Producing Juliet: Season 1 Episode 1 “Pilot” Part 1

Producing Juliet: Season 1 Episode 1 “Pilot” Part 1

I won’t be a failure Anna. Don’t walk out that door and make me one. Failure might be… all that is left us. I wanna be who I once was I want us to be once we once were to each other But love has burned its way through us and moved on I can see that now and the only thing that I can’t see is how I’m going to… be completely without you. And it’s tearing me apart. Voice Over: This might have been how I first fell in love with Laura. I was just a spectator sitting in a room
full of strangers. if I think about it nothing has ever
felt so intimate and probably so inaccurate: End V.O. We’ve just become a habit to each other Is that so… horrible? This is our love. Can’t you feel it? Yes. [music] How do you always know when I’ll walk in
the room? Because you’re always thinking of undressing me. I can take it from here. I don’t want them waiting too long for me. Of course, I wouldn’t want to keep you all to myself. [music] V. O.: Sometimes I think it’s possible this woman is ruining me. Or maybe it’s my lack of interest in
anything else that has the bigger say. It’s hard to tell from here. Although I
doubt her proximity will change the distance. End V. O. She did great tonight. Yeah. She is indeed great. Please tell me this is the last time I see you during the run because you finally
come down to your senses about Laura. I thought you always liked having me here? How else would you let off steam.
Andrea: Rebecca this relationship or whatever it is between you is not healthy.
And my sour mood is perfectly reasonable. You try producing a show on a wink
and smile with the director and playwright fighting like the Capulets and Montagues.
Rebecca: Is that our Romeo & Juliet reference? Yes. And Rebecca you deserve better. Do I Andrea? I mean those words are meant to be the
great motivator right? “Rebecca deserves better” What if I
don’t care about any of that maybe I can live with the incredible moments
we have together followed by the days of complete silence.
It keeps me independent of attachment. I have my life she has hers, nothing clingy. It’s perfect. Do you realize how close I am to killing
you right now? You know our relationship is different. Is different the same as stupid? Rebecca, you’ve been cut down by a pretty face that
at best is emotionally unavailable and at worst knows exactly what she’s doing. And Rebecca you’re going to go home
tonight you’re gonna fight with yourself not to text and then
you’re gonna text and she’s not an answer, why because she doesn’t have to. Is it so easy for you to think so little of me? I’m just following your lead. It’s locked from the inside so that we’re forced
to live with our decisions. Theatre’s a strict disciplinarian. Or I can just wait for someone to come out and
charge back in while the doors to open. Like grabbing the bathroom at Starbucks
without actually buying the coffee. Damn it. This is where you ignore the mess and the
smell and do what needs to be done. Or has indecision set in and messed up this fun
analogy? What about you? The play’s over you’ve left the building but yet
here you are intruding on someone else’s moment to self-loathing. I’m intruding? Shit of course. It was meant to be conversation, sorry. I’ve been waiting out here awhile and you
seemed like someone with an interesting story. So I figured why not? But please carry on with whatever you’re
going to do that you’ll regret later. Damn it Ah yes. Simple words from a stranger get us to the truth everytime. And your name stranger? Juliet. Actor?
Juliet: God no, actors are the most selfish
people on the planet. I’m a writer, we’re just impossible
love. And you are? Nothing. I mean I’m not part of any of this. So I was right about you. Let me guess you’re here during the
whole opening night supporting thing? Yes and wait… Juliet Bello You wrote this play. That’s a kind way to put it. No. I didn’t
mean it is if I didn’t like it. I didn’t either. It was comment built on
my own self-loathing The reason I’m out here is because I’m trying to
keep a distance from the smell bullshit coming from the stage.
Rebecca: People love to play. Yes they did five years ago as well but
they haven’t given anything I’ve written since then a second look And don’t think I didn’t notice that you
said people love your play and not you Our common ground continues to grow by the acres. Juliet. Fuckface. Hiding from criticism again.
Juliet: No just
counting the number of brilliant play shit director comments I hear on
the way out. Wanna know the count so far?
Richard: No I don’t want to embarrass
you in front of your fans.
Juliet: Missed some tomato seeds up top
there. Parting is such sweet sorrow. Oh look your still here. Good to know there’s still hope for a
cure. Potential bad decisions can ruin a
civilization. Then civilization shouldn’t put its hopes
on me. But… I’m going to enjoy this moment of
self-restraint. It doesn’t come very often. Especially when I know she’s not very far from
the other side of this door. Would it help if she was a couple blocks away? I need another coffee and probably a drink And I’m also incredibly curious about all
this. And I guarantee you only someone with
fresh ears understand your story as you need them to. [music]


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