Productivity Hacks Every Social Media Manager Needs to Know

Productivity Hacks Every Social Media Manager Needs to Know

Hi, social media marketers. My name is Kerri from Socialbakers and I wanna share our top five
productivity hacks from the experts. Today’s marketers are having
to deal with two big challenges. Number one: Staying
at the forefront of an ever-changing social media landscape. Number two: Understanding that success
is achieved by maintaining this velocity but without the stress. The need to feel
productive is at an all-time high. The constant feeding
of the content monster across multiple different platforms. With this overwhelming stress comes
a greater need to detox from screens and distractions. Ryan A. Bell says his productivity hack is turning off his phone and leaving
it in the car when he gets home. Because he hates feeling like he’s
not a fully attentive and productive dad. For the first hack, let’s talk about time. Award-winning blogger Rebekah Radice suggests using tools
to help you manage time. Such as focus booster which is a really cool app
that helps you stay focused. You set your timer
for about twenty-five minutes and you focus
really hard on one particular thing that’s the most important to you and then you give
yourself a five-minute break. Speaking of breaks, tip number
two comes from Ben M. Roberts. And he has quite an interesting
tip that he calls Amish Hour. Basically, this means no technology. You use this time to focus
on something that is completely offline. Such as reading,
cleaning, horseback riding, singing on an Austrian
hilltop wearing a dirndl. Something like that. Just completely offline
for this one-hour tech-free time. Tip number three also comes from Ben suggesting to only check
your emails three times per day. Unless expecting something urgent. He found that checking it first
thing in the morning, right after lunch, and right after 5 p.m. would allow him to keep up with
conversations but without getting swamped. Our next tip, tip number
four, comes from Mordecai Holtz suggesting to use collaborative
tools for marketing growth. Such as Slack, Trello,
Google Docs, and Asana. For example. These tools will help you
to create a more effective workflow. Looking for inspiration
to help your team create content? Check out our free content
inspiration tool within the description. This is gonna show you
all of the content posts around all the different multiple platforms in just one click. So, what collaborative
tools are you using? Let us know in the comments. Our last and final tip, tip number
five, comes from Cian Corbett. And he is all about making lists. To make them more effective,
he prioritizes them by urgency and limits the time
he spends on each of them. He finds that putting deadlines with tasks
will sort things into two categories. Number one, things that I need to do. Number two, things I prefer to do. I hope these tips help
you become more productive and to de-stress a little bit. Drop us a comment with your
favorite productivity hacks that you use. And for even more tips, check out our
blog which is in the description below. And don’t forget to subscribe
for even some more social media tips. Alright, now it’s time
for me to go be productive, bye!


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