Penalties for Late Workers’ Compensation Checks

Penalties for Late Workers’ Compensation Checks

Hello, my name is Jason Perkins. I’m a Georgia Workers Compensation Attorney. I specialize in helping injured workers and
their family of worker’s compensation claims. One of the benefits that may be available
to you under worker’s compensation law is benefits for late checks. Generally worker’s compensation pays you three
types of benefits. Wage loss benefits, which are either temporary
total disability or temporary partial disability. Medical benefits and permanent partial disability
benefits. The temporary total disability, temporary
partial disability, and permanent partial disability are usually paid as weekly checks. Sometimes permanent partial disability benefits
are paid as a lump sum. You may also receive checks if you end up
settling your case at some point or if you go to court and a judge issues payment of
certain benefits. The question that comes up a lot is when does
the insurance company have to pay these benefits? Let’s talk about just a regular weekly checks
first. The temporary total disability, temporary
partial disability, or permanent partial disability. Many times the insurance company agrees to
pay these benefits voluntarily. That means you don’t have to go to court to
get them started. If they’re paying these benefits to you voluntarily,
then they need to be paying them on a weekly basis in most situations. When the checks are being paid, they should
pay you for one week at a time. What are the checks like? Basically depends on where the checks are
being sent from. Insurance companies generally going to be
putting the checks in the mail although they are direct deposit on occasion if both you
and the insurance company agree to it. If your check is being mailed though, it matters
whether your check is being mailed from in Georgia or outside of Georgia. If it’s coming from in Georgia, then the insurance
company only has to mail your check by the last day that it’s paying you for. If you have a check that’s paying you for
January first to January seventh, the insurance company sends the check on time if they put
it in the mail with proper postage and mail it on January seventh, the last day that it’s
paying you for. However, if the check is coming from outside
of Georgia, the check needs to be sent three days before that. My example I gave of January first to January
seventh, the insurance company would need to mail the check from outside of Georgia
on January fourth in order to have it be mailed on time. If checks are not mailed on time, they are
subject to late penalties. With regards to weekly check, the late penalty
is 15 percent of the check amount. If you’re dealing with a check that’s 500
dollars per week and the insurance company is late on it, they owe you a 75 dollar late
penalty. Late penalties can also be due on settlement
checks or checks to do with payment of awards where you go to court. In those situations, the late penalty is actually
a 20 percent late penalty. When are those checks due? When you’re dealing with an award from going
to court or a settlement, which is basically also an award, then the checks are due 20
days from when the award is issued. If the award is appealed, then that may actually
hold off on when the insurance company has to pay the checks. If they don’t appeal the award, they need
to pay it within 20 days. If they don’t, then they should owe a 20 percent
late penalty on that check. I hope you found this information helpful
today. If you have, please let me know by giving
a thumbs up on YouTube. If you’ve got any questions about late penalties
or anything else to do with Georgia worker’s compensation law, I’d be happy to talk to
you about those. The best way to do that is by normally setting
up a free consultation with me. You can set up a free consultation by calling
me at 770-214-8885 or by reaching out to me through our website and completing the form
there. That website is Thanks for watching today. Best of luck to you as you recover from your


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  • I haven’t received any of my checks and it’s been almost a month. I’ve had a new caseworker assigned to me. Last week. Don’t know if the last one screwed up and that’s the reason I’ve not received any money. This whole workers comp is horrendous. They don’t care that I have bills coming in,they don’t care about the mortgage. Plain and simple. They don’t care

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