Online Jobs At Home Philippine 5 Type Of Listing Ebay Dropshipping Tutorial Part 5

Online Jobs At Home Philippine 5 Type Of Listing Ebay Dropshipping Tutorial Part 5

Hello and welcome to our channel and now I’ll teach you, What is 5 types of listing in online store like eBay Amazon, and Shopify so, after this video I’ll focus on Shopify first to finish now the 5 types of listing are single listing variations listing, multi variation listing bulk listing and bundle listing that’s a lot of questions now, what’s a bundle listing now let me explain what the product listing types are to the first-timers who watched this video we teach online jobs here on our channel just visit our channel, to online jobs skill tutorial don’t forget to subscribe to get you notified to the videos, which we uploading let’s just watch this video in front and here in our FB group, if you have any questions or concern, we help each other in our group I don’t answer that often there, because they just ask the basic so thank you to our group members who answer the questions now, We have 5 types of item listing #1 is the single listing the single listing, this is the item that’s just one, that had no other color it could be any other color, but you did not include it in the item you listed you do not make it a variation the variations are with different colors or sizes, let’s say this air bed has red, black but you did not include in the listing, this is called, single listing for #2 in variation listing the variation listing, this one has different colors as you can see here in the image this is the sample list of the headset seller highlighted here in front which has different colors on its earphones, but variation listing is not just color it can be size, but only one color but it has different sizes this is what we called variation, but just one of them, if not the color size this is what we called variation here in #3 the multi-variation the multi-variation it is, together like this, this Tshirt we are selling it has, as you can see it has a different color, you can select a different color and you can select a different sizes, it has sizes, here in drop-down menu, for example I like the black shirt and extra-large, you have a choice, it has choices here in the drop-down menu There are two options so, this is the multi-variation because of the others, they call the variation, multi-variation, No, it’s just a variation This is the multi-variation you have 2 options #4 is the bulk listing what is bulk listing? the bulk listing this is the you will list item that 50 items, 100 items, up to 300 items, at the same time that is bulk listing for example, our client he doesn’t care about the title whatever it is on amazon, for example on eBay whatever it is on amazon is ok because the dropshipping tools we are using will generate descriptions automatically generating, and uploading images that’s the clients who don’t care they don’t care about the images and title this client is more on quantity they don’t have quality, not like the other client that they want to optimize the title that want to edit the images like they are meticulous in every list, how to do it as you can see here in yaballe tools he has this auto lister this is the single listing but, they also have bulk listing if you going to click preview here wherever there is, just for example on the drop shipping tools you use there’s an instruction on how what format you are going to CSV file, as you can see here CSV file the file you need of course, it’s on google sheet or on excel ms excel what an example of this format let’s say our supplier is amazon on amazon, what we get here is ASIN for example, here in yaballe the format of his file is ASIN and Title for example, this is his format we will put ah… ASIN then here is the title, then if, how many items we will be going to put my estimate in my experience in salefreaks and autods and dsmtool up to 300 items, that’s the CSV file capacity that you can put her in dropshipping tools like this up to 300 items but it’s not instant of course, there is still uploading, and ahh. same like buffering, or loading and it take a little bit of time here in number 5 is the bundle listing so the bundle listing, there’s a lot of questions about this, how to do it this is the example of bundle listing let’s say that, this coffee maker this coffee maker for example the competitor, for which we have copied it his price is for example 95$ and our price is 104$, but we have freebies we have freebies, we have single-serve brewer we have tumblers if you bought this coffee maker you have an ad on, you have freebies it is a strategy a little pricy but you have freebies how to do that this this item this coffee maker, and this single-serve let say, let us remove this this Kcup coffee and this tumbler, let’s remove it for example, just listed here is this single-serve brewer and this coffee maker, they have a different link they have a different link, meaning they are separate orders, but we just put them together in one list in listing now there’s a dropshipping tools that they have like this, that you can add bundle the yaballe has, you can add a bundle they have a different link, like if anyone ordered us this we’ll order the coffee maker separately and we’ll also order the single-serve brewer separately, they have different link store, but sold and shipped by Amazon, right? or fulfilled by amazon let say that shipped by Walmart as long as he was there, that we will bundle as long as he was there supplier’s warehouse together we can do bundles what will happen they have different link, separately it just put together in one list, Now how we… let say, we don’t have dropshipping tools with bundle listing we’re just using manual monitoring this is how to calculate the price how to calculate the price for example, your coffee make 50$ then your single-serve brewer is 25$ what are you going to do is, get the total of it first the your ad on or your freebies and your coffee maker, you will add it and the total is 75$ then add the break even, (eBay/Paypal Fees) and the profit, that’s how to do the pricing and if what is the total of this, that would be your eBay final price that’s how to… compute, how to do the pricing I repeat let’s add this two the coffee maker price and the single brewer, we will add it together so, if what is the total plus break even and profit and the total would be the final price, and that’s what we will put in our eBay price so, let say I am just using manual monitoring and I don’t have tools or my tools have no bundle listing or our tools are just single listing only bulk listing, but no bundle listing so, we can make our own, manual monitoring, there in our ebay listing playlist we have how to create manual monitoring, hope you watch it ( Video#9) like, if you notice, that why I required you to watch the photoshop as you can see this item has different sellers but his picture, just put it together he craps the images and he edits it, that why I recommend to all of you to watch the photoshop that’s the number 1 we need here as a drop shipper this is what we will do if we create manual monitoring for example, the coffee maker link here at 1st and the link of single-serve brewer here in the 2nd just high light them that would be the mark that, these two links are in 1 list that would be the sign let say, the third one don’t have color, it’s just a single listing or variation because the variation listing is just one link just one link, like in one link that item has different color, but in one link only this is ok, in variation or multi-variation, is the same, just one link but if bundle, it is two indeed, just high light the bundle listing let say, we have consecutive bundle listing, just put a mark or make a space in the third raw before you add. a bundle listing again so, that is bundle listing that is the 5 type of our product lisitng online store product listing, to those who do not know that’s it and we will focus on Shopify stay tuned, good luck and thank you very much


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