Onion juice for hair |Onion juice hair growth| Onion juice results| onion juice for hair regrowth

Onion juice for hair |Onion juice hair growth| Onion juice results| onion juice for hair regrowth

just a much beautiful this is the most
amazing thing in the world when you know you can grow your edges with just five
dollars or less what’s up guys thank you for stopping by welcome and welcome back
I’m happy to tell you today that you I’ve got the solution for your edges I
got the solution and it’s less than five dollars you know I’m not gonna tell you
oh you gotta go there you gotta go to this bill supply you gotta buy that
brand you gotta get this you gonna get that it’s something that is in your
kitchen okay which is the craziest part of the thing that’s the craziest friend
is the most amazing part of it as well so if you’re interested on how to grow
your edges with with literally literally no money keep on watching you onions just has a lot of properties
onion juice has suffered suffering nourishes your scalp and your meat your
hair needs something that nourishes it okay so surfer is good and onion
improves out the well your blood circulation and your hair needs
something that is improving the blood circulation in your scalp so it can grow
onions as well as anti bacterial properties your hair needs protein
mustard the improvement of the blood circulation on your scalp so you can
grow and elfia so one thing I’ve learned about onions is that the onion the onion
is full of antibacterial properties so this thing together combined together
with the surfer that nourishes scalp is gonna help your hair definitely grow and
I’ve made the experience now I’m not gonna go crazy into details but within
two weeks out is so big and major difference okay
let’s just get into how to do this and how to to apply to your hair
Cheers cows mainly and how consistent you have to be with it you’re gonna need
a cutting board you’re gonna need your knife you’re gonna need a blender or
juice so you’re gonna need a filter and spray bottle and a plastic cap or
plastic bag or shower cap or plastic wrap okay what you’re gonna do you’re
gonna cut it in four pieces or two pieces and if you want to add you can
add garlic because garlic is a nasty bacteria it has antibacterial properties
and it’s good for your hair if you add something that has antibacterial
properties because it’s gonna take off everything that is blocking your hair
from growing okay it’s gonna clean me clean your scalp okay so you cut it once
you’re ready to blend it just when I plan everything and I mix
everything together and action and then you’re gonna filter it yeah actually if I went into the storm then I
said I could mix it with water even though I did I did it yeah it wasn’t I
don’t think it wasn’t working like this is same thing what is water like all right
once everything is ready you just put it in your spray bottle okay and we’re just gonna spray the house
count so now you’re gonna cover it here with a
plastic bag or plastic a shower a shower cap for at least two hours or you can
even leave it overnight my air grows so fast because of the onion juice and
castor oil and rosemary anything that is made of castor oil
I was recently using castor oil jamaican black castor oil up from Shea Moisture
edges treatment and let me tell you something this is good stuff and then I
decided to use the castor oil as well and you can apply it before you do a
little message and to do to get yourself an activating activating stimulating
blood circulation um thing you can just apply the rosemary on top of it or the
peppermint at this I like I like what’s married I like the smell I like
everything about it it’s good for my scalp it promotes hair growth else my
hair grew crazy so what’s more what’s more your hair
will go like crazy with this thing that’s it for today thank you for
stopping by thank you for sticking around I’m happy to have you and see you
next week for something very good that I’m gonna be sharing with you which is a
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in a month I’m gonna show you a secret way you’re gonna get more than that
you’re gonna double your air growth for a month if you wanna see that video I
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your hair with me in all the challenges okay so thank you so much for watching
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