Plan your most productive week EVER

Plan your most productive week EVER

– If you would look at my
to-do list for just this week, you might think it was my to-do
list for the entire month. Look, I’ve got two small
kids, a growing business, and multiple YouTube
channels that I manage. Today I’m gonna show you how
to actually plan your week so you can see things get
checked off your to-do list. Finally. (mid-tempo music) Hi, and welcome back. My name is Trena. I’m a YouTube strategist,
and on this channel, I’m committed to helping
you do YouTube better. And you need to have the
time in your schedule to be able to shoot videos
and look over your analytics if you want to do YouTube better to help you grow your business. So when I realized the
things that I was tackling on my to-do list were kind of abnormal and people were asking me, “How do you get all of
that done in the day?” I realized I was on to something. So you see, I have two full days where I don’t have children at home, and they’re about 10-hour days because by the time Dad takes
the kids to the babysitter’s and picks them up, I’ve got
about 10 hours here to focus just on myself and on my business, whereas the other two days,
they are here in the house with my mom, and so focusing on things isn’t really happening, let’s say. So I know that I need to really strategize on the things I want to do and
the days I want to do that. So if you want to start
having a productive week, here’s what you need to do. The first thing that I do is every Sunday is I sit down and have a brain dump. I just have like a plain
notebook, this guy right here. I sit down and write down all
the things that are on my head that I think I need to get done that week. I also double-check my Google Calendar to see if I have any appointments, anything blocked off for the week, so that I get it down on paper. Now what’s really important to make this brain dump effective is if you know what your goals are. I like to set yearly goals, and I also like to set 90-day goals. Because what happens if we
don’t have a clear path, it’s basically like going on a road trip without a map, right? You get to a fork in the road. You’re not sure which direction to take. Maybe you try to do both. Maybe you panic and you don’t do anything. So if you have a clear goal and
you know where you’re going, it’s much more easier to simply know I’m taking a right here. Nope, I’m taking a left here. So what I like to focus
on is every 90 days, have one big goal. The last 90 days, my
focus was on launching my YouTube membership site. And so all of my tasks
were really aligned on setting up trainings, setting up content, social media strategy. And so all of the other things that came out of my
head in that brain dump, I knew I had to kind of set aside for now, because I needed to focus
on one particular thing. You can’t do everything, unfortunately. There are only so many hours in a day. And what you want to focus on, especially if you’re trying
to grow a YouTube channel or grow your business
is what are the goals that are going to move the
needle forward in that? So while the last 90 days, I focused on developing and launching
my YouTube membership site, if you want more information about it, I’ll link it down below, this 90 days, I’m focusing on my own YouTube strategy. So as a YouTube strategist
to many channels, I don’t really get to spend
the time on my own channel. I’ve heard this from one of my mentors. It’s kind of like the cobbler’s
kids never have new shoes. Well, the YouTube strategist
never has a clear strategy. She’s doing everybody else’s. So this 90 days, since we
got the membership set up and it’s working and is amazing, I’m now focusing on my YouTube strategy. I’m looking at my click-through rates. I’m looking at the content I’m creating. I’m focusing more now on my strategy. So that means a lot of
my to-dos on my list are really gonna focus around YouTube now. Then, in possibly the next 90 days, I might try to focus on
my social media strategy. So maybe I want to grow
my Instagram account, maybe I want to grow my Facebook presence, but for this next 90 days, I’m
focusing solely on YouTube, so I don’t get overwhelmed and stressed, and I’m not able to do tasks that help me see the needle move forward, ’cause there’s nothing worse
in a week than sitting down, seeing you checked everything
off, and not seeing progress, not seeing more views, not
seeing more subscribers, or it’s your business,
not seeing more clients, not seeing more sales. That’s why it’s really
important to focus on one thing every 90 days. All right, so now you have
that brain dump and your goals in mind, the next thing you want to do is start grouping together similar tasks. But what I like to do is grab these and just start highlighting
the tasks that are similar. What this helps me do is see where I can start grouping
these similar tasks. So I like to batch. If you watch any of my content here, you know I batch-shoot videos. So today, I am filming
about eight or nine videos, and I’m batching them all in one sitting. I know I have my makeup on, I
know I have my camera set up, I know the house is quiet, and I’m going to shoot as
many videos as possible here. It’s also because I’m in this mindset, and I’m not having to
bounce back and forth from task to task. When you do that, you
actually lose IQ points. So my calendar is absolutely blocked for this chunk of time here this morning for me to shoot these videos, so I’m not having to
switch brain waves here and go from like a client coaching call to a YouTube Live to a video editing. I’m just focusing on YouTube
and shooting content. Some other tasks I love to group together. Like I said, on Mondays and Wednesdays, I have the house empty, so I can focus on things
like this, shooting video, or more things that take more brainpower that I don’t need interruptions over. So on Tuesdays and Thursdays,
when the kids are home, what I tend to batch together is editing. I edit some videos for my clients, and I know if a kid busts in the door and asks a question or
cries or something happens, I know that it’s gonna be easier for me to back into editing, than
say if I was shooting content or if I had a client call. And so that’s how I start
grouping things together. So I start taking that list and all of the groups of similar tasks and start fitting them into my schedule. Like I said, shooting videos,
maybe writing email funnels, maybe analyzing email funnels, or doing any kind of analytical stuff would go on Mondays or Wednesday,
when the kids aren’t here, because that takes a lot of focus for me to really break that
down or write content. Those days are also the days for me to have calls with clients. So this is a Monday I’m shooting on. Wednesdays generally are the
days that I have client calls, whether it’s coaching calls, whether it’s podcast episode recordings, whether it is onboarding
or a team meeting. Wednesdays are for calls, because again, no kids are gonna bust through the door, and I can really give my clients and the person that I’m speaking to on the other end of the
phone my pure attention. It also prevents me from
getting on a call, editing, getting on another call, shooting a video. Every time you switch those tasks, you’re going to lose IQ points. So I try to stay in
that same zone of genius throughout chunks of time. All right, so now you can start to see where you’re going to start putting these chunks of
time together, right? Do you have client work? Do you have videos you need to shoot? Do you need to write an
email welcome sequence, or a sales funnel, or do your website? Start putting these tasks all together. Then the next thing I want
you to do is get electronic. Now I do love my simplified planner, and I do use it for my week, I have things written down here, but it’s also really
important to get electronic. So I use Google Calendar, and basically my life
is in Google Calendar. Clients can schedule their calls with me. It shows up on Google Calendar. People can schedule a
discovery call with me. It shows up on Google Calendar. My team meetings are
recurring every single week on my Google Calendar. So this allows me to
see my week at a glance. Where are the phone calls
that I have that week? And where can I start putting
batches of content together? I also a video on how
I use Google Calendar and how I start calendar blocking. I’ll link it right up above here and also in the description box. But I will take these chunks of time and start breaking up my day. Now don’t start putting
your batching content for a whole day, because what happens is, if you say it’s going to take me all day to shoot videos, it’s
going to take me all day, whereas I am just setting
aside four hours this morning. 8:00 a.m. to noon is the time that I’m shooting these videos. That’s the time I’m gonna get it done. If I made it five, six hours, that’s long how it’s
going to take me to do it. But I do have some other stuff
I want to get done today, so I’ve blocked off four hours. A task is gonna take you as
long as you give the time for it to do, so remember that. Don’t just block off an entire day. Set realistic time goals for that. Now the next thing that
I need to also block off is personal stuff. I need to take care of myself, I need to take care of my family, and so I’m gonna start adding that stuff into my week as well. So like I said, every Sunday, I sit down and kind of have
this brain dump session and start figuring out what are the things I need to get done, and also start writing out what my family and I are
gonna have for dinner. Actually, we break it down, what we’re gonna have for
breakfast, lunch, dinner, and I also plan two snacks a day. That also helps me figure out, okay, what do I need at the grocery store, because then we go to the
grocery store on Sundays after I plan out all of the
meals that we’re gonna have. Then, we come home from the
grocery store and I meal-prep. I want to eat healthy. I want to make my family eat healthy. And if I have a plan, I know exactly what we’re
going to eat all day, and it’s really going to
allow me to focus on my work when I’m working, and not thinking about, what do I need to make for dinner? Or, what’s for lunch today? I can take a break from my work, go down, grab the lunch
that I’ve already prepared here at home, yes, I
basically pack my lunch, even though I work at home,
because what happens is if you take the time to get
out of your zone of genius, what am I going to go
make, go make something, you’re going to lose that time. And for me, my Mondays and
Wednesdays are so precious. I don’t want to lose time
trying to think about what I want to have for lunch. So I go down, grab my
lunch, and then also, I know I want to have a good
dinner on the table at night, but I don’t want to spend hours making it, because I’m spending my
time being productive during the day in my business. So we will do a lot of
prepping for dinner. We’ll do a lot of big dinners,
say, on Sundays and Mondays, so that we can eat leftovers. And then I also plan in my workouts. So I have a video on my channel on how you can start
getting up at 5:00 a.m., but the best way for me
to get up at 5:00 a.m. is knowing exactly what I’m
going to do when I wake up, and that is where I plan my workouts. So when I get up at 5:00
a.m., I have a plan of attack. I’m not wasting time,
scrolling through YouTube, figuring out what workout I want to do, or just wasting time in the morning. I’m getting productive
as soon as I wake up. I also do this at 5:00 a.m. because I know if I don’t do it in the morning, my days are pretty jam-packed. And by the time I get to
the end of my to-do list, I’m pretty wiped out because I
put a lot of things in there. And so doing it in the morning not only allows me to get my workout in, but I also feel more energy, and I also feel more
focused throughout the day when I do that. Now if you want to watch that video on how I use Google
Calendar to calendar-block, click that video that is
on your screen right now, and don’t forget to
subscribe to this channel for new videos every single week to help you do YouTube better. See you in that next video.


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    I'm not seeing the info about the membership site in the description. Could you please post it? I'd like to check it out

  • Middle class wrapper says:

    Great video Trena thank you,yeah I work about million times harder and get loads more done now I've got kids

  • Simply Clarafying says:

    Great video!
    When do you research and write the scripts for the 8 videos you batch film? That's where I'm finding it hard to find the time. For each video I need to make sure I research and write our my script so at this point I have been only able to pump out one video a week. Any advice?
    Love your channel! ?

  • Context switching is one of those things that I wish everyone understood. Not only does it take time for you to get back into what you were doing, but by batching what you are doing, you find shortcuts that increase your speed. Great explanation !

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  • Ladies of Purpose TV says:

    You’re such an amazing boss mama??☕️?. I love how you have your days scheduled!!!! I absolutely agree on the 90 day focus/goals! Yesss girl I totally needed this reminder too…things aren’t going to happen…we have to make them happen!!!!! I’ve never used google calendar but I’ve thought about it. I love writing my schedule with pen & paper but I can see how lovely a digital planner would be especially to delete things or move them around. Keep rocking it girlfriend!!!!??? ~Shannon

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