Hey guys! Alright, this video is my first
segment in drugstore growth aids; so if you just started a hair journey or your
starting hair journey, not really sure where to start with growth aids, or if
you just want something really quick just to take a vitamin just to you know
get yourself acclimated to the world of growth aids. My first product that I
really wanted to talk about its my — my favorite one actually, it’s prenatal
vitamins. I have two that I’m going to show today, just because I was pregnant;
and I was taking them when I was not pregnant years ago when I was in college.
This is the one I actually love the most, just because it comes in a gummy
form; and it’s Vitafusion prenatal and there are 90 gummies in here, but you
take two a day so it lasts for 45 days, basically a month and a half; and they
are normal size. You can see them at the bottom there little squares; so they’re
not bad, they do taste really good. They have flavors in here but I can’t ever
tell the difference in the flavors, they just all taste the same to me; and here’s
the supplemental facts for you guys, so you can see that right there — it does have
great stuff in it with all the different vitamins and whatnot, but if you’ll
notice, it does NOT contain biotin. In this the one that I was prescribed, when
I was pregnant is by Prefera OB so you guys can see that biotin is in this one. You do
need a prescription for these, but even though it sounds like you know it’s
medicine it’s not, it’s just a vitamin; but here they are right here and these are
actually softgels. I personally don’t — didn’t like taking these. I only took
them for my second trimester and they’re actually purple you can’t really tell
but they’re purple and they smell like an orange chocolate, so they smell really
good. I just don’t like taking vitamins this size. Whenever you’re taking a
prenatal vitamin, what happens is basically it’s a vitamin for you, I’m
going to take — your body is taking everything that it is
supposed to take in. The growth aid part of it kicks in when it takes in more
than what it needs to — basically your body takes in as much as it can, and
that’s where the growth is attributed; and then anything extra from the
prenatal vitamin is what your body just gets rid of — so keep in mind taking growth
aids, you really need to take water — if it has biotin in it — you probably — you might break out depending on your skin type. This, I took
this in college; and this is kind of one of the first things that I took when I
was — before I even understood what a hair journey was — it was a shock to my system, so
it [my hair] grew like an inch; but after that I really didn’t see a difference with
growth in my third trimester. Basically, my hair, if you guys remember my bra
strap length video, my hair was just at the 3, just below the 3, and in the video I
just posted last week, if you guys want to check that out, my hair — it’s at the
4. So, my hair on average grows half an inch or quarter inch to half an inch a
month, so that’s pretty accurate for 4 months to get an inch this really didn’t
grow my hair a whole lot. But, I do recommend it, because I really did like these; not just
because they’re gummies, but just because it does work with the healthiness. With
the PreferaOB, the ones that were prescribed that actually contain biotin,
I took these in the second trimester and that was right — in my bra strap length
video — was at the very end of my second trimester. As soon as I had my third
trimester — so this really did help but it does have biotin in it, so that’s
basically why. These do have a lot of great vitamins that actually help with
your hair growth, but if it had biotin in it, I probably would’ve seen growth in
my third trimester. It was normal growth. But, it was healthy growth; so if you guys
have any questions, of course, comment, like, subscribe. Leave anything down below;
and yeah so like I said this is the first segment. My next two videos on drugstore
growth aids will be coming up in next few weeks. Stay tuned.
Thanks for watching! [MUSIC] [MUSIC]



  • That prenatal looks like a great multi-vitamin! Vitamins are so important just for general health. The fact that they help to grow hair is an added bonus! I take a bunch of individual vitamins-Biotin, D3, Zinc, B-complex, iron, calcium D and cod liver oil (vit A,D and omega 3) .  All of them–accept the zinc and cod liver oil–were recommended by my doctors. My only regret is that I did not start a strict vitamin regimen until I was 43 years old!!!

  • ecstaticblues says:

    Taking prenatals if you are not pregnat or just had a baby isn't good for you. I have asked a few doctors, looked it up and even saw it on a doctor show because an audience member broight it up. Just stick with a good multivitamin and a hair, skin and nails one. You'll see results as well.

  • Bianca Amezcua says:

    Do u take both gummys at the same time or do u take one gummy and wait a few hours and take the other one?

  • I see a lot of people keep on talking about Xohairbon Secrets (search on google). But I'm not sure if it's good. Have you ever tried using this popular hair loss home treatment?

  • I take prenatal pills and I'm not pregnant my baby is one yr old but I'm still nursing and my hair is at the middle of my back.

  • Sanaul Mahadi says:

    Is Rozefatrun Method effective to cure your
    hair loss and regrow it naturally? I've learn a lot of good things about
    Rozefatrun Method (google search it).

  • I eat two of the vitafusion gummies a day, and then i also have a glass of ovaltine (which has a lot of vitamins but i take it mainly for its source of iron, zinc, and biotin) all together its made my hair grow faster, and my circles under my eyes are starting to fade, my skin and hair just looks healthier all around. if you are lactose intolerant, a good substitute for ovaltine is ensure

  • I read lots of superb reviews on the net about how Rozefatrun Method will help you cure your balding hair and regrow it naturally. Has anybody tested out this hair loss home remedy?

  • Does Rozefatrun Method really work? I notice many people keep on speaking about Rozefatrun Method. But I'm not sure if it's good enough to cures your hair loss and regrow it safely.

  • Jasmine Simmons says:

    OMG u look so pretty and young here I love it. I actually used the exact same vitamins when I was pregnant. I actually had two miscarriages back to back but my second pregnancy I was taking the prenatal vitamins and noticed the difference in my hair growth it got extremely thick. Any suggestions on how you carried your baby to term? I was 10 weeks but baby died at 9 weeks no heartbeat. Doctor says I'm healthy so did you take progesterone cream or progesterone inserts or maca root or vitex?

  • brittany patterson says:

    A woman I work with is pregnant and is taking prenatal vitamins and her hair grew so fast. But I’m afraid because I’m not trying to get pregnant and I read somewhere that prenatal vitamins increase your chances of getting pregnant. Does anyone who if that’s true?

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