Production Pirates – Introduction Video

Production Pirates – Introduction Video

We are Production Pirates and we started 5 years ago in Meerhout. We have moved to Herentals this month. We started with two persons and in the meantime we have grown into a very nice team of six persons Our core business actually is Brand Activation Experiences. Brand Activation Experience actually means that we, for our clients, ensure that the customer actually gets to know the clients brand in a fun way where the experience is central. This means that you can use thematic decors to specifically adapted entertainment. Next to the Brand Activation Experiences we also make theatre shows which are actually intended for international themeparks business. we provide everything from start to finish for our client. From initial idea to final delivery of the show with all techniques included. This means from booking a director to writing the storyline, actors, acrobats, production of the decors and eventually we do the full show direction too. New for us this year are events. This is actually a new branch that will be added within Production Pirates. We have also recruited someone specifically for this. Because we will be focusing more on events and incentives because this question is more and more often coming in our direction. Everything in our company is well structured and divided in internal business units to what extent this is already the case in a small team. For instance, we have internally named events as Event Pirates to make sure that everything about events are part of that branche. We also have the branche Theming Pirates. This includes all the decors and the workshop Where we always work with freelancers. What Production Pirates differentiates from our competitors is that we always remain the contact point ourselves So personal approach to our client is very important to us. This is one of our fixed values We also try to make as much as possible in house This means that the client has one contact person during the whole project. In the current business we see that it is very important for the clients that they are comfortable with us. This is the reason why we have furnished our company in this way. Our conference room, for instance, is is kind of a warm loft. That is what we want to radiate. But actually is it a way to say that the clients can ‘come home’ when they are here. A lot of our clients are A brands. Think about ‘The Walt Disney Company’, ‘Universal Pictures’. But it is also our intention to broaden our client base in the future. This could be local as well. Sometimes people are a little afraid to work with us because they know that we have worked with Disney. But we like to work with everyone. At this moment, everything is going very fast, so I hope that this will be still the same in the future. This means that we are in a solid growth and we hope for the end of next year that we grow into a team of at least 10 persons. So that is the intention.


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