How To Be As Productive As Jeff Bezos – 5 Proven Practices

Let’s be really you don’t become the world’s richest person by a chance and part of Jeff Bezos and successes his ability to be productive now I’m not saying by implementing the following five productivity strategies you will become a billionaire yourself but they surely can’t heard of you two are aiming to obtain wealth and success and […]


Today’s video is going to be a little planner social experiment I am going to let Instagram pick a planner for me to use for the week and see if I can practice what I preach in terms of using my functional planning philosophy is outside of my charmed life master planner so if that sounds interesting to […]

myCADtools: SmartDrawings – Productivity Tools For SOLIDWORKS

To download this tool, click on the link given in the description. SmartDrawings enables you to automatically create all definition plans from files referenced in an assembly by inserting the dimensions, bills of materials, lists of welded parts, etc. Like many myCADtools tools, selecting the files to be processed can: Retrieve the active document in SOLIDWORKS, in our […]

Improve your productivity with Azure Tips and Tricks | Azure Friday

>>Did you know you can edit files directly within Cloud Shell or create locks to prevent accidental deletion of subscriptions or resources? Spend a few minutes now to save yourself hours later. Michael Crump is here to share the latest Azure Tips and Tricks today on Azure Friday. [MUSIC]>>Hey everyone. Donovan Brown here with another episode of Azure […]

4 Strategies to Manage Information Overload as a New BA

Hi there, this is Laura Brandenburg from Bridging the Gap. Today we’re going to talk about a common problem for BAs: what to do when you are overloaded with information and are a bit overwhelmed. Specifically, Sheryl emailed us a question and she said, “I just got assigned to three different non-profit groups as a BA.” First, […]