Pixellot Showcases Its Automated Sports Production Systems at NAB 2018

Good afternoon everybody this is Marc
Ruskin the Chief Strategy Officer of Pixellot coming to you from NAB 2018 if
you couldn’t make it here in person I’m gonna give you a little bit of a
background on Pixellot on what our technology does Pixellot is really the world leader in automatic production for sports And what that means is that we
can produce games in Full HD with no camera operator. This allows us to give
our customers the opportunity to create more content that they’ve ever created
before and to do it less expensive than they’ve ever done it before. So all of
these videos have been produced without the help of a human. And it’s a really
interesting process that Pixellot uses to put these videos together. Our camera
head units actually capture a 180 degree view of the playing surface.
Whether it’s a field, a court, a pitch, or an ice hockey rink we’re capturing 180 degrees.
Then through a combination of algorithms and artificial intelligence we’re creating a
virtual camera that sits on top of the 180 degree view and produces the play. As you can see behind me it pans and tilts it also zooms to follow the most
important action of the game just as if a human camera operator we’re doing it
but remember there’s no human Additionally in our broadcast we have
some enhancements. In some of the videos you’ll be able to see that there’s a
score bar and running score clock. We do this by directly integrating with the
scoreboard in the venue bringing it into a series of cloud services we have that
create gorgeous overlays we interlay the video and present it. So I wanted to talk
just for a couple of moments about the head units that actually do the
capturing of the content because this is what really makes the Pixellot system
unique. Behind me you’ll see two different styles of head units. This unit here is two camera units. Both of them cover 180 degrees of the field. This unit here is our really high-end unit. These are each 5 megapixel cameras.
You’ll see that there’s four of them. Together they cover 180 degrees of the playing field.
And what the Pixellot solution does is takes those cameras and stitches them
together to create one unified view of the entire field. So even though we’re
using four cameras it looks like one in that 180 degree view. So I wanted to talk
just for a moment about our coaching solution. Pixellot really has
three levels of solution the first one was our base broadcasting solution which
we call Pixellot S. This one here is a Pixellot C which stands for coaching.
And then we have the Pixellot A which is our Advanced system.
For now I want to focus on the coaching system. The coaching system very similar to the
broadcast system carries this 180 degree view. And you can see as the box moves
around, this is what the cameras is seeing and how its producing the play.
But what you can also see the yellow and green boxes that are additional virtual angles.
Not cameras but actual virtual angles that we can create on the 180 degree view.
What this does is it allows coaches using our laptop software with a
joystick that is pan tilt and zoom and a jog shuttle for speed, fast forward
rewind slow motion or frame by frame to really get into any area of the court,
field, pitch or ice. It allows them to break down the game film in ways that
they’ve never been able to do it before In a traditional sense if a camera man’s
focused on one end of the field that’s all he can see and if something happens behind the play it leaves the coach blind. With the Pixellot system we’re
capturing 180 degrees at all times allowing a coach to see everything
everywhere every time in any device that he wants So I want to introduce my colleague Yossi Tarablus PIxellot’s Director of Marketing who’s going to
help me with a short demo of some additional features and functions that
are available inside all of the Pixellot systems The first we’ve already spoken about.
This is our core automatic production. We’ll move on next to a really great feature which we call additional camera angles. So beyond the autonomous camera that produces the game using artificial intelligence you can
add additional angles. These additional angles can be fixed stationary cameras,
remotely controlled cameras or even human operated cameras, and integrate
directly into the broadcast with our Advanced system. One of the other great features
in the Pixellot system is we provide some tools to help our partners
monetize their content. A lot of our partners talked about ads.
And you can see Yossi moved on here to show one of these ads. This ad happens to be in
the overlay format where it blocks the video behind it.
It presents the ad and ultimately would go away either when the ad
completed or when the director cut it off. Again this is available in our Advanced system and it’s soon to be available in our S system as well.
One of the really great features we’ve added recently are super high-end graphics.
These graphics are produced in the cloud delivered down to our video
processing unit then overlaid on top of the video If in the case there’s a live
running score clock that gets integrated as well directly from the clock inside
the arena and you can see that Yossi has showed two different versions of the
overlays just for this example. We can ultimately build any overlay you can think of as long as it fits within the broadcast window Next up I want to talk
about the ability for anybody to mark highlights This is for coaches and for
parents and for fans watching the game specifically on the mobile app you can
easily create a highlight collect that highlight and then distribute it on the
platform of your choice. Facebook or YouTube or Twitter or even Instagram.
Anywhere you want we can deliver these highlights. What I just described before was a human making highlights This is one of our newest features these are our automatic highlights Today available in basketball
what we’re able to do is to capture every basket and make it into its own highlight.
We’re then able to put those together and put all the highlights together
and make a highlight reel Next up we have the commentators tab.
You’re not going to hear much because here at NAB today it is crazy busy.
There are people swarming around everywhere So you can’t hear the
commentators in this example but I promise you they’re there. This is for a
play-by-play, color even a sideline reporter all can be integrated into the simple broadcast. Lastly we have what we call Manual Production Mode This is going to look really similar to the coaching mode demo I showed you before.
They’re built on fundamentally the same platform This is for the case where you
want to have a director or producer actually create the game content call
the cuts drop the overlays and even fade in fade out the audio talent or audio commercials.
This is a great feature available in our Advanced system and it
is available to anyone that wants to produce their own content
in either a fully manual mode or a hybrid mode using the autonomous camera
to follow the action and then bringing in the additional angles where necessary. so the last thing we wanted to share with you today is the mobile experience that Pixellot has created. And this really involves three major functions.
What you can see on the mobile screen right now is the automatically produced
view just like you saw on the web demo we did a moment ago. But what gets really neat is what you can do with what we call the panoramic view So you’ve heard me talk a
couple of times about how we actually capture the video and then how our AI algorithms actually produce the HD feed What Yossi is showing now is the
underlying 180 degree video which is in 4K or 8K depending upon the camera head
and then the ability to manipulate that Right now he’s doing it with his fingers
but if you watch closely you’ll start to move the actual phone itself and in
moving the phone it gives you a virtual reality type experience where you can
look around the pitch and see exactly what’s going on at any point in time. So the last thing that we wanted to show you is around the clipping functionality
that we’ve built into the mobile application So we already talked about as you’re watching a game you can zoom in and zoom out and look around the
field if you wanted to follow your son or daughter or niece or nephew or even a
friend this is really easy to do by using the zoomed in view.
But we can also create clips. The clips can be tagged with things like a red card or yellow
card or they can just be standard clips that you want to take and share on a social platform.
Yossi is demonstrating the different tags available right now
and ultimately he’ll cut a clip and show you how that’s all done. We’re recording now and as soon as Yossi says that it’s over he’ll finish the recording and that
clip will become almost instantly available to you in the clip viewer to
be shared on any platform you’d like


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