite cool inside of a task So once you’re happy with the task, you’re like, okay, this is gonna get done You can click Save and of course, that one didn’t go into my inbox, so it wouldn’t be there so if I go to the for stop forecast view where you can view your Tasks upcoming you can see here that on this Wednesday view I’ve got one item to that day and that is feed the cat if I click him it gets slightly more complex to some extent You can see all of the project details and you can do a host of things at bottom you can actually turn it or move it into a project which is quite cool and that’s done by the open that so you get to convert feed the cat into a deep project you Can move it to another area? You can delete it or even share it with other people which makes it a lot easier So from this forecast view you can also do a range of things, too you can actually tick the item off and that means it’ll stay on there too, or you can actually click in and see all the details or you can swipe across it and Unflagging or even delete it or aunt more details from those gestures now if I wanted to I could skip backwards and see the certain items at hand for yesterday and I can take those off if it’s relevant as you can see that number changes on the bottom of the item so you can actually Forecast and see items and you can skip ahead as well to future dates So, for example, I have the calendar stuff appear as well. So you can see birthdays very similar to how it appears on on sorry on OmniFocus to also and things 3 Which is very helpful some other things about this forecast view You can obviously go back and you can edit It with bulk items, which is quite helpful Or you can go to this view option at the top which gives you different viewing options, which can make life a lot easier Especially when you are looking for more custom experience now you can add the certain date later on which is quite helpful and we will obviously add all the details there or you can Add to your inbox straight from now which makes life a whole lot easier Now inbox is the secondary area. You can obviously add as many items as you want. You don’t necessarily have to assign them There’s also a nice search bar at the top which makes things a lot easier now if I go into projects I can see that home has one item and It’s very much more of a project view than it is very similar to what it was previously and you can see here that You’ve got obviously an item that you can get going with and and just to let you know. This is a lot more Complicated if you want it to be and what I mean by complicated here is complex You want you can learn OmniFocus I believe Sweet set up have got a good course on OmniFocus, which will probably roll over onto the OmniFocus 3 But once you learn it, it becomes a whole lot easier Now what quite like about A task inside of this is that you can see that it is flanked and it is due tomorrow The yellow appears and that orange appears in the top right hand corner where the tick icon appears So it makes everything so much easier So other elements of this experience you can also go into flagged and see all of your flagged items And obviously add to it there You can also go into nearby see any tasks that you associated to nearby which quite helpful So for example if I went into shot and wanted to do stuff, this could be really great you’ve also got review and this is an area where you can go in and sort of Review items and make it a lot easier and that obviously will appear Dependent on how you setup your sort of GTD experience inside of OmniFocus 3 now I’m not really focusing too much in this review on the GTD side. So I know I’m gonna get a lot of comments about that This is not necessarily that this is general feel and style of the application I highly recommend this more for those who are wanting a more of a Deeper to do this an application in terms of they know the process they know their setup there may be using GTD or a more advanced experience and are able to Sort of use OmniFocus for that now, of course I mentioned the other perspectives have completed which is quite helpful So you can see and view all of your completed items and their logbook to buy today, which is quite helpful so there are a host of advanced settings inside of OmniFocus 3 you have a range of stuff so there will be probably in-app purchases Available, I believe this is the pro free trial version at the moment But it does it will have more subscription-based stuff. Not sure what the pricing will be just yet. So Other stuff you’ve also got sync availability color switching between dark pallets. And or Automatically between dark and light mode You also got organization with the cleanup option allowing you to clean up a send project tag or whatever like that You can see due soon which means that you know That can be clicked inside of the due date option and it will associate it to two days ahead which is quite helpful So it sounds like a quick later button to some extent you also got notifications on sound badges today and watch and as well as a plot privacy reminders and some information about database hosting the attachments the backups and the ability to export on CSV so in terms of this application being very complex. Yes it is. I Highly recommend it for those who are looking for a bit more of an advanced experiments So only focus three I believe will be available very soon IOS, I’m assuming they’re going to try and release it on the same time as a Mac The application seems to be very similar to what it was From my recollection of the application before and it just seems to be a bit more spruce ear and a lot more attractive in its Approach to do’s and I can imagine they will reflect this in the price. I think people are understanding that They’ll be able to get it on trial then on subscription very similar to Ulysses to some extent Not like things sorry where you have to pay upfront which was previously only focused twos model But let’s see how it pans out because it totally could go the other way Anyway, guys, I hope did you enjoy today’s video? Let me know in the comments what you think of OmniFocus 3 be great to hear your opinion This was just a quick first impression. So again probably will be coming up with a OmniFocus review very very soon And if I guys thank you so much for stopping by today. I hope you have a great day. Keep it up div Time goes by and I’ll see you guys very very soon Cheers


27 thoughts on “OmniFocus 3: First Impressions (iOS)”

  • Keep Productive says:

    What are your thoughts on the brand-new OmniFocus 3?! Calling all OmniFocus 2 daily users out there, let us know in the comments how you see this comparing to your current/past experiences with OF2… We'd love to hear!

  • I found it to be a pretty poor update. I appreciate there are tiny little feature tweaks. But the app still looks and feels dated. And actually adding tasks is really old fashioned. What happened to natural language processing? I’m not sure it’s worth upgrading…

  • Stephan Gerhardt says:

    I actually like the update. Although I think that the price and calling it OmniFocus 3 is a little much. It feels like a polished version of OmniFocus 2 which I like because for me personally the experience ist nearly perfect. I do not need natural language input or something like this.
    The things that I really love about OmniFocus is the forecast view. Over the last year I used Things from time to time and I really do not like the way they manage this. OmniFocus gives you a nice overview in a chronological order.

  • Omnifocus looks the exact same to me. Very dated. They should have redesigned it. Anyhow, thanks for sharing.

  • Robert Silverman says:

    What Things gets right is having Areas and Projects. While I like the freshening up of OF3 it, like Todoist, can be off-putting by referring to everything as a Project, even if its just a random collection of tasks you do at home. Some apps have used "Lists" to be friendlier. This is something that Wunderlist and 2Do always got right. Things 3 has shown that you can have a easy and welcoming UI that will allow for both grocery lists and complex project management. In OF when I see all my trees of "Projects" and subprojects and folders I get lost. That's just me. Like I said I like the OF3 update and will probably whittle my "projects" down to make everything simpler to see if that works.

  • John Edmonds says:

    I had to switch from OF2 to Things3 because I couldn’t schedule items to repeat on the “last day of the month”. It was so frustrating to have to edit the due date when completing tasks. Does this version allow that repeat option??

  • The reviewer mentions that the Mac version should be out shortly, which does not appear to be the case. I liked using the Mac version to structure more complex projects which required more keyboard input. Because the Mac version is coming later (maybe even months later according to some sources), I will be trying to use the IOS versions (i.e. Ipad) to accomplish some of the project editing I used to do on the Mac.

    Some commenters here think that version 3 is a minor update. I beg to differ. The new "Tags" feature represents a major and welcome departure from the "Contexts" feature. Combined with more flexible filtering and perspectives, I am hopeful that Tags will give me more useful views of my projects and tasks. I was always bothered by the classic implementation of the GTD contexts in previous versions that allowed each task only one context. I struggled with creating a coherent set of contexts that would somehow be useful. I can now have tags that are "context" oriented, "mood" oriented, "energy" oriented, etc. and can assign several to a single task if I wish. I think this will give me new ways of considering what to do next and will better ensure that tasks become available in a larger array of "contexts".

  • Victor Bjorklund says:

    Agree with the other commenters. The redesign isnt much to cheer for. Still nice with the tags. In the end I personally dont have any choce since I need a task manager with serial tasks and defered start dates.

  • Sorry to be that guy but you got quite a bit wrong:

    -no subscription pricing
    -major new features (tags,etc)
    -no sweet setup course

  • Jose Estrada says:

    Thanks for the video, Francesco. Maybe you know about any Calendar & Tasks application that works best with Slack? Please excuse my typing errors, English is not my first language. ? Thanks in advance.

  • Superficial and often inaccurate. Francesco, don’t just make videos for the sake of making videos. Do some research and put just a little time into using it, at least. You’re doing yourself a disservice by producing low-quality content.

  • Lance Gallup says:

    I like OF and the improvements in version 3, but they aren’t earthshaking. Things 3 is still cleaner, quicker and more intuitive for my use.

  • I joined the beta and have used the beta for almost two months. I got to say it yet changed how I used it and I will not upgrade it in a foreseeable future.

  • Using is app you will be poor, this company using ommifocus 4 , 5, 6, 7,……. to ask you pay if you want to continuous use. If this apps is object I quietly throw to rubbish bin.

  • Have they removed Omnifocus 2 form the App Store now? It seems they have. So I guess we will be forced to upgrade at some point ?

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