Philly Workers Share Why They Need a Fair Workweek

Philly Workers Share Why They Need a Fair Workweek

I am 20 years old and working right out
of high school. I was all worried about college but now what about my house and
my food and the job everything was kind of just like a truck it just hit me and I was in a very bad position because I didn’t have anything to fall back on. I kind of just had to drop out of school and go right into work. My scheduling was
never consistent, so it was hard for me to kind of plan out what money I was
gonna have that week or in future weeks to pay for things because I never knew how I was gonna work. I am one of the 73% of Philadelphia workers in this sector whose family
experiences chronic stress from the result of my work schedule. The schedule gets posted – it’s supposed to be posted – Thursday night. It usually gets posted Friday for the next Saturday morning. Really a lot of times your hours change
with less than 24 hours notice. My son is autistic but he also has seizures,
so I’ve been struggling to try to find a way to get my testing done, get
appointments for him, and for myself. If you have an unpredictable schedule, it’ll affect the times when you may drop your child off.
And although day cares, they have they have hours where you can drop them off
in between, they don’t like it when you switch up the drop off time for your
child. Target promise you to give you 40 hours and then they don’t they don’t
give it to you. After you work for them for like a month, they start cutting
your hours. You’ll see barely 40 hours. They don’t want you to have the health
benefits – they want to keep you part-time. People get sick – we’re human.
Emergencies happen. Sometimes, just day-to-day, you think you’re off, only to
find out the day before, I have to go to work. And you have childcare or you have
things to do, and now you have to cancel it. Your job success depends on you being
there. We need a fair work week. In early 2018, workers kicked off a movement to
fight for the right to a stable schedule, predictable hours, and the basic dignity
to take care of their families. 1.2 million workers in other cities and
states across the country like New York City, Emeryville, San Jose and San
Francisco, Seattle, and the entire state of Oregon are already benefiting from
the Fair Work Week policies. In February I filed a complaint and response to a
racist comment made over the walkie system. My hours fell even further after
I made that complaint, and no company should get to use hours as a way to
retaliate against n employee that stands up for their self. [applause] If moms like me got consistent hours, we could more adequately
plan for whatever may come up with our children. Today is about refusing to look
the other way when we see our neighbors struggling and being exploited by some
of the largest corporations in the world. Today it’s about you, the workers, for all
the workers who are trying to support yourselves and your families – this day is
about you. We’re so excited that City Council has taken the historic step and
introduced a Fair Work Week legislation today, and we’ll be here fighting until
the day it has passed and implement it in every store in our city. [applause] More predictable scheduling will change it for me because I will be able to map everything out: be able to
put bills to the side, you know calculate what my money
will go towards. I think I could just plan my personal life way better like
the family or personal appointments for just myself – my health or anything that’ll really work. What we are doing in the Fair Work Week side: we have been
organizing workers to try and get a bill passed. I’m fighting for the families that
don’t give fair hours. I’m fighting for the families who don’t get health benefits,
that can’t see their families, that have to always work work work and that
unpredictable scheduling. Fair workweek legislation is also about
flexibility to you know spend time with our families. That’s enough to you know
feed my family, that’s enough to get my grandmom the fruits that she needs to
keep her health right. Fair workweek legislation is basically predictable
hours that you know families can count on. Will you join us to make
Philadelphia the next city to protect service workers from unpredictable


13 thoughts on “Philly Workers Share Why They Need a Fair Workweek”

  • That's why I'm glad Republicans are taking over .. more and better time vocational schools are gonna back and wages will go up … Vote Republican in November everyone so these problems can go away

  • Country Boy Ogre says:

    Ummmm could just get a different job. It's not the governments place to tell owners how to run their business or schedule their people. If you don't like the hours or the schedule leave.

  • Toob247 Toob247 says:

    Get some training. Retail is not meant to be more than part time. Learn to install heaters and air conditioning. Or learn to drive a truck. Retail and amazon are not careers except for mngrs.

  • I am so for this people should not always have to work work work, whats the point in making money if ultimately never see it or be able to enjoy it I am so happy this actually exists because this is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!!

  • Such an important issue that effects a lot of people. Work plays such a big part of our lives we have to address WORK issues and environment because it carries over into our everyday lives.

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