People Guess Who’s a Sex Worker from a Group of Strangers | Lineup | Cut

People Guess Who’s a Sex Worker from a Group of Strangers | Lineup | Cut

– Get it! (whip snaps loudly) – [Group] Woo! – [Isla] Got my butt hole
and my vag a little bit. (group laughs) – [Isla] My name is Isla Dizon
and I am a full-time student. – [Madison] I’m Madison, finance manager at a used car dealership. – [Host] Today you’re gonna be guessing who here is a sex worker. – Oh. Okay. – [Madison] Sex worker? – [Man] Oh shit, like, like they slangin? You know what I’m sayin,
like who’s slangin? – [Madison] Well, what’s like, the definition of a sex worker? – [Host] What do you
think is the definition? – [Madison] A prostitute? Could be a stripper- – [Man] I fuck wit strippers. I know strippers. – [Host] Someone who’s
in the porn industry would be a sex worker. – [Madison] Oh yeah, yeah. – [Isla] Yeah, anything to do with sex. – [Host] Alright, so we’re gonna bring out a line of people behind you. – Oh, Lord. – [Host] So behind you is your people. – [Madison] That’s a nice looking group. – [Host] Alright, so
we’ll start on the left. I’m gonna take this gentleman out. What do you think, sex
worker or not sex worker? – [Madison] Uh, not. – [Host] Why? – [Madison] The shoes. (group laughs) – You look
like a construction worker. – [Webcam Man] You could be both. – But you could be both. – [Man] Recreationally, what
kinda shit do you like to do? – [Webcam Man] Well, I work in
the garden a lot at my house. – [Man] Garden? – [Webcam Man] Yeah. Go for a lot of walks, read a lot. Hang out with the cat. – [Isla] Oh, with the cat. – [Host] Does he look
like he is a sex worker? – [Isla] No! – Do I think
you’re a sex worker? I don’t really think you are, no. – [Man] I’m gonna guess no
on this one though, man. I’m probably wrong, but I’m a guess no. – [Host] Alright. – [Man] Alright. – [Isla] Take off the garment. (Madison laughs) Oh my God! Um, there’s a lot of hair! (Madison and Isla laugh) – [Robbie] A lot of hair? – [Host] First impression? – [Isla] You know, like a college boy. – [Robbie] Got my backpack over there- – [Isla] Yeah, yeah. – [Robbie] Just on my way to class. – [Isla] Yeah. But like, you’ve been in college too long. (group laughs) – She just called you stupid! (group laughs) – [Isla] I’m just like
censoring the nipples. (group laughs) Um, yeah, like kinda looks like a porn body. – I think
Robbie’s just a normal guy, I don’t think he’s a sex worker. – [Man] My guy’s a gigolo,
you know what I’m sayin? He’s out here slangin that surfer pipe, you know what I’m sayin? (men laugh) – Final decision. – [Host] Alright, back in line. – [Isla] He could
probably put his shirt on, if he wants. – [Host] Alright, who’s next? – [Madison] This is a tricky one. – Ray, how would
you eat this here banana? – [Group] Well, damn! Damn! – I don’t
know, Ray’s energy is like, overpowering me. – [Man] You go to the
club a lot on the weekend? – [Ray] Shit man, when
I was a little younger, yeah we’ll go out to the club. Tittie bars and all that shit. – [Man] Tittie bars, huh? – [Ray] Yeah. – [Madison] I feel like I
should make everybody dance. – [Madison] Yep, that’s a no. (group laughs) – [Isla] He’s a sex worker! – I’m gonna
go sex worker with him. – [Host] What kinda sex worker? – I think
just regular gay porn. (group laughs) – [Man] Fuck. You know what? I don’t know. I’m really stuck, I don’t
know if she’s in it or not. Man, I really don’t know. – Do you
mind me asking your age? – [Escort] 58. – 58, okay. – [Isla] That was a good one. – [Escort] Well that’s it for free. (group laughs) – I don’t know, I don’t think she’s a sex worker. You might have been in your past cuz you’re really pretty and you got the nice facial features, but I don’t think you are now. – [Madison] No. – [Escort] Why don’t you
think I’m a sex worker? – [Madison] She seems too nice. – [Man] Yeah I just feel
like she just might not be. I don’t know I’m just
not feeling that vibe. – Hi, how are ya? What’s your name? – [Kayla] Kayla. – Kayla, nice to meet you. You’re gorgeous by the way. – [Isla] Right off the bat,
I would say, like, webcam. – [Man] (sings) My way, she likes it my way, oh, oh, oh. She knows how to work a mufuckin pole. – [Host] You’re saying that
she’s an erotic dancer? – [Man] Absolutely. – I don’t
think she’s a sex worker, y’all just tryin to confuse
me cuz she’s pretty. She probably got a good job- – [Madison] Not a sex worker! – [Isla] Pretty sure our Asian
parents wouldn’t approve. – Hello, what’s your name? – [Tomas] Tomas. – Tomas? nice to meet you Tomas. Are you in college? – [Tomas] I graduated last year. – Oh what was your major in? – [Tomas] Gender, woman
and sexuality studies. – Oh, I’ve
never heard of it honestly. – [Man] My first impression is my guy don’t give a shit
what anybody thinks. Kinda like me, you know what I’m sayin? – [Isla] Yes! – [Madison] Hard yes. Hard yes. – I don’t know. – [Man] Yeah, my dawg’s
out here on the cam fo sho. (group laughs) – [Madison] Are you flexible? – [Girl Pornstar] I would say so, yeah. – You have your own place? – [Girl Pornstar] Yeah,
I live with my man. – Oh, a man! How much money do you make
on a day-to-day basis? – [Girl Pornstar] Depends on the month. – It’s not
like the same every month? – [Girl Pornstar] Yeah. – [Host] Eat a banana. – [Madison] Oh can we do that? – [Isla] Alright, geez. (group laughs) – [Madison] I’m gonna say no. I already knew, no, a long time ago. I just wanted to see that. (group laughs) – I’m not
getting, like, sex vixen. But she could be a cashier
or like a waiter or waitress. (group claps and cheers) – [Man] She’s in the field. Fo sho. – [Isla] Not sex worker, not sex worker! She’s just tryin throw me off! – How are you? – [Rain] Nice to meet you. – What’s your name? – [Rain] Rain. – Rain? Okay, sex worker. (group laughs) – [Isla] Girl, are you
wearin Sketchers or somethin? – [Dominatrix] I don’t
think they’re Sketchers, I don’t know what the fuck they’re called. They’re like hiking boots. They match my husband’s though, so. We like to match. – [Isla] Not sex worker. – [Host] Why? – [Isla] Cuz she gotta husband! – [Dominatrix] Don’t think
I can flirt with some because they have partners? Or like, families, or like lives? – [Isla] Okay, now she’s
making me think she is! – I could see you doing some dominatrix type shit. – [Dominatrix] Cuz you’re real- – Yeah, like
you don’t have sex with them, but you’re, psh, psh, psh! – [Man] Matter of fact, can I
get a whip check real quick? Don’t hit me! – If you
were to be a dominatrix, what would be your tagline? Like, I’m Rain, let’s get wet
or somethin, I don’t know. (group laughs) – [Man] I’m gonna go wit no. – [Dominatrix] That’s good, no? – [Isla] No, it wasn’t. That’s a no. – [Madison] Not. – I still
gonna go with my first guess with Miss Rain. I think she might be a dominatrix. – [Host] Alright. – Alright, coach. – [Host] Alright, who’s next? – [Madison] I don’t know, you just seem, young. – [Kayla] Are young people
like me not sex workers? – [Madison] I would just hope, would hope not. – [Isla] I don’t know. Some reason, the way she’s
unwrapping it kinda just- (group laughs) – [Isla] No! – [ ] Webcam model for college. – [Madison] I’m goin with no. – [Man] I’m a guess no, fuck it. – [Host] Alright. – [ ] Alright,
last but not least. What’s your name? – [Artisca] Artisca. – [ ] Artisca? Do you have any kids? – [Artisca] I have one. – [ ] One kid, how old are they? – [Artisca] She’s 20. – [ ] Oh, wow! You look really good! – [Isla] Exotic dancer, maybe. She looks like she can move. – [Madison] Maybe webcam. – [Host] Why? – [Madison] I don’t know, she
got that twinkle in her eye. – [ ] This is hard vibe! I’m just goin normal mom,
she just looks really good. Not a sex worker. That’s what I’m givin you. – [Host] Alright. Can I get center, Carlos? If you’re a sex worker, raise your hand. – [Isla] Oh! – [Man] Okay, so I got three, outta ten. – [Isla] I knew it! Oh my God! – [Host] Now I’m gonna have
you meet all the people and have them talk about what they do. – [Isla] What did I freakin say? I knew it! I said I was gonna regret this. – [Garden Man] I wouldn’t guess me either, I’d guess you if I was- (group laughs) – [Man] So what do you do, bruh? – [Garden Man] Well, I’m on
the internet on a webcam. – [Man] Oh, you doin the webcam shit! – [Garden Man] Yeah, it’s pretty sweet. – [Man] Aw shit. – [Madison] What kind of stuff do you do? – [Garden Man] Pretty much
anything anybody wants. – [Madison] Yeah. – [Garden Man] I mean a lot of people gonna look at your armpits. – [Man] Why the fuck would you do that? – [Isla] What is the highest sum that you’ve ever gotten for- – [Garden Man] I think
50 bucks all at once. – [Isla] 50 bucks for what? – [Garden Man] I think the guy
wanted to watch me jerk off. It’s always guys. – [ ] Oh wow. I know people pay money for shit, but I’m an entreprenuer. I might have to get into this game. – [Garden Man] Honestly, I would. (group laughs) – [Man] What’s good man? – [Robbie] I am a porn star. – [Man] I knew it, I knew it! My dawg, slangin that surfer! – [Robbie] Are you intimidated by standing next to a porn star? – [Isla] Yeah! – [Madison] What kind of stuff do you do? – [Robbie] I do straight porn. – [Madison] Straight, just? – [Robbie] Me and a girl. – [Madison] Yeah. – [Robbie] Me and multiple girls. – [Man] How would a big fella like me get in some shit like that? – [Robbie] It’s really slow
for guys in the beginning because you have to prove yourself. You have to, like work up this reputation whereas like girls get in, it’s just like they’re shootin them galore because, you know, you
don’t have to worry about them getting their dicks
hard or anything like that because girls can fake it. – [Madison] We should, like,
get coffee or somethin. I would love to ask you like
a million more questions, like I really would. – [Isla] What is an escort? – [Escort] An escort is someone who is a compensated companion that has sex for money. – [Madison] Do you enjoy it? – [Escort] I like this job
better than any job I’ve had. – [Madison] Yeah, yeah. – [Isla] When did you know you
wanted to become an escort? When did you like, you were like, “Yeah!” – [Escort] When I turned 50. – [Madison] When you turned 15? – [Escort] 50. – [Madison] 50! – Are you pretty good? – [Escort] I think I’m very good. – (laughs) I’m
just askin, I don’t know! – [Escort] Yeah, if I just
passed 100,000, I’m sure- – You made $100,000? – [Escort] I passed that, yeah. – Oh my God! – [Man] So do you ever face any problems not having any, you know,
representation or anything to protect you or anything? – [Escort] No. – [Man] No one ever fucks wit you? – [Escort] Not really. Yeah I think you attract the
kind of people that you are. Just the same with a regular life. – [Man] Word. – [Isla] Did you raise your hand? – [Girl Pornstar] I did. – [Isla] What do you do? – [Girl Pornstar] I do hardcore porn. – [Madison] Wow. Fuck, when you did the banana! – [Girl Pornstar] Yeah that was like a sure-tell sign that I- – [Kayla] Can deep-throat dick. – [Girl Pornstar] Yeah, it was. – [Isla] I was like, stripper! But then I was like- – [ Girl Pornstar] I’ve
actually never stripped. – [Man] Is it easy? – [Girl Pornstar] No. It’s like really emotionally
and physically draining. It can be fun. It’s a lot of fuckin hard work. – [ ] Well thank
you for coming up today, I love you, you’re so awesome. – [Dominatrix] I do
dominatrix work mostly, yeah. – [Madison] She’s the dominatrix. – [Isla] I was thinking leather would have hinted, you know? – [Dominatrix] Why the
fuck would I wear leather? – [Isla] I don’t know! They’re always wearing shiny leather!
– And it’s hot! – [Madison] What kinda stuff do you do? – [Dominatrix] Um, mostly
just like domming straight men who like control way too
much and wanna lose control. – [Madison] Yeah. – [ ] So do ever
actually ever have sex with them? Or is it just like- – [Dominatrix] Just beatin people up- – [ ] You’re
like an exotic therapist. – [Dominatrix] I could be that shit! – [ ] Right! – [Dominatrix] There’s a lot of guys that weren’t able to get their needs fulfilled. I was like, “I can punch you in the face
for $100, fuck you mean?” – [Man] I fuckin love her, yo! Like I fuckin love her! – [Madison] Yeah, thank you
guys, you’re all fuckin awesome! (group claps) Thank you for not fuckin gettin mad at me! Jesus! – [Isla] So wrong, so wrong! I want a group hug! – [Kayla] Are you for real? – [Isla] Yeah I’m legit! (group laughs and talks over each other) – [Host] Alright, that’s a cut!


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