Productivity Tuesday Ep#5 — LastPass Password Manager

Productivity Tuesday Ep#5 — LastPass Password Manager

Hi there
This is mrinal once again And welcome productivity Tuesday. So, in this video we will see
What exactly are password manager Why you should use them
And finally How to setup and use Lastpass effectively So, let’s get started Ok, so what exactly are password manager?
Or what problem does it solve? Well consider this situation.. Almost everyone these days has multiple social
account Like your facebook account
Google account Twitter
Snapchat And instagram and the list goes on. Now, with all these different user accounts
Comes different username and password So, you’ll have to remember like 10-20 username
and password. Right? Now, one way to fix that is
To use use same username and password on every website you login in to But, I don’t have to tell you
How big security risk this is! If someone gets your password from one account
The security of all your accounts will get compromised. So,
Second way to fix this problem is Use Different postfix for you passwords This way you can choose one base password
Which will be same for each website And then you can use a unique postfix for
every password A pretty common technique for advance users
Infact I used the same technique for past 2 years But trust me, once your list increased
This technique will not work for you. Been there — done that. So, the ultimate solution is to use
Password manager The sooner you start using them,
The better it’s. Ok. so what password manager does is
It stores your all your login credentials in an encrypted database.
And then lock them with a master password. And there is two ways it can do that Offline password manager
Or online password manager Now, the difference between them. offline password manager — i.e. it stores
all the password in local machine like 1password And online password manager — which stores
your password in remote server like lastpass So, although both are storing your password
in encrypted format The security is more in offline password manager,
since the data is not leaving your computer But then again, if you own multiple devices
Then online password manager make more sense. —– So, let’s
how it look like With and without password manager Ok, so let’s take example of amazon Without a password manager.
I’ll either have to type complete login credentials manually
Or like most of you do, use the Browser build-in password manager But this is not safe at all.
Anybody can see my password by using simple Inspect Element hack
And they will also get the idea about my pattern. Now, with password manager
all you have to do is Click on the password field and select the
login credential from the pop up You can extract the password from it using
inspect element. And the best part is,
It works on mobile too. like
If you have lastpass installed on your smartphone And you try to login to website Lastpass will prompt you to use login credential
That is save in its database Pretty cool right?
—– So, now that we know the basis
Let’s see how to get started with lastpass Go to lastpass official website
A link to that will be in the description, like always Now, all the other apps in this productivity
tuesday series Lastpass also follow the freemium model
I.e. a part of the service is free and to get the rest you need to pay And in case of lastpass,
You can use it for free on only one type device —
it can be on all your computer OR on all your smartphone And if you want to use this on both computer
and smartphone simunitanouly Then you have to get premium.
It cost 1$/month and totally worth it. But if you are just getting started,
I suggest you take the free version for computer And later if you like it, upgrade it. So, basically it’s a browser extension
Which you have to download And then create an account This also means
That you can access all your password from any computer
All you have to do is, Download lastpass browser extension
And log in to your account And that’s it. You don’t get this feature in offline password
manager Like 1password.
— Now, once the extension is installed and
You create a free account Go to any website
And login to your account The moment you press submit
You’ll see a notification Asking if you want to save the login credentials
to lastpass Click on OK And that’s it. Now, here is the tedious part
You need to do this for each website, Until they are all inside lastpass I know this will take some time,
But once you get everything under the hood The result are going to be rewarding in long
run —— Other than being a password manager
Lastpass also offers other features like — Secure autofill, password generator And recently they added — One tap authentication
A similar service to Authy. But instead of manually typing the 6 digit
code You have to just tap on OK. But, I still use Authy for this
Because, I don’t think it’s not a good idea
to give control to one app. But for password manager
I like lastpass. —— This is probably the last episode of productivity
tuesday. The response is not what I had expected.
But we have started another series. That said,
Hit the like button If you find this video helpful And leave comment if you face any problem
or if you have any video request So this all for now And like always
Thanks for watching


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