Pre-Production Tips for Preparing an On-Camera Interview – Video Production Tips by Web Video Crew

How to prepare for an on-camera interview When making a documentary or other interview
related project, it is important to be well equipped with proper information to handle
the subject professionally. Here are a few tips on how to prepare for an on-camera interview. When establishing contact with an interviewee
the first thing you’ll want to consider is location. Where the subject will best be placed
as either appropriate to the material being discussed, or to cater to the subject’s personal
comfort. An interview is best conducted when the subject is as comfortable as possible
to ensure the best quality discussion. Make a list of questions either separately
or with the help of the person being interviewed. A candid approach can lead to intriguing discussion
and more honest answers depending on the nature of the interview. However if the subject is
nervous or has specific points they’d like to discuss, encourage that by involving them
in the pre-interview process. Finally before you shoot, you’ll want to distribute
on-camera release documents to be signed by the interviewee. These, while seemingly unnecessary,
will grant authority to the production team to legally use the footage gained in which
ever way. This is important not only to establish trust amongst those involved, but helps to
insure that nothing used can be discredited or otherwise. Thank you for watching “Zero 2 Sixty”, if
you wanna talk video, give us a call!


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