Planner Overview with Hero Arts Planner Products

Planner Overview with Hero Arts Planner Products

Hey everyone! In today’s video I want to talk to you about something that Kristina Werner said that has really changed the way that I blog and stay organized. In a Crafty Chat not too long ago she talked about just having an inexpensive planner or calendar that you keep your blog posts in. I had never really done this – I usually just blogged when I had made a card that was worth sharing and I didn’t really have a plan and what she said was having it written down in a calendar format really allowed her to make sure she was using a variety of products, that she wasn’t using the same thing over and over which I tend to do, and that she could just see it a glance what holds needed to be filled on her calendar when she needed to film videos etc. So I started doing this a few months ago I bought a calendar just a basic very inexpensive planner and I started writing down every time i blogged. In the beginning I just wrote down what I had already done in there so that I could see if i was developing a pattern or exactly how i was going about blogging. I started this back in June I guess and i had just a couple of random posts and I put them in there just to see what my schedule was and just the act of doing that showed me that I had a lot of consistency to work on, a lot of areas to fill in and you can see that I improved that and I blogged quite a bit more. This was during Dare to Get Dirty so I had quite a few more cards to blog that month. And then the next month I had a few less, I was traveling. Then now I’m back on this schedule where I really am being consistent just because I can see it laid out – I can see where things are bunched up I can see where they’re empty and I find it incredibly helpful. So when I saw the planner products catalog from Hero Arts – first – I’m not a planner person at all – that is not my thing – God bless all you people who are but they’re so CUTE! All the planner stuff is so cute I’m not this level of organized so I won’t have a planner traditionally but I saw two products in here that really gave me an idea. It has turned into my new system for keeping my blog organized. The first is this big background rubber stamp which is just a monthly calendar it fits in your MISTI – this is in my original MISTI – I have this set up and I’m going to show you what i did with this in just a second. And then I saw some other things in here that I thought were super cute they have some real innovative little dies you can use these with your planner but they’re also great for just general card making and i’ll show you a project with one of those in just a second but this is what I do with that background stamp. I stamped this on blue cardstock and white cardstock double-sided so I stamped on each side of the paper this is six and a quarter by six and a quarter and I laminated it. Now look at the top – I just wanted to show you that i wrote that in Sharpie. So you can write in Sharpie and wipe it off with alcohol and it comes right off or you can write with dry erase markers which I like to do so I can write in a bunch of different colors and then change my mind quickly which I tend to do. But this way I just have one sheet that my blog calendars are on – I don’t have anything i have to fold open on my very teeny tiny desk. Then the white one is my birthday calendar so again this is a perpetual birthday calendar – I’ll always have it. I’ll have two months at a glance so I can flip forward and see who I need to send cards to and it’s just incredible how having just these two things on my desk instead of digging through a pile to try to find something that I have to fold out – I’ve talked to you guys about this before – space is really an issue in my office and my desk is a very tiny student desk that fit the space and so having a calendar that I had to open out isn’t really practical for me. This is very practical for me and i’m also using their weekly planner sheets for my work to do list. It’s great because i just use one piece of paper week and again it’s flat it fits on my desk and I don’t have to fold it out. So these are three things I’m going to have on my desk all the time I hope you find them useful. If you are a planner person there’s lots more stuff that you can do but for me this is something that has really changed me and made me more productive in so i thought i would share! Thanks so much for watching.


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