Get productive – How to use your planner to keep you focused & productive

Hi.. I’m Judy Machado-Duque author of life purpose playbook and founder of In this video I’m going to show you four ways to use your planner to keep you focused and productive every day. Watch this video until the end so that you get a free copy of my template to make your goals happen faster than […]

NEUROFEEDBACK to increase focus and productivity!

My productivity in focus was nothing I had experienced before Hello beautiful people, welcome back to my channel sky life This video is all about my experience trying neurofeedback for one month You might be wondering what the heck is Neurofeedback and that’s exactly what I first thought when I first came across it I was listening to […]

Mingis on Tech: All about the world of collaboration software

hi and welcome back to Mingis on tech I’m Ken Mingis executive editor with computer world I’m here with Matthew Finnegan also from computer world today’s topic collaboration the collaboration mark and what’s going on so stick around okay so Matthew thanks for being here I should note that Matthew is actually based in Sweden and we have […]

Five ways to create more time in your life – Especially for Entrepreneurs

– Today I’m gonna share with you five ways to create more time in your life. I’m Lisa Johnson, a multi-six-figure business coach, and in two years I’ve built a business online where I make 80% of my income from passive and semi-passive income streams. It’s true, we’re all time poor. Most of us would do anything to […]

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