6 thoughts on “Our Evernote Wedding Notebook Tour”

  • Thanks for keeping our passion for Evernote alive, Ces ? BTW I am staying tuned on your video/thoughts on the future of Evernote in the light of rising competition.

  • You will find that you'll never actually leave Evernote behind and, at some point, you'll use it for some kind of project again. The point you make about your speech (and your whole wedding plan) is key. There isn't anything better for storing and, later, resurfacing old notes and memories & it's still the best there is for search and organising (with notebooks & tags).

    I started using it in 2008, have been on the free tier for around the last 3 years but am just about to pay for premium again because there's nothing else that's quite as good at what it does. I'm just hoping that the changes that they're currently making in their videos are made available sooner rather than later.

  • After a romantic interlude with Notion, I’m seeing that Evernote still has a key roll in how I capture and retrieve knowledge.

  • Steven Michels says:

    What we learned: Notion is the kind of app you can have fling with, but Evernote is the kind of app you can marry, until it comes time to actually write something, then you need to have an affair with Bear.

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