How to Start a Business and Grow it to a Billion Dollar Company

– Fancy homes. Private jets. Condos overlooking the Strip. I’ve had it all. But you know what one thing I haven’t had is? I haven’t built a billion dollar company yet. And I’m gonna share with you how to build one, and the mistake that stopped me from building one yet. (gentle instrumental music) Most of my friends […]

50 Inch Booty: Factory Worker Has Buns Of Steel

Patricia: Some pictures were posted on Instagram. That next morning my followers tripled! MAN: Dear me, how’d you do it girl?! COMM: Patricia Washington has fans flocking whenever she flaunts her 50 inch booty. COMM: And the 31-year-old dreams of leaving her tough day job in the steel mill to pursue modelling full time. Patricia: For the past […]

Employees with ASD: Tips for Educating Employers and Colleagues

VCU Speakers: Whitney Ham, Alissa Molinelli Transcription provided by: Caption First, Inc.>>WHITNEY HAM: Hi. My name is Whitney Ham, and myself and my co-worker, Alissa Molinelli, will be talking with you about employees with autism spectrum disorders, tips for educating employers and colleagues. Alissa and I have both worked with individuals with autism spectrum disorders for several years […]


[Applause] adoption of your product today internet Mumbai properties the faster university that I’ve ever had you can communicate with all of the world so I think the ideas you’ve got fantastic the only thing is that as an entrepreneur that never you know build up a good team and set the VP a big vision but my […]

How to Start a Business

Many of us want to start our own businesses. Public space is filled with reports of new ventures. But the reporting on entrepreneurship is heavily skewed in one particular direction: towards people who have started new kinds of businesses, pioneers who have pushed the boundaries of commerce by creating a wholly original offering, usually through the help of […]

J-1 Visa Employer

A Wisp Resort is a four-seasons resort located in Western Maryland. Our participants that come here through the J-1 Visa program, mostly we hire them through the winter months. They’re here for a three-month time period, and we have a variety of jobs that they do. We have the opportunity to have young, excited international students that bring […]