Online Data Entry Transcription Job Earn 2.33$ / 10min Audio on GoTranscript Philippines 2018

Online Data Entry Transcription Job Earn 2.33$ / 10min Audio on GoTranscript Philippines 2018

In this video, I’ll share with you a data entry job which is transcription. Here you can earn $2.33 per 10 minute audio. Is it your 1st time to be here? Do you want to earn extra income online? Click on the Subscribe button and the bell to get notified for new uploads. Before we start, since you’re using my referral code, let’s give away 300 pesos in Just like the video, then comment down your job. Are still studying? Are you unemployed? Or you’re a housewife. Comment it down the comment section. Winners will be announced on March 7 in our Facebook group. You guys know that on my channel, most extra income onlines are paying through Paypal. If you haven’t watched my Paypal video yet, I have a card on top and that’s for free. If you also have Payoneer account, they also send payment through Payoneer. First of all, What is data entry or transcription? Transcription is listening to audio or video then you’ll type down what the speaker is saying. I’ll give you an example. The example that I’ll give you will not be the live files. Because of some confidentiality of the clients. We can’t show on Youtube what their files are containing. I will just give you an example. My own Youtube video that we’ll try to transcribe. This is an example of transcription. You’ll be watching a video. Or just an audio. You’ll just type what it says. For example, I am talking there, I am explaining about the USB. This USB is nice and for iOS, Android, and laptops. So, basically, what you’ll do in transcription is just like that. You’ll just listen to what the speaker is saying then you’ll type it. But not in Youtube, it’s not like this. Later, I’ll show their own dashboard. I’ll show you their own dashboard. What I liked the most here in GoTranscript is it has a lot of available jobs. Lots of files that can be transcribed. You’ll see here transcription jobs available 605 Files. If you’ll scroll down, there are lots of files. You’ll choose what file you like to transcribe. I’ll explain quickly, on this dashboard, ID, refers to file’s ID number How fast? 6 hours, Meaning, once you accept the job, you’ll have 6 hours to transcribe the file You don’t have to consume the whole 6 hours You can finish it in 1, 2, or 3 hours If it’s your first time to transcribe, it’ll be hard at first. Because you’re not used to listening yet, but once you get used to it, you can finish it in 1 or 2 hours. When it’s my 1st time to transcribe, it took me 2 and a half hour or maybe 3 hours. because it’s a bit difficult for me at first. The length of time it’ll take you to transcribe will depend on you and when you get used to it, you can transcribe faster. How fast? 6 hours. Transcription time, that’s the audio you’ll transcribe. You’ll not transcribe the whole 50 minutes. You’ll start on the 50th minute of the video or audio and you’ll stop transcribing on the 1st hour. For example, on this Youtube video, you’ll see 1:29 If the transcription time is 1:30 upto 7 minutes, then you’ll start on 1:30 until 7 minutes. That’s what you need to transcribe. It depends on what’s the intruction on transcription time I’ll not make this video long, because you’re not even finishing the video. Efforts will be wasted. Read it by yourself, it’s you if you make a mistake. Research on how to fix that or how you’ll do that Text format, full verbatim or clean verbatim. The difference of the two in full verbatim, you’ll include all the feelers in clean verbatim, no need to include feelers and stutters That’s the only difference. Timestamping, depends on the instruction For example here, it’s not required so, you don’t need to insert time. For example here, change of speaker, you’ll insert time every time the speaker changes. Let’s have an example about timestamping. In our video, for example, I said this word. the word that I said in 1:29 then you’ll put 1:29 there. But GT has a format. Read the guidelines on what the format is. Basically, that’s how you do timestamping. So, at 1:29 I said this word, somehting like that. But they have different instructions on timestamping like change of speaker, others are not requiring it It’s easier if not required because you don’t need to insert time anymore. So, language, English, is it English language, that’s just it. Just easy. Comments, they’re leaving comments sometimes For example here, Catalan language so, read the comments as well they have special instructions in there. Audio, that’s important because that’s were the file is. Because here at GoTranscript, there are clear audios, and not so clear files. Of course if the file is clear, you can finish it quickly. You can finish a 10 minute file in 1 hour or less if the audio is clear sometimes, there are audios with background noises or even just whispering there are 3 files you’ll choose what you want to preview This preview will let you here 30 seconds of audio quality This one is what you only need to transcribe 50 minutes to 1 hour. That’s what you’ll download. This one on top, 61MB, that’s to download the whole audio What I often do here I only download this, like 3MB only because that’s what you only need to transcribe. You’ll see it’s automatic download. Once the download is done you can open the file If you want just a sneak peek or just to listen for the quality click on preview. You’ll see it’s only 30 seconds and it’s already playing you don’t need to download it anymore. Earnings, this is how much they’ll pay per file you’ll see here, 10 minutes, you’ll get $2.33 what’s nice is transcribe and transcribe whenever you want and there’s no string attached So, log in transcribe you can earn if your busy or doing something then don’t log in they’ll not take over of your account in your free time if you’re not doing any thing you’re just laying then transcribe that’s what’s nice here Free time online job. Whenever you want it that’s when you can transcribe. Here in GoTranscript, There are 2 different jobs first is transcriber 2nd is editor We start at being a transcriber that’s the one who do data entry or typing what’s being said in the audio If you got a rating more than 4.5, you can apply as editor Editor gets more earning than transcribers. By the way, you can see “You need to wait 30 minutes” on some files You’ll get access to new files only if your rating is high But if your just new with no rating or low rating, then you may see “You need to wait 30 minutes to- before you can choose the file and work on it. That’s it. So, make your ratings high here So, once the files come in, you can transcribe it right away Most of the time, they are clear audios that’s why those who have high rating were able to get clear audios. Here on top, you’ll see transcription jobs, available, These are the available jobs. In progress, that’s your current job One file only per person. You can’t take 2 files at the same time. Finish are the files your done transcribing. Info, you’ll see My Stats Frequently asked questions, Leaderboard. Just check it out. Contact support if ever you got concerns Their contact support is good, they’re really responding. If ever you’re done with the previews, if you liked the audio quality you’re good with it, click on “Make my job” Once you’ve click the “Make my job” Click here in transcription jobs, “In progress”, then you’ll see this screen. You’ll see here, Time left, You’ll see 6 hours to finish this transcription file. Please try to finish the jobs you’ll accept here not just leave it as it is. They don’t have any limit on how many files you can do every day. If you already started transcribing that, you can still refuse the job. But I advise you, refuse the job while there’s still much time left if ever you can’t finish it for any reason or you don’t like the file. Refuse it right away and not that you’ll wait for the time to run out before refusing it Because that’s our reliability. You took a job then not do it. And you didn’t even refused the job. If you want to transcribe this audio, click on “Transcribe” This is now the main screen of where you’ll transcribe This main screen is really nice. It has shortcut keys Spacebar, it’ll play Just read the shortcut keys they are very important It’ll make your job easier And this video was uploaded on Youtube which is nice because it has insert Youtube subtitles Later, I’ll explain what that is You’ll see pause, play, and the audio volume If you want to volume it up. On the bottom part, you’ll see the shortcut keys memorize that so it’ll be easier for you to transcribe. You’ll see the shortcut keys, skip, pause, and play. If there’s something you didn’t hear or did not understand, click on F1 it’ll go back 2 seconds. You no longer need to do it manually. Just F1 to backwards 2 seconds. Familiarize yourself with the shortcut keys. To make your transcribing easier. Another example with timestamping but it’s not required on this audio. I’ll just show you how to timestamp for video purposes. When you click on CTRL+J, it’ll automatically insert timestamp. So, click on CTRL+J over there, you’ll see after I clicked it, it inserted the current time. Here in our video, it’s in 53:54 You’ll see it was timestamped exactly. So, that depends if the file requires a timestamp. They also have specific instruction for that, just read it. This is the main body of the transcription, you’ll spend most time here like 30 minutes, to 2 hours or 3 hours depending on how you transcribe. This is where you’ll type what the speaker is saying. If you’re transcribing a Youtube video, you’ll see “Insert Youtube subtitles” over here. It’ okay to use that no problem in using that. But since it’s just an automatic Youtube subtitle, it’s not that accurate. I can’t show you the exact file, because this is confidential. Once you click that, that’s it. But the problem is, most subtitle is incorrect. I’ll only use that as guide not that after clicking it then insert Youtube subtitles then submit. Never do that. You’ll surely get banned and will not be paid. My advice is, use it only as guide. Transcribe on your own and if there’s a word you’re not sure of then that’s the time you check on Youtube subtitle. It works on mobile and tablets. But if you use tablets or mobile, it’ll be harder to transcribe. Because you can’t use shortcut keys. In a computer, you can use shortcut keys. like F1 to go back 2 seconds if you didn’t hear. But in tablets and mobiles, there are no shortcut keys. It’ll be harder and longer for you to transcribe. To register here in GoTranscript, click the link in the description at the pinned comment of the video then “Apply now” Once you register here, they will let you take a test to transcribe and they are also failing applicants here. And it will take 30 days to know if you pass or not. If this video reached 5000 likes, I’ll make part 2 of this video. I’ll give tips to get a higher chance to pass in GoTranscript. When you register in GoTranscript, you’ll see this GoTranscript Transcription Guidelines. This is a bit long but make sure you read it. You’ll find how to correctly transcribe here. Like the names, timestamping, it’ll teach you how. Also for unintellegible words, you can put inaudible, unintellegible Things like that. Read the GoTranscript Transcription Guidelines. Everything you need to learn is there. You don’t need to finish it in just one sitting, you can leave what you’re transcribing, and you can also edit it again. Once you clicked on finish, it’ll be sent to an editor. They review your file, and compare it to the actual audio. They will correct the mistakes, they’ll tell you your mistakes, and they’ll give you tips on how to improve as a transcriber. Once your done, click on finish. You’ll see “You have finished the job” You’ll see your transcribed file here on the transcription jobs then transcription jobs finish. They pay every Friday. If ever you want to withdraw, they don’t have a minimum payout here. You’ll see $2.33, you can already request for payment. You’ll also see here my rating. So, I got a 4 rating. 92 to 96% accuracy and I have 15 minutes delay. If there are new files, I have to wait 15 minutes before choosing from new files. Another good thing here at GoTranscript you’ll put your email there, and they’ll send you an email for new files. for you to transcribe. There are also rush files here. That needs to be finished like in 3 hours. The pay here is higher. GoTranscript is a very nice website. A great opportunity for unemployed, employed, mothers, staying at home. or to anyone. A great opportunity for you. Please, if you register, don’t make fun on the website. Don’t rush in transcribing. As much as possible, high quality Double or triple check before submitting your final product. Especially, if it’s your first time. It may affect all of us. So, please if you’ll register, Focus on transcribing here. This is a real job. Great opportunity. Please, don’t make fun of it. Do it right as an extra income online. If you liked the video, click on the like button If you want to see more videos like this, extra income online, click on the subscribe button and the notification bell to get notified for new uploads. Thank you for watching. See you next time.


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