Online business jobs from home 2017 in Philippines Part 2

Online business jobs from home 2017 in Philippines Part 2

James here Have you watched the 1st part of this video it’s on the link on top This is part 2 we’ll create gigs What’s gig? It’s the product that you’re selling You can be transcribing or editing resume or articles it’s up to you You can also edit the price here You can get additional $10 if they want it rush or additional $5 if they want revision This is what we call upselling Let’s now go to Fiverr Let’s start creating a gig Let’s go to selling then gigs Let me show you where your inputs will show some might be confusing with the title then another title I’ll show you every step I’ll show you where the info will apear I’m here in gigs You’ll see the active ones let’s go to create a new gig Gig Title is important because that what they’ll search about Think first on what you will do then add your title This is just an example That’s my sample title Example title number one If they search for that that’s what they’ll search for then category it is where you can classify your gig For example These are our categories There are subcategories too I will choose Usertesting This is my category Programming Tech and Usertesting If your buyer Click on that those that are in that category will appear your gig will show up there too My category is Usertesting First is Programming and Tech then the sub category is Usertesting That’s where it’ll show up Each category here will have different fields to fill up it’s system generated already Let me show you Gig Metadata If you change it another type will appear here there are supported plugins it’s built in Let’s go to Usertesting You’ll fill up info here Your age it varies per gig Higher than high school testing Platform Web testing Mobile What device will you use for testing iPhone, iPad, Android and what is your language Filipino and English Let’s see on where it will show up Gig Title It’s at the very top This is how it look like once they clicked on it The one in Bold The metadata that we’re filling up this part This is where it’ll show up below the pictures and your video promotion This is a summary of who you are and what area are you going to do how old are you things like that This is your data Search Tags It is important This is when you search it if you search for a keyword for example You can only add five make sure that the keywords you’ll add here that once they search these words your gig might show up It’s just five and is important Think wisely of the related search words that you’ll add here it also has suggestions tester since I am Usertesting I can also add user experience Users it depends on what is being search the most I think it’s User Experience I will only add 3 for now but add 5 for you save and continue Let’s now go to pricing This is the most interesting part this is where we’ll earn Name of your package Let’s put example Title Describe in details Describe your title We have a title before, right? We have another one now I’ll show you later on what this is for You’ll describe your title This is the package already Let’s see This is the title of the package This is the description This is important because this is the summary of your product Let’s go back That’s for the first two This is the title and the description below This is where you’ll add basic details of your package It’s okay if you don’t want to spend for now but if you want them to have more choices so you can upsell more You’ll unlock this free package but you’ll have something to pay there not now but if you want to, it’s fine Delivery time of your basic for example, 2 days delivery then page tested how many is included for the basic package for example, 5 pages Test Scenario It varies For my test scenario They can give scenarios here then I’ll follow it It’s included in the basic We’re talking about basic This is for $5 or depends on you This is the very basic one Summary report if giving summar comes with within the basic package annotated screen shot YOu’ll screen shot and show them what’s wrong and screen recording time how many minutes does the basic covers I’ll choose 15 minutes 15 minutes for basic I’ll check test desktop I will not tick test mobile because I’ll upsell it later and revisions You can also add on your basic if revisions is zero if they can’t ask for reisions or there’s like one free revision I’ll put zero here so I can upsell it later What’s the price It’s the price of your basic $5, $10, $15, $20, it’s up to you I suggest to start with $5 because it’s cheap I will show you eerything we ticked this is everything about the basic package On the right is the title, This is the title 2 days delivery time this is the description and these are what’s included in the package the ones you ticked earlier Scenario test desktop summary report these are what’s included 15 minutes recording and will test 5 pages Those are the niclusions This is where you’ll see basic info you can see it at the bottom too it’s just the same but this one has quantity if they’re ready to order already Let’s move on My gig extra this is what we call upsell what do you want to add for the pay you’ll do additional in exchange additional pages tested if the client wants 3 additional page since I only have 5 for the basic if the client want additional 3 pages I will charge $5 for additional 3 pages or it can also be $10 it’s up to you additional screen recording I will not tick this anymore because it’s included in my basic package extra fast delivery My delivery time is 2 days I can expedite it for one day only on extra $5 another upsell If your basic is one day then you can’t have a one day rush your basic should be 2 days additional revision Earlier I didn’t put any So it’s zero revision that comes with basic but for an extra $5 you can add revision and you can add an extra one day These are the built in ones you can also add your own you can add a title with background music in the description since you’re the own creator of this it’s between yo two only for additional $5 and additional one day or you can also say there’s no additional day anymore that’s your own decision think of your extra services and how you’ll upsell it I will now show you gig extra these are the extra gigs you added we can tick the boxes extra fast delivery additional 3 pages it’s up to them if they want to add it We did this in My Gig Extra This is your own additional but this is different because we’re still creating it, the other one is active already this is where we’ll see it I just edited this test on apple device then here’s the description the price and the additional day for example here, test on Apple device You’ll see it here the description is in the question mark then that’s it if you want to add gig extra it’ll also show up there it’s up to you on what you want to add there if you want to add extra service for them it’s p to you save and continue I hit save and continue and I got an error gig extra title should be less than 20 characters long it’s too long if there’s an erro, it’ll notify you let’s just add with background instead it’s now loading and done Go back to basic then you can upsell description and FAQs Frequesntly Asked Questions Description of your gig Earlier there’s like a shortcut or summary here, you’ll make it longer Let’s try it Description will show up here this is the long one this is where you’ll explain your gig I will honestly test your website as a consumer taht’s where the description will show up It’s here You might get confused with the 2 I am sharing this is the one I am editing and the other one is new but they’re just the same do not get confused the description will show here I’ve been using the internet for more than 10 years and have been visiting thousands of websites eversince you will upsell your experience here so they’ll choose you over others Frequently Asked Questions You cannot leave this blank What are mostly being asked? asked from you so they’ll know the answer just add FAQs there For example, do you translate English You cannot skip this you should add at least one add one if you can’t think of any just add, in what language do you transcribe put English Where does FAQ will show? at the very bottom it’s the last thing your buyer will see What languages do you offer that’s the question and you’ll see the answer at the bottom you can add “More” you can add one more if you want I ‘ll just add one save and continue My description is just short It should be at least 120 characters let’s go to requirements What are requirements? When getting a passport, what do they require you? it’s just the same here For example, you need 2 ID to get a passport that’s your requirement here, you’ll tell them your requirements you’ll type it here Since I am doing Usertesting What does he want? What do you want to get from him? what does he need to give you for you to be able to do your job My first requirement is his website the website’s link How can I test it if there’s no link Requirement number one Link of your website Just add that The answer type varies it can be free text he’ll type in his answer or it can also be multiple answer he has 2 options as his answer it can also be just yes and no let’s go with free text just add that Link of your website then he’ll type his answer here or he can upload a file Save and continue that’s the requirement where will it show you can’t see that here anymore Once he proceed to order to buy your product that’s the time the requirements will show up the more the better the details are complete that you can use from him this is an example the requirements of this gig Tell me what the 5 pages are from your website and what do you want me to test the most then I also said here You can give me specific task whatever you want me to do You can add all thse here in the requirements this is important this is where you’ll tell what you need from your customer Save and continue Add more if you want more details from the customer but if you add a lot the customer might get turned off about your gig so just moderate Gallery This is your thumbnail Once they search this is what they’ll see let me show you It’s this Those are their thumbnails it can either be a video or image for example here is her thumbnail here’s a man That’s your photo if you drag a photo here that’s what will show up whatever you’ll upload is what’s gonna show up it can also be a video why video in video, you can explain what you’re selling video is better because it’s more active you can explain yourself more when searching you’re only seeing picture and title but if you uploaded a video they can play it right then and there you can explain your engagement to your buyers you can explain it well which has a higher chance but it’s still okay if you like just picture any picture let’s browse any picture it’s better to upload a video but picture is just fine too video is just more active and more engaging Gig PDF here, you’ll provide samples of your work Save and continue The final step is to publish once you publish your gig it will show in your active gigs already it’s an active gig automatically Sorry if it’s quite long I need to explain all the details in creating a gig if you liked the video Please click the like button if you want to see more videos like this please subscribe to my channel, thank you


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