Peek Inside This Women’s Empowerment Event

Peek Inside This Women’s Empowerment Event

I’m Judy Machado-Duque author of life
purpose playbook and founder of productivity goddess. In this video
I’m going to take you inside the special events called Pure Radiance hosted by
Happy Healthy Women. So, make sure you watch this video until the end so that
you can get a copy of my 30 day declutter challenge. So let’s begin.
This movement happy healthy women and this spring summit was created by
Natalie Kola lilo with the intention of bringing women together to support them
in being happier and healthier in their life and business. The event was held at
the gorgeous Lula lounge in Toronto and was packed with amazing presenters who
each spoke about an area of Radiance including the holistic hustle,
self-expression, relationships, health entrepreneurship and overall life. There
was even a time for us all to express ourselves through movement, it was
interesting how each presenters message was aligned with an overall theme of
following your heart to become truly fulfilled. There was also a vendor
marketplace so all the women could be supported with all kinds of products or
services and there was so much authentic mingling and connecting, it was such a
magical event that everyone felt like the goddesses that they are from the
very beginning all the way through. Here’s what a few ladies had to say
about the event. I am very excited to be connected to these amazing women, their personal story and their achievements and just all the
information that they’re sharing with everyone. oh my gosh I’m so excited
connect with so many like-minded so many these women are so excited and so
inspiring. what I love most about these live events are the energy and support
you receive we all know that we become like the people we spend most of our
time with these events and specifically this happy healthy women group creates
such a great environment that will support your dreams I just can’t get
enough of Natalie the founder and this beautiful group of goddesses and I know
that if you’re living somewhere in Canada you’ve got to join us collective
and get supported right away. So there you go now you’ve seen inside this
gorgeous women’s summit that we just attended and I hope that you are now
inspired to take action on the things in your life that really matter. Now can you
use a little help in getting unstuck in one of the areas of your life well no
problem I’ve got this great document for you called the 30 day declutter
challenge. So, make sure you click the link in the description below so you can
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