myCADtools: ProjectExplorer – Productivity Tools For SOLIDWORKS

To download this tool, click on the link given in the description. ProjectExplorer enables you to restructure a project directly from Windows Explorer without losing any SOLIDWORKS links between documents. In this example, all parts and assembly documents have been created with a single name in the same folder. I retrieve (by copying) the path of the folder […] Quick Demo Tutorial Project Management Software

alright guys my name is Albert Polanco and with Zaun product photography and what we do is we specialize in e-commerce product photography for Amazon sellers and other e-commerce platforms and today I wanted to go through and talk about working with my freeeup freelancers with Monday comm which is a project management tool and by far in […]

EARN Webinar: Ensuring Productivity: Developing Effective Reasonable Accommodations Programs

>>All right. Good afternoon, everyone. My name is Brett Sheats, and it’s my pleasure to welcome you to today’s webinar entitled Ensuring Productivity: Developing Effective Reasonable Accommodations Programs. This webinar is hosted by the Employer Assistance and Resource Network on Disability Inclusion, or as it is we’re more often called EARN. And it’s also in collaboration with the […]

Maximize a Cobb Douglas Production Function Using Lagrange Multipliers

Suppose we’re given the following Cobb-Douglas production function, P of L comma K, where L is the units of labor, K is units of capital, and P of L comma is total units that can be produced with this labor/capital combination. Suppose each unit of labor costs $900, and each unit of capital costs $1,800. Also suppose a […]