Patra Frame: What Does an Employer Expect from a Job Seeker Now

Patra Frame: What Does an Employer Expect from a Job Seeker Now

What does an employer expect now? In times
of recession, employers really look at what a person can do for them immediately. That’s
the question that they want you to answer. What can you do for me right now? To do that,
you have to show your value. You demonstrate your value through relevant
achievements that really tell your successes in a way that makes them important to the
employer. They want to know that you really can do something for them immediately without
training, without a lot of time, but an immediate difference in their business. They want an employee who is focused. They
don’t want you to sort of maybe want to do this and sort of maybe want to do that. They
want you to tell them and to know what you want to do, where you want to do it, and why
you have passion for that. These depend on your research. You need to be very clear with
your own self assessments and you need to be very clear in terms of the research you
do about the organizations which interest you so you can demonstrate your focus and
your value to them in terms they understand. And finally employers really want perfection.
Now is the time that they are looking for top quality. They may have had to lay employees
off or they may be growing, but in either case they’re looking for top quality. And
that includes the fact that simple errors can knock you out. This is not the time to
have an error in your resume, an error in your cover letter. Or an error in the e-mail
and other documents that you send to them. So what you need to do right now to meet an
employer’s expectations and find that job where you can really succeed, is demonstrate
your value in terms that they understand and that apply to their business. Be very focused
in terms of who you talk to, what organizations and what you know about them in advance, based
on your research. And third, present your self as the professional highly qualified
person that you really are. That’s it, it really sounds easy, but it does mean that
now is the time for you to make the best possible case for yourself to distinguish yourself
in the employer’s eyes so that you get the job.


4 thoughts on “Patra Frame: What Does an Employer Expect from a Job Seeker Now”

  • i cannot believe i wasted 3.45 of my life watching and listening to this video about what an employer wants, which is quite simple someone who is ready to go that extra mile and will be willing to do whatever it takes to elevate their business and bottom line with no regard to the employees needs or wants as this is what it takes to be a great employee which to say the least total crap because there are no jobs left because they have all gone to China 🙁

  • if this is how you write your emails and how your thoughts are organized when you contact employers I can guarantee you that the reason you're not getting jobs has got nothing to do with China

  • No this is not how i write my emails ! this is simply stating the facts the majority of manufacturing has been offloaded to other countries quite simply due to lower labor costs so instead of talking about how i write emails applying for jobs why dont you answer these questions why is Ford Australia closing why is GMH retrenching workers and what happened to Mitsubishi Australia thats right they are closed,closing or going to close and the follow on effects are effecting all businesses !!!!!!!

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