How to Sense Distance with an AutomationDirect Productivity Series Controller

For this demo we’ll be using an Ultrasonic distance sensor that outputs 4-20mA and a Laser Distance sensor that is configured to output 0-10Volts. Watch the Tech Tip videos to see how to setup and configure those sensors. We just take those outputs and wire them into the Analog Inputs of the controller. The Productivity 2000 has several […]

SwiftCase Productivity Podcast #7 – Cloud Software and SaaS

Hi everyone and welcome to the SwiftCase productivity podcast with me, Adam Sykes, the founder of SwiftCase, the professional productivity platform. CRAIG: And I’m Craig McCarthy, development manager for SwiftCase, based in our Baltic Triangle office. Hi, I’m Phil, a developer also in the Baltic Triangle office. Okay great, so today we were gonna have a little talk […]

Intro to the Solow Model of Economic Growth

♪ [music] ♪ – [Alex] Here’s a fact about economic growth that might seem counterintuitive. During World War II, Germany and Japan suffered heavy losses. Millions of people were killed. Entire cities were flattened. Roads, bridges, factories, and other resources critical to an economy were destroyed. Yet, following World War II, Germany and Japan both grew quickly. In […]

🍿 26 Life Lessons I Learned at 26 | Letting go, giving back, self care

hey guys ~ welcome back so I’m turning 27 this week and this may be an unpopular opinion but I actually feel like growing up.. it’s such an exciting thing because as I get older the more I learn about the world and myself the more I learn about the person I want to become the more I […]

Step 8 of 10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity Video Course

Welcome to Step 8 of our “10-steps to Ultimate Productivity Course”. Here we’ll make sure you schedule 1-2 hours a week for a meeting with yourself to review your productivity system. Trust me, it’s a very important meeting. So you have mastered the previous 7 lessons of our course. You know how to clear your head, organize tasks […]

The 3 Best iOS Apps for Personal Development

– Hi, I’m Angelia Trinidad, CEO and founder of Passion Planner and today you’re watching the game-changer where I share game-changing ideas that have helped me on my journey to becoming a millionaire, but, most importantly, live life more intentionally. So today’s topic is my top three favorite apps for personal development. So a lot of people struggle […]


Hello there I’m Natalie and I left procrastination nation raise your hand if you procrastinate Or in this case give us me a thumbs up, but no worries. I’m gonna show you the best productivity and school hacks Hold up. I’m doing huge giveaway right now where I’m giving one lucky subscriber a canon camera. Oh my god […]

Remote Program Productivity PLC Through the StrideLinx VPN Cloud

In this video, we will show the process of getting connected to a Productivity CPU through the StrideLinx VPN router. If you have not already setup you Router please see the videos for the initial setup, in the description below. Once you have setup your router then continue on to this video. First we must discuss how the […]

How to Set SMART Goals

Hey kings and queens, I’m sure most of you have dream But in order to make them come true dreaming is usually not enough There is a great method called smart which helps you set goals wiser and transform your dreams into concrete goals instead of being far away Your dreams become achievable Smart Criteria means specific measurable […]